Thursday, January 24, 2008

It has been a while...

So hi!
I've been up to some things lately,
first of all, I've been to Coheed and Cambria on monday.
Which pwnd (except for the end which was very loong and pretty boring)
I've got a yellow guitar pick from Claudio :D and its hanging on my neck as a necklace now,
i must say, it looks pretty awesome XD.

Yesterday i was pretty happy about mcr coming here, which turned out to be untrue, because of a hacker >.<. So then I was pretty devestated , but today I recieved an email from Tiffa that i was the second price winner from her contest, W00t! :D I already had forgotten about that contest, so that made my day ^___^ I dont know what I've won yet, but anything MCR-related is cool. :D
hell, even a little card saying HI is already good enough to make me happy, rofl. Im so easily pleased, yet I'm sad very quick. I'm so weird, but then again, weird makes me different from other people, what is a good thing ^__^

Me and my dad were looking for a laptop on the internet and I've found a pretty good one, and it's pretty cheap, so i can afford it yay! Finally I can have something good from my salary. I worked my ass off for it besides school D=

I've been into From First to Last these past few days. I don't know why now, but they're just awesome! It would soo pwn to see them live. :] I wish they could come here! Not that I have the money tho, cuz I need to buy that laptop fo sho XD Cuz Laptops just simply pwn.

Imma go and read my new Manga called: My Dead Girlfriend, now.
My friend found it in the shop and i was like. The title already makes me want to buy it XD
So i bought it. I bought a C&C shirt too, and The Armory Wars, a comic from C&C.
So now i reeeeeallly need to hold on to my money. XD

I love you all :]

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astROZombie said...

duuude, that's so weird, I was thinking about that manga today. I randomly remembered it from last year when my friend's and I were at a store and I ran out of money so I couldn't buy it.
I hope it's good.