Wednesday, January 16, 2008

my pooter is broken :[[

yesterday was the worst day of my lifeee.
i found out that my ex was basically cheating on me while we were going out,
and sending pictures of themeselves half naked to like, 2other people.
then i swear they were doing things just to piss me off,
and this one girl was ranting about how much she hated MCR just to piss me off.
then, my BRAND NEW laptop stopped working and got the blue screen of death on it O___O
and im really afraid that i cant fix it without losing everything on my computer and i have sooo many things on there already :[
and to top it all off, we got crushed in basketball.

but, on a lighter note,
my sister who plays bball in college 3states away just came down here to play a game and i got to leave school 4hours early to see her and not go back :]
it was fun, all my family was there and they won.
now i have a game and i gotta leave in like, 10min.


*post in pretty color*

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