Monday, January 14, 2008

YAY a new blog.

There hasnt been a blog in 2 days. OH NOES!
so here's a new one :]

I just went to the docter, guess what? My eye is infected O_O hooray.
I have to take pills 3 times a day, for a week. It's to late for ointments or w/e, cuz my eye is to far infected D= My eye is like hanging and it looks creepy xD But I didn' t have to go school, wooohooo! xD

And I hate boys, well the players anyray >.<
So the guy i liked, told one of his friends he wanted to 'play' me saturday. My friends heard that from that guy and grabbed me aray from the dude. They told me about that and i was like... O__________O fucker. But I can't help it and still like him O_O Otherwise I'd slap him in the face. Ohhhh how that would feel good, but then again I'm not an agressive person so I'd probably never do that, only in my imagination.
My imagination is most of the time pretty weird XD
Or as my friend would say: 'You have your own little world where everyone understands you and your MCRobsessive-ness, cuz in this world, not much people besides that Rmy do'
And I happen to like that world :] which is perfectly fine for her XD

This is my smallest blog ever, i guess O_O
imma search for a new anime-series.. any sugestions? :].

Color FTW! :]

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