Saturday, January 19, 2008

It really has been a while...

Hi =]

I havent blogged or been on a computer altogether in about a week and a half.
Which is real shocking for me cause Im a big computer-nerd.
But Ive been sick.
All over the goddamn christmas holidays I had a cold/cough thing and then I got back to school last week and developed and eye infection.And a viral infection.
So I missed some school.
And went to the doctor.And he tried take blood but Ive a BIG fear of needles so I like froze and he couldnt get any veins.So I was on eye drops and antibiotics.And then he decided I was run down cause Im vegetarian and not getting enough iron or protein or something.So Im on a. iron tonic too.

But Im better now so its all good ^_^
Hmm,besides all that rubbish up there lol Ive no other news.
And I AM gonna blog more now Im better.

Sinéád xoxo

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Miri said...

When I went to the doctor once, he tried to make me eat meat again (I'm a vegetarian too :D).
So I stopped eating fish as well ^_^.