Thursday, May 29, 2008

So I got a blog of my own.

I now have a blog too.

I am a copycat.

Linkage to blogage

If you were wondering about the URL well there's a funny story behind that.

Once a upon a time ago, before the homecoming parade my band buddies and I were chilling in a parking lot waiting for the parade to start [we were in the parade]. We were enjoying the hilarious stories of Chris [who is most definitely gay], when John [who is most definitely straight] came out of nowhere and began to feel up on him. Nobody cared cuz that is what we band kids do when we're bored. No joke.

Well after feeling Chris up, John began to do the PartyBoy dance and he's all "uh tsk uh tsk uh tsk" behind Chris's head. While this going on me and this chick Nina are all o_O cuz his male appendage was like WHOOSH back and forth giving birth to the word swinging weiner action.

It was probably one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen. Plus it happens all the time cause John likes to dance. Yes this is the same John from the pictures.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Band geeks have all the fun.

So I haven't posted in forever....Oh well, what a shame.

So yesterday was graduation and cuz I'm in band I had to go. I stayed after school with my buddies and several girls brought their straighteners. Resulting in this:

steve & johnSteve & John

Photobucket Steve & John & Teddy aka Zack.

Cause all the cool kids join band and straighten guys' hair. Yepp.

Of course it was really fricking humid outside and it rained so all the guys' hair reverted right back to normal which sucked.

So next topic, I might possibly like somebody but I'm not 100% percent sure. His name is Tyler and he rides my bus and we walk home together cuz our houses are in the direction. Lucky for me this one is actually straight! [Everybody I've liked since I've entered high school was either not straight or had alot of gayboy tendencies] But unfortunately for me he's definitely taken. Oh, what a shame...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Plushies, FTW.

Oh. And I've branched out in the world of blogging. Check me out here.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Big Brother: A Rant.

I haven't posted in a while and I just finished watching Big Brother, so I thought I'd rant about it.

You might like to go to and read about it so you know what the hell I'm on about.

Firstly, WTF. I never watch Big Brother! I have expressed my distaste for Big Brother previously. I vomited at Gretel Kileen's face. I rolled my eyes at the turkey slapping incident.
But for some reason I decided to watch it this year.

This year, for some ungodly reason, they decided to have Corey Worthington in the house as a guest.
You probably have no idea who he is, so I will tell you.
Basically, he is a seventeen year old (lolol like me, except I'm cooler, obvi.) who threw a massive party while his parents were away, got in loads of trouble from the police, and somehow got semi-famous out of it because of all the news coverage and also because he is an asshole.

So this is Corey:

1. Yes, yes he does come across as a prick, even in photographs. Hahahaha. I know.
2. I actually can't find a photo of him without his yellow sunglasses on. Which is a good thing, because he has GIGANTIC EYEBROWS OF DOOOOM!!1!1

Anyhoo, aside from the obvious reasons why it's a badbadbad idea, such as HE IS SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD WHY ARE THEY LETTING HIM INTO A HOUSE WITH PEOPLE AVERAGING TEN YEARS OLDER THAN HIM FOR THE LOVE OF JEBUS, as well as the fact that if they show him naked it's child pornography x_x and they could get in so much trouble; I also think that he is boring.

Yes, that's right: boring.

In fact, all he does is hide behind his hoodie and THOSE GOD DAMN YELLOW SUNGLASSES. That's it.

I swear, I'd be more interesting.
At least I'd try to piss people off.
And I also wouldn't have peroxide blonde hair with dark brown GIGANTIC EYEBROWS OF DOOOOOOOM!!1!1



Also, I hate Terri.
Terri is old and racist and hasn't yet discovered makeup. Or, y'know, facelifts.
Why they let a 50-something year old into Big Brother, I shall never know.
I like Travis, even if his voice is about ten billion octaves above mine, wtf, did you not go through puberty or something, mate?!
Bianca is the devil. We shall not speak of her.
The other ones are boring.
But probably not.

No Miris were drunk in the making of this blog.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Oh, The Happiness Of Max

Weeee. I haven't posted in a while and I've just had the random week to end all random weeks. I swear to blog.
It started on Monday night. Grand Theft Auto IV launched here in Australia. It was a pretty big deal, so we (EB Games) had a midnight launch. My friend Gavin, who goes to uni with me and works with me, ate with my family and then we headed to work at 10.00 pm. It was kinda eery, being the only two people wandering around the mall, waiting for security to let us in to access the store.
We got to dress up. I was a hardcore awesome pimp. Joman, Trudi, Justin and Gavin were all gangsta in big hoodies and bandannas and blinnnngggg. We looked awesome. If I can get a photo from Joman, I'll post it here.
Anywaaaays, so we looked neat and the night ran smoothly and I totally kicked everyone else's arse at making sales. Go Team Max!
So, Gavin and I grabbed our shit when we closed and were about to dice the scene, when Justin stopped us and asked for a lift. So we ended up road-tripping six million kilometres out of our way to drop him home. And then had to stop at a 24 hour McDonald's, because all the road-tripping induced a desperate need for ice-cream.
So that was Monday.

Tuesday was spent frantically doing an assignment. Wednesday was much the same, except it was spent in one of the labs at university with pretty much everyone else in the class running around arguing about databases and ER diagrams and data dictionaries. It was fun. Aside from the panicking part. We had to submit it electronically by 5pm. At 4.30pm, I'm trying to think of one final justification, and Gavin and Tom are singing Backstreet Boys. Loudly. And they had less done than me! T_T Boys.

Thursday, my friend Steph, who moved to another city for university, came up to visit! So we hit the city and ate a lot of ice-cream and bought crazy makeup and stupid shirts and it was fun. And theennnnn, another of my friends, Lolly, got her license! And she has a yellow VW beetle. It's so freaking awesome. Except she won't let me paint it like a pikachu. D:
Anywaaaays, she came and picked Steph and I up after dinner and we went back into the city and got more ice-cream.
I messaged Justin and Gavin, and Justin came to meet us. Gavin was at a movie, so we decided to go meet him. Lolly dropped us off, and we tried to get tickets. The movie had only started 10 minutes ago, but the bitches at the counter were all, "We're CLOSED." T____T
Sooo, we went BACK into the city, except we walked this time. And we sat outside another maccas for aaaaages. Then Gavin met up with us, and we ended up sitting there talking til 2.30 am. LOL. We went out for ice-cream and didn't get home til 3 in the morning.....

And Friday was spent in Lolly's bedroom playing Twister and watching/singing along with a squillion Disney movies. We made brownies. Steph and I got home and collapsed into bed.
OMFG. And theennnnnn, fucking hell, at 3 A-FUCKING-M, Gavin and his awesome mate Clint turned up drunk on my doorstep. Sigh. We put them in a cab and sent them home. And he was randomly angry at me for some reason. So I was sad, because I really like this guy.
BUT. The next day, there was mucho grovelling, so he was forgiven. Saturday was worrrrkkk all day for me, and a wedding for Steph, so it was pretty boring. Saturday night, I turned off my phone, to avoid a million 2am messages from Gavin.

Sunday morning, I turned my phone on before heading to work. And sure enough, there was a message from Gavin at 4.30am. BUT GUESS WHAT IT SAID! :D He asked me out. Weeeeeee. Except, I had to work with him all day, and I wanted to talk to him, rather than just text him back, and work is sososososososo not the place to do that.
Sunday night, Steph and I went to a barbeque with all my neighbours, it was good fun.

Monday, we studied. Steph was leaving Monday night and had an exam this morning, and I have a Maths exam tomorrow afternoon, so we were both freaking a little. Steph got picked up, I went emo. I won't see her again til August. But when I do see her, it's for the Panic at the Disco + The Academy Is... + Cobra Starship show, so.
Gavin messaged me again, freaking about maths. So he came over to study. And my mum fed him, because she worries that he doesn't eat properly. Which is a totally justified concern. He doesn't eat properly. And we blatantly did not do maths. We threw pillows at each other and he teased me about my socks and there was more grovelling about Friday night and this is the worst blog I've ever written. And then we ended up talking about the message from Sunday. And then there was cuddling. And more pillow fights. So. I'm pretty smiley right now. Even though I have a huge Maths exam tomorrow afternoon, my period and another horrid assignment due on Thursday afternoon.