Thursday, January 24, 2008

Im so fed up with...everything.

Well,like I said bout the parent-teacher meetings *points to last blog* my mom just came back.
All over pretty good,a few reports of hyperness & kidding about but what can you do!
But Im pissed over what one teacher has English and History teacher.
English and history would be some of my top subjects but he said I needed to improve in English and use more quotation!
Wtfrank?I got one B and 2 A's in the tests he has given us.
Improve on that?Grrr.
And also he commented on this thing with my friends but I have to go into a big rant bout it so Im gonna start from the start bout this.

Okay,so last year (first year in secondary school...that makes me sound real young)..but anyw-y.
When we came back from our christmas holidays last year I had made plans with new friends to sit next to them this term.And the seating is rows of four so it was gonna be me, my friend Katie (who Id been friends with from the start of the year),Aedin & Rebecca (new friends).
But Aedin and Rebecca had been friends with this other girl Jessica the preious term but they had told me they couldnt stand her so they said she could sit next to someone else.So that kinda started a fight but it was between them and didnt really involve me.So we get back to school after last summer and theyre like friends again..which is like whatever.Me and Jessica never got on much but i didnt really mind and started to make more of an effort.But she kept spreading these rumours and lying to my friends to get me in trouble and just basically spreading shit about me.And this was seriously turning my friends against me (by this stage Katie wasnt really hanging out with us anymore) so I told Aedin that she (Jessica) had to cop on cause I couldnt still much more of the fighting and bickering etc.So it was okay for a while but then they like,stopped talking to me for no reason before Christmas this year but I made an effort so we became okay again.And then I got all these prank calls over Christmas...which I know was them cause I could hear them talking!So I got fed-up and was like (in a seriously bimbo-ish voice) when they rang "yeah,hiiii,this is Jessicaaa..." so they stopped ringing.So then on bebo I found out they were having all these sleepovers and stuff without me.And then after Christmas I walked into school and Jessica and Aedin were there and they both just turned around,gave me these filthy looks and turned their backs to me.So I just ignored it.

But anyray my teacher said to my mom that he had noticed i wasnt friends with them anymore and he was glad to a certain degree because people look up to Aedin academically and I was trying to live up to her but I was just as good but I was shadowed or some shit.
Cause Aedin and Jessica think theyre effing unreal.
Like they think theyre the only ones with brains.
And Im NOT exaggerating!

But now Im really pissed off because now I dont have any friends.
And it sucks.
And Im just really pissed at everything atm so please forgive me for this painfully boring rant.

Over and out.

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miri said...

Aw, dude, that sucks about your friends.
I guess people like that aren't really worth hanging out with :/.
Ohmygod, at my last parent teacher interviews, my Religion and homeroom teacher was first. And she pretty much went on and on about how I sucked at everything >_<. And so my parents were ready to kill me xD. But then we saw all my other teachers, and they were pretty much going on about how awesome I was :|.
Some teachers are just too negative, but what can you do, rofl.