Thursday, January 31, 2008


whoa. I HAVE MY LAPTOP! :D *excited*
i just bought it 2 days ago, and it's good & it was pretty cheap too ^__^
I LOVE IT! :] Im now putting all my anime and pics and everything on it, from my computer.
Its so adorable *is in love with laptops* Ive also started to watch naruto over again :]
Im now at episode 4, ROFL! Also, Im drawing again.. i havent drawn something in half a year or so!
And I got a letter from Milly today, thanks Milly! :D it's Kawaiiii(japanese for cute!)
Yes, i am obsessed with anime, kthnx :]
We've got an assignment for english class which is actually pretty cool!
(its not my mainlanguage..) We have to make a magazine with reviews. we''re ion groups with 3 or 4 people and we have to make 2 reviews each.
Ill be making one about the coheed and cambria concert on the 21th of january, about Death Note! :D and about Skeleton Crew! I like it xD squee! I know i know, thats not 2. I like English >.< Kay?! xD If i have time ill even do more! O_O *geek much*

Today i had school from 8 till 10 so it was very short xD that's pretty cool. :]

WHOA! it's almost february already, time goes so fast! D= yet it goes very slow at the same time... Like, i caaaaaant wait till saturday (cuz the boy i like is gonna be there) and it looks like aaaaages, but when i look back at a few weeks ago, it looks like it was 2 days ago or something.
Time's a weird thing, don't ya think?
LOL when i reread this i read it like: Tine's a weird thing.... WHAHAHA it's true tho
I'm weeeeeeird.
Anyrays, I Loveee writing Letters, it's soo cool to get stuff for someone else, write some things,
make a few drawings too and then send it, and get something bacck, it's so kawaiiiiii :D

I'm still pissed of because of the fake dates thing. I hate the person who gave us false happiness. Stupid hackers >.<

But I'll stop writing non-interesting things now xD Imma watch Naruto :]


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Family Tree School

I posted this on the boards too!

Okay, In my French class we are doing a project where we have to make a Family Tree, Either a Real one or a make believe one! so, I'm thinking of doing an MCR/Rmy one or a Harry Potter One. Or Both! I'm inclining to make an MCR/Rmy one!!!!

But I only have until the night of the 5th of Feb to make it so yeah. :/

Well, anyways. Now here's where you come in. If you wanna be awesome and be in it, just like say so...cause I need cousins, siblings, Grandparents, wives/husbands, Aunts and Uncle's, pets.
So format:
Family Relation:
One fact about you:
And a Photo!

Obviously I'm gonna include Bob, Frank, Gerard, Mikey, Ray and Cortez and James and WORM!!!

Oh yeah, I also need like Headshots of the boyzz, So if you can please help! >_<

Monday, January 28, 2008

A List. Written by Max.

I haven't blogged in a while. So, seeing as you've all probably missed me, I'm going to write some lists.

A list of odd moments at work.
1. After dropping a pile of dusty (thankfully empty) Wii boxes onto myself, two of the boys automatically went to brush the dust off my blouse, before realising a second later that their hands were hovering over my breasts.

2. Kyle, after turning 21, and having a wild weekend, unbuttoning his shirt to show me his first tattoo. In the middle of the store. Which was filled with customers.

3. Moments after event number 2, I pulled my shirt up to show off the bruises on my ribs, from a go-kart incident.

4. Trying to count Pokemon cards while discussing the assistant manager's sexuality. With the assistant manager. And Keira Knightley's breasts.

5. The assistant manager offering me a rice ball while saying, "Here, munch on one of my balls.", then laughing and saying, 'Oh god, I'll be up for sexual harrassment charges with these jokes!' as he walked out the door from the back room. Two seconds later, when I walked out, a male customer looked me up and down, looked at the assistant manager and said, "Niiiiiiiiice!"

6. Spending New Years Day drinking Boost juice and having pizza delivered to the store. And being paid a lot for it.

7. Being hit on by a transvestite. 'Nuff said.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

There's a family with the last named FERRARD.

okay so my sister plays basketball in college and my family and i went to go watch her and stuff.
and this girl on the other team had the last name FERRARD.
but its with two r's. but still, when i asked my dad what her shirt said and he said it, i laughed so hard i almost pissed myself. he and my mom were like O_o and i didnt really wanna explain it to i just shook my head.
but that would suck if she was like, a MCR fan and knew what that meant....

ANYWHO. my sister and her friends are gonna buy/rent/whatever they're doing a house near their college so they dont have to live in the dorms next year or the really crappy house that the upperclassmen basketball girls have. and its really nice, and their doing a lot of work on it and its gonna be awesome. but the best part is the attic, but they have to seal it off for some legal reason on another, BUT THESE HIPPIES USED TO LIVE THERE. and they wrote on the walls in paint omg it was so cool.

one of my sisters friends said that if the last picture was in red, she probably would've thought it was blood and cried xD
and one of the girls thinks its haunted now so she doesnt want the room that leads up there.
but yeah, it was cool.
mehhh there is another one but i had to take it on my moms camera cause mine died and she to bed cause she has work tomorrow.
i wanna go to the mall, cause who the hell is at the mall on moday?

im hyper.

*posts in prettiful color*

Friday, January 25, 2008

Australia Day, School, and Pete Wentz!

Hello, kitten! (I've always wanted to say that >_<).
Well, right now I'm watching Australia Day Live (a concert with Aussie bands) on TV, because tomorrow is Australia Day. A day where we celebrate all things Aussie, and try to forget the horrible reason why it's on that particular day of the year!
I'll be eating vegan sausages at a family BBQ, because those are YUM, and I don't care if vegetarianism is unAustralian, motherfuckers!
The Veronicas are about to go on at the moment. I love them :>. Not their actually their music, but them, LMFAO. I like their style, okay -_-. They're Aussie and they're twins with tattoos and stuff, come on!
So, without further delay...
(I'll expect an "Oi Oi Oi" in the comments, heheheh!).
And now here's a question I'll ask all you Americans:
What is the capital of Australia?
I bet you'll get it wrong ;].

So the official Days-Until-Teh-Dreaded-Return-of-School count is 6. Eeeeep. Year 11 is pretty scary. I hate to think what'll happen when I get to year 12.
I got my school shoes today, haha. My sneakers are BRIGHT GREEN~. Yes, I'm a weirdo.

And lastly, Pete Wentz has posted new pictures on his Buzznet, a new FOBr journal, and also has a new "random stuff" blog.
That is all!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

It has been a while...

So hi!
I've been up to some things lately,
first of all, I've been to Coheed and Cambria on monday.
Which pwnd (except for the end which was very loong and pretty boring)
I've got a yellow guitar pick from Claudio :D and its hanging on my neck as a necklace now,
i must say, it looks pretty awesome XD.

Yesterday i was pretty happy about mcr coming here, which turned out to be untrue, because of a hacker >.<. So then I was pretty devestated , but today I recieved an email from Tiffa that i was the second price winner from her contest, W00t! :D I already had forgotten about that contest, so that made my day ^___^ I dont know what I've won yet, but anything MCR-related is cool. :D
hell, even a little card saying HI is already good enough to make me happy, rofl. Im so easily pleased, yet I'm sad very quick. I'm so weird, but then again, weird makes me different from other people, what is a good thing ^__^

Me and my dad were looking for a laptop on the internet and I've found a pretty good one, and it's pretty cheap, so i can afford it yay! Finally I can have something good from my salary. I worked my ass off for it besides school D=

I've been into From First to Last these past few days. I don't know why now, but they're just awesome! It would soo pwn to see them live. :] I wish they could come here! Not that I have the money tho, cuz I need to buy that laptop fo sho XD Cuz Laptops just simply pwn.

Imma go and read my new Manga called: My Dead Girlfriend, now.
My friend found it in the shop and i was like. The title already makes me want to buy it XD
So i bought it. I bought a C&C shirt too, and The Armory Wars, a comic from C&C.
So now i reeeeeallly need to hold on to my money. XD

I love you all :]

Im so fed up with...everything.

Well,like I said bout the parent-teacher meetings *points to last blog* my mom just came back.
All over pretty good,a few reports of hyperness & kidding about but what can you do!
But Im pissed over what one teacher has English and History teacher.
English and history would be some of my top subjects but he said I needed to improve in English and use more quotation!
Wtfrank?I got one B and 2 A's in the tests he has given us.
Improve on that?Grrr.
And also he commented on this thing with my friends but I have to go into a big rant bout it so Im gonna start from the start bout this.

Okay,so last year (first year in secondary school...that makes me sound real young)..but anyw-y.
When we came back from our christmas holidays last year I had made plans with new friends to sit next to them this term.And the seating is rows of four so it was gonna be me, my friend Katie (who Id been friends with from the start of the year),Aedin & Rebecca (new friends).
But Aedin and Rebecca had been friends with this other girl Jessica the preious term but they had told me they couldnt stand her so they said she could sit next to someone else.So that kinda started a fight but it was between them and didnt really involve me.So we get back to school after last summer and theyre like friends again..which is like whatever.Me and Jessica never got on much but i didnt really mind and started to make more of an effort.But she kept spreading these rumours and lying to my friends to get me in trouble and just basically spreading shit about me.And this was seriously turning my friends against me (by this stage Katie wasnt really hanging out with us anymore) so I told Aedin that she (Jessica) had to cop on cause I couldnt still much more of the fighting and bickering etc.So it was okay for a while but then they like,stopped talking to me for no reason before Christmas this year but I made an effort so we became okay again.And then I got all these prank calls over Christmas...which I know was them cause I could hear them talking!So I got fed-up and was like (in a seriously bimbo-ish voice) when they rang "yeah,hiiii,this is Jessicaaa..." so they stopped ringing.So then on bebo I found out they were having all these sleepovers and stuff without me.And then after Christmas I walked into school and Jessica and Aedin were there and they both just turned around,gave me these filthy looks and turned their backs to me.So I just ignored it.

But anyray my teacher said to my mom that he had noticed i wasnt friends with them anymore and he was glad to a certain degree because people look up to Aedin academically and I was trying to live up to her but I was just as good but I was shadowed or some shit.
Cause Aedin and Jessica think theyre effing unreal.
Like they think theyre the only ones with brains.
And Im NOT exaggerating!

But now Im really pissed off because now I dont have any friends.
And it sucks.
And Im just really pissed at everything atm so please forgive me for this painfully boring rant.

Over and out.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


No news for today.
Ive got my parent teacher meetings tomorrow- out at 11.30 am so a bit of a doss day.
Will no doubt be having a rant bout what has been asid later tomorrow.

For now...
this is where I live...
And the dude is Andrew awesome Irish comedian..
Check him out on youtube...


Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I found one of my old blogs from when I was around 13 or 14 (I'm nearly 17 now). And I was reading it.
And I realised...I was funny back then.
Shocking, I know.
But I was all happy and funny.
It was quite depressing, actually.
And Habbo. I was always on Habbo, haha. I was pretty much famous there, I was on so much! People would be like "Oh, you're Miri!". Weird! I think I was in, like...the "scene" group of Habbo. Stupid, I know. But I was happy. We'd dress in random colors and go scare "n00bs", and one of my friends on there (I can't remember his name, gahh! I will at like, 3am this morning probably, bahaha.) was totally inappropriate and used to say all these dirty things to randoms (there used to be a strict filter on the chat there).
I remember off the internet too, everyone was friends back then. We all just had fun - no drama, no fighting, just laughing together.
And it's just like...what happened?!
I grew up, that's what happened.
And people think I'm weird for saying Peter Pan is my favourite book.

...This post is too nostalgic and depressing.
Have a LOLcat! ^_^

funny pictures
moar funny pictures
Bahaha! >_>

Monday, January 21, 2008

Hola xD

I can post regularly...enough ^_^

Well,school was uber-boring...I had an algebra test.meh.
But Im getting physched about like...nothing.
Which is fun xD


Smellz ya later


Saturday, January 19, 2008

So Hey....

It's Katie! I'm bLack_mAriaH_13 on the boards. Funn.

It's pretty much assumed that no one would have any idea who the fuck I was if I didn't introduce myself, so there you have it. Isn't that just interesting?

Next Week = Alabama!!

Yeah, I'm going to Hamilton, Alabama next week. Why? To go visit The RAMP! (Runs Away Most People) Most people that are from there know about it, but if you guys don't, allow me to explain. It's basically a Christian organization, specifically for teenagers. I've went there once in November, and it was incredible. The music is so awesome. Don't worry, it's not like those Southern Gospel songs that most of us unfortunate have to sit through. It's more of a head banging type of rhythm, which gets people interested. And the sanctuary is HUGE. Main reason: thousands of people go there every month, and second you can't help but dance. Seriously. But it's a lot of fun! =] (Oh, and the main dress code is punk/emo/goth. If you show up prep. . . well just see what happens XD) If you ever have the time, check it out!! You'll absolutely love it there.

~** Peace from Arraya! **~


Hello there, this is Jennifer337 from the Boards.

So, I can now contribute to this nifty little blog we've got here. I'm excited!

Now I just need something to write about, haha.

It really has been a while...

Hi =]

I havent blogged or been on a computer altogether in about a week and a half.
Which is real shocking for me cause Im a big computer-nerd.
But Ive been sick.
All over the goddamn christmas holidays I had a cold/cough thing and then I got back to school last week and developed and eye infection.And a viral infection.
So I missed some school.
And went to the doctor.And he tried take blood but Ive a BIG fear of needles so I like froze and he couldnt get any veins.So I was on eye drops and antibiotics.And then he decided I was run down cause Im vegetarian and not getting enough iron or protein or something.So Im on a. iron tonic too.

But Im better now so its all good ^_^
Hmm,besides all that rubbish up there lol Ive no other news.
And I AM gonna blog more now Im better.

Sinéád xoxo

Friday, January 18, 2008

Technology these days!

Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh!
Maybe it's the chocolate ice cream talking, but I am so pumped about the new Rmy blog feed!
Oh yes. We have a feed~!
Which basically means that you can get the new blog posts as soon as they're posted!
But you are warned: I have not set it up properly yet, so it might not work. I'ma try fix it 'n stuff, k?
Subscribtion linkage and what not belowwww...

Subscribe in a reader

Aaaaand click here to get it sent to your email, like a little bloggy letter of Rmy goodness:

Subscribe me to the MCRmy Blog email NAO!

Sooo exciting, no?
Well, I'm excited.
Maybe I'm just a huge nerd.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

STFU aka SuperTightFriendsUnite

This title was brought to you by Paul. I truly love my buddy Paul in all his gay boy glory. lol. He told me he was going to slap the black off of me because I kept playing really crappy sounding high notes on my clarinet. lmao.

If you were ever wondering pit orchestra for the play/musical Beauty and the Beast is ridiculously hard. And irritatingly catchy. I woke up with the song Be Our Guest stuck in my head cause I was dreaming about playing it.

I've also recently discovered my hate for music for plays. They're all writing in weird ass keys, and the composers like make things more difficult by writing stuff like C flat [B natural] and E sharp[F natural]. Plus practically everything is in cut time if not, the time signatures are weird [ex. 3/2 or 6/4]. And I'm all like WTF mate? I think they just want to make life suck.

the end of ze world.


Oh. My. God.

This is possibly the best song ever written.
Brb, kidnapping Regina Spektor~!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

my pooter is broken :[[

yesterday was the worst day of my lifeee.
i found out that my ex was basically cheating on me while we were going out,
and sending pictures of themeselves half naked to like, 2other people.
then i swear they were doing things just to piss me off,
and this one girl was ranting about how much she hated MCR just to piss me off.
then, my BRAND NEW laptop stopped working and got the blue screen of death on it O___O
and im really afraid that i cant fix it without losing everything on my computer and i have sooo many things on there already :[
and to top it all off, we got crushed in basketball.

but, on a lighter note,
my sister who plays bball in college 3states away just came down here to play a game and i got to leave school 4hours early to see her and not go back :]
it was fun, all my family was there and they won.
now i have a game and i gotta leave in like, 10min.


*post in pretty color*

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mental Note:

Getting angry because your mother won't let you make pancakes and walking outside while you're on holidays and staying in the middle of a forest when it's late at night is not a good idea.

This has been a public service announcement from Miri.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

I have a friend named Steph. You may remember her from the picspam sorta post from me earlier....? Anyways. Steph is pretty awesome. Back when we were still at school, she wrote me a silly song in class one day.
It goes like this. Ahem

Oh Feeny (A nickname she gave me....long story)
Let's go to Bulgaria
Oh Feeny
Let's catch malaria

Oh Feen
My only wish
Is for youuuuu
To have my fish
Oh Feeny

Oh Feeny
Let's go to Malaysia
Oh Feeny
You know how I love Asians

I'm gonna slice off Brett's hands
And Zac's
Just 'cause I caaaaaan

Oh Feeny

Oh Feeeeeeeeny

So, for Christmas, she bought me a goldfish. Her only wish was fulfilled and I now have her fish. Which I christened Cahill, out of respect for our soccer fangirling.
I cleaned out Cahill's tank today. He's happy.

Monday, January 14, 2008

YAY a new blog.

There hasnt been a blog in 2 days. OH NOES!
so here's a new one :]

I just went to the docter, guess what? My eye is infected O_O hooray.
I have to take pills 3 times a day, for a week. It's to late for ointments or w/e, cuz my eye is to far infected D= My eye is like hanging and it looks creepy xD But I didn' t have to go school, wooohooo! xD

And I hate boys, well the players anyray >.<
So the guy i liked, told one of his friends he wanted to 'play' me saturday. My friends heard that from that guy and grabbed me aray from the dude. They told me about that and i was like... O__________O fucker. But I can't help it and still like him O_O Otherwise I'd slap him in the face. Ohhhh how that would feel good, but then again I'm not an agressive person so I'd probably never do that, only in my imagination.
My imagination is most of the time pretty weird XD
Or as my friend would say: 'You have your own little world where everyone understands you and your MCRobsessive-ness, cuz in this world, not much people besides that Rmy do'
And I happen to like that world :] which is perfectly fine for her XD

This is my smallest blog ever, i guess O_O
imma search for a new anime-series.. any sugestions? :].

Color FTW! :]

Saturday, January 12, 2008

This dog is obsessed with me.

I think this dog wants to be me. - Photo Hosted at FriendsOrEnemies

He follows me around and tries get me to cuddle him and I'm just like WHY?!.
Miri is on vacation~!
It sucks, though.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I r showz u lolz, k?

This week iz be LOLcat week, coz MIRIcat be sayingz so kthx.
Here be some funny pictchas for yoo!

Funny Pictures

im in ur side / stealin ur heartz



ur perception

your crotch

i hate everything


sexi back

you die








I luff yoo I can has cheezburger!

u lyk eet? lololz meh too!
An clickity here for teh lolbible!
I iz knowing whut I r printingz out taking to religion class this year nao, lolz, kthx!

PS: Sumbody pls be taking pictcha of P33t W3ntzor in Wun Tree Hillz and be putting captionz: "I'm in ur house! Makin ur pancakez!" pls kthx?

im writing an essay about panda...

and how they suck as a band and stole lyrics and riffs.
so in my post yesterday i forgot to mention something.
it was the end of the game and there was like 10seconds left and we had the ball, and the really wide girl [i call her hummer girl now] started running towards my friend, so she got scared and slipped and lost the ball. while running after it the hummer girl knocked her over and landed on her.
my friend is really tiny, so she was like, CRUSHED. but time ran out and we were celebrating, then we were like, OMG WHERE'S PAIGE?!?!?!
she was still under the hummer girl, cause the girl was like, pounding the ground in anger and hadn't gotten off my friend yet xD
so we filmed the game and today we watched that part like, 500000000 times, and most of it was in slow motion, and everytime we did, we died laughing. hahaha it was so much fun.
we have a game tomorrow.
i have guitar tomorrow and i havent practiced in two weeks.
im hungry,
but im lazyy.
im basically doing this to procrastinate.
one of my best friends is obsessed with cobra starship now, so everytime i sing her i just break out into a cobra starship song.
i took part of my french exam today, even though exams arent for another 2 weeks xD we took the listening part and the oral part is on monday and im kinda scared.
imma finish my essay and hopefully practice guitarrr.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Moving House: A Story in Pictures.

I officially moved house today, even though I've slept in the new house for two nights now.
I get extremely attached to things, and I've lived in that house for nearly 17 years (since I was born), so I was a little sad to leave.
To get un-sad, I took pictures on my Sidekick.
And, look, here they are!
Excuse the poor quality and my ugly face pls.
If you can read this, you have WAIDS. - Photo Hosted at FriendsOrEnemies

Here is me and my dogs.
The lighter coloured one is Tara - named after the street I (used :'[) to live on. The darker one is Monty. My family don't know that I named him after Romeo Montegue. Yes. My dog has a Shakespeare name. Also, Gabe's goldfish is apparantly named Monty. This news made me fall off my chair.

My face = :( - Photo Hosted at FriendsOrEnemies

Yep, we definately rock.

Blowing out wishes, blowing out dreams. - Photo Hosted at FriendsOrEnemies

Here's a photo of me, for good measure.

That skull glows in the dark. - Photo Hosted at FriendsOrEnemies

This is my model pose, I guess..

That's Monty. He tries to eat flies. - Photo Hosted at FriendsOrEnemies

Monty tries to eat flies.
Flies try to eat Monty.
Neither succeed.

Big kisses for Monty! - Photo Hosted at FriendsOrEnemies

Monty copped a big kiss on the cheek from moi!

Don't worry; he tried to pay me back later. - Photo Hosted at FriendsOrEnemies

Don't worry, he payed me back later -_-.

If you can read this, you have WAIDS. - Photo Hosted at FriendsOrEnemies

The End!

PS: Here's a picture of Pete Wentz with his dog, to prove that all people take too many photos with their dogs so I'm not a nutcase.

J'embrasse mon chien sur la bouche... - Photo Hosted at FriendsOrEnemies

,sdhfakjs YAYYYY

my basketball team for school won our first 5 games and we were like, YAY UNSTOPPABLE!!!
then we lost 6 straight games and we were like, nooo....stoppable :[[[ and we were the last in the league :[[
xlzxkfjhaksdf h IT WAS AMAZING AND WE SCORED IN THE LAST SECOND AND STOLE THE BALL AND *sighs* it.was.amazing. and there was this girl who was like, 6feet tall and really wide [nice w*y to say fat...but i feel bad saying fat so shes wide] and she kept cussing us out and knocking us to the ground just cause she was pissed, and this other girl kept going, "you're running the play wrong, you think you're so good, you're nothing, you're gonna lose this shit, dont miss your fucking shot bitch." and my team was like,
but we won,
and holy crap im so freaking happy.

...but now i think im about to be single again...
and and and was an okay day i guess. a squirrel ran into my classroom window, it was pretty funny.

...and now im single.
skjdfkjsafh gahhhhhhh
this is the 2ND time they've broken up with me.
i tend to fuck things up a lot.
uhm, okay, happy things to make me happy....

uhm, i went to the paramore concert two months ago and i just uploaded my pictures to my computer for some reason, and one is my background and its a really good shot and it makes me proud.
and and and
my new laptop,
i love it,
i can like, distort peoples voices on the video and its really fun.
i've talked long enough,
imma post in a pretty color again.



School O_O

For me, school started again on monday, which horribly sucks.
I had an examweek before the holidays so i got most of my testresults back
no good O_O We work with marks from 1-10 Ive got: A 3 for math, a 5 for dutch, a 5,2 for Latin, a 4,4 for Science & for MY CHEMistry ive got a 5,8. Ive also got a 9,3 for Chemistry 8) I happen to like chemistry, and not only because it has 'Chem' in it bwhaha.
Anyrays another good mark was for my english, an 8,5 =] Thanks to the boards (blog!) and msning with all you english peeps! :D so thank you for my good English =D *gives cupcakes* I also had a question for the teacher about somehting and i dissed him. and he doesnt know the answer to it. so he was like. just skip it! it's time anyrays. But i want to know the answer! I'm gonna make him crazy with me asking about it. He whined last month on how i never asked anything >.<

and now he's like: I dont know either, go to the next question O_O

I mean.. is he a teacher or whaaaat?

Ohhh and i had to babysit today. The girl is pretty cute, her name is Femke
and she just turned 3. Shes better with skiing then me (remember i broke my leg in 15 minutes XD)

bwhaha anyrays she wanted to watch 'Rolie Polie Olie'

It was torotally annoying O_O well the themesong was

and after every 7 minutes there was a new episode, with the themesong D=

And she loves it xD

I want it to be Saturdaay!
Im gonna shopp with a friend who i havent seen in ageees, so im excited! Also, at night im going to the bar with pwnfull music, and see the guy i like again =D squeeeee!

Well I'm off to watch some anime now, I found a new one to entertain me, since I've Finished Myself;Yourself yesterday. It was really cute, but also very sad, especially the last few episodes, where you could see what was bothering the characters. I've downloaded all episodes from He is my master now, and ive seen one of them already, its not very spectacular, but i give it a shot, cuz it could turn out quite interesting!

I'm just a girl in the world, That's all that you'll let me be...
- No doubt - Just A Girl :]


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

An End To A Fantastic Day (Or; Fuck You, Billie Brown)

Fuck you, Billie Brown.
Who the fuck gave you Tim Curry's role in Spamalot?
Well, basically, who the fuck are you?

Tim Curry Is The Sex, Miri Is My New True Love and Guitar Hero Is Awesome. (Or; Max's Fantastic Day)

So, Miri is lovely. She's gonna run away with me to Bermuda. She just doesn't know it yet. :D

I spent pretty much all day playing Guitar Hero 3 on the Wii with my friend Samantha. She kinda sucked. I rocked. And together we managed to be mostly awesome.

Tim Curry, his fabulousness, is a lot older now than he was when he made Frank'n'Furter look so faaaaaaaantastic in fishnets, but he's still an amazing performer. And guess who has tickets to his latest production, Spamalot? *dances* Me me me me me me! And my grandparents. But mostly ME. :D

Monday, January 7, 2008

I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!! *Manic laughter*

The new Panic! At the Disco song - We're So Starving - is a huge joke!
It's not real.
Pete Wentz said it himself!
I knew it wasn't real - or that it might be a real song but with changed lyrics.
We can all breathe a sigh of relief now.
And laugh at the people on MySpace who were like "OMGGGG I LOVE IT!!1" (although I must admit, I was fooled for a minute too).
It's not a bad song...but it's not real.

/98765789th post about Panic!, bahaha.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Today, in Pete Wentz's "I Like To Talk About My P33n Too Much" Files...

Hey, look! I've found something slightly more disturbing than the original fairy tales!
In a (possibly fake) interview, The Wentz decides to discuss certain things that nobody would want to know about him. Like, ever.
I've directed you to the article about it on Idolator, y'know, for the snarky remarks. Also because that photo cracks me up. Baha, Morrissey.

Ha Ha Ha, I love this.

Well yeah.
I love reading all your funny little post's Hahaha Urie's Buttocks.
Made my night. :P
He's really skinny and tiny but he's got a Beyonce/J-Lo rear!
Really pale too.
I cannot wait for their new album.
SO I've been listening to Meg and Dia! SOooo COool.
yeah. I saw National Treasure!
And it was pretty good I cried 3 times.
But I cry in every single movie : / I'm a crier what can I say?

Sooo I'm having some boy problems as well.
I kinda like my one of my best friends.(3 guys 1 girl)
I dunno if he does but like sometimes I get some vibes.
I dunno. I'm really self-conscience so... I think Why would he like me when he could like some one soooo much better.

Gahhhh. PS. Am I the only one who hugs herself or the person nearest by when they think of Little Mikey Growing up?? Like his grown upness from "Scene Kid" To "The mucho Manly Mikey" ??? >_<

You know from this

To this

"Awww! Little Mikey's Grown up!!!!" *teary eyed*

Yay for procrastination and BUB!!!

Well I should be doing my math homework and my current events but I'm totally a lazy bum so screw it.....

So I went to Wal-Mart today and they were playing "Franklin" by Paramore over PA system. I was all like wtf?? cause Wal-Mart is super gay and the spawn of the devil but anyrays...

So I'd definitely would to share with you guys something truly amazing. I call it BUB a.k.a. Brendon Urie's Butt. Before you have any preconceived notion about me let me just say I think Brendon himself is cute. But his butt on the other hand is like a separate entity. BUB is like the male Beyonce's of booties. Normally I'm all 'whatever' on the subject of guy butts but is something I had to share. It should have it's own cult or something.......

P.S. Jan. 4th was Jeph Howards(The Used's bassist) birthday! Go him!!!

This Is A Really Short Blog So Max Doesn't Have To Write An Essay, Bahaha.


Oh, It Is Love.

I'm going to ask Michael Clarke to marry me, even though we've never met. That man is brilliant. Oh, Pup, how I adore thee.

No, seriously. I mean, he dismissed two of the Indian batsmen with consecutive balls, and then a third, two balls later. Three wickets, off 5 balls, with 8 minutes of play between a win or a draw. *sigh* He's lovely.

And even though Miri has managed to ruin a heap of fairy tales, I still have a crush on the Beast.

*whines* Everyone else's blogs are so much longer than mine. I don't know what else to write about. Miri is writing essays about Panic! and creepy fairy tales. Maybe I'll write one too. Or something.

Or maybe I'll be completely boring and complain about my life. Yay! Let's do it. Ahem.

So, there's this boy.

Max and Mike. Camping. Making myspace faces in the middle of fucking nowhere.

And he's my best friend. And he's awesome. And we like to make faces at cameras together.

Formal (prom). In jackets and bowties.

Unfortunately, I have this friend.

Stephy, my lovely. Being a loser.

Don't get me wrong, I love her to pieces. We even share snacks.

Green snakes are fun.

The problem is this. The boy, my best friend, likes my friend. And the problem with that is that she likes him. And the problem with that is that I like him. And the problem with THAT is that the whole damn situation makes me feel entirely the opposite to this:
Not happy, not happy at all. But the FOB hoodie I'm wearing here does make me feel pretty awesome.

Blah. The End.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


ahhh so this is my first post...finally..baha
today...I WENT TO ORANA PARK (like a zoo...but not...)
a giraffe nearly ate my hand
then cornered me
a cheetah ran fast
lions were fighting
& so were the spider monkeys
the baby ring-tailed lemurs were cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute
the tigers were the best ever

the end

Regina Spektor ^_^

Regina Spektor is an anti-folk singer/pianist who is awesome, k? She is a Russian Jew who moved to America from Russia when she was a child.
She sings with a bit of a Russian accent, loveeeeeee!
Okay so you should probably go get some of her songs RITE NAO. NAOOO. Don't make me get a LOLcat to force you. 'Cause I swear to Bob, I will!

But hear are some of my favourite songs of hers...

Apres Moi - It's in French! And Russian! Come on, dude! Fun fact: I totally learnt the Russian verse and now walk around singing it. People think I'm talented; it's awesome.
Us - I like the bit where it goes "And it's contagiou-uh-UH-uh-US!". Teehee! Regina with her little sounds, aw.
Real Love - Anyone who does a John Lennon cover and does it that well is awesome, y/y?
Poor Little Rich Boy - Pooooor little rich boyyy, all the couples have gone, have gone, have gone!
Samson - Because I can play it on the piano~! Ohyes! Also, Pete Wentz quoted it in one of his blogs. I was like, whoa! That nearly makes up for his horrible likings of hip-hop (ew hip-hop)! Actually, it's not that surprising, since we kind of know that he reads Hemingway, seeing as his doggy is named Hemingway, and Regina does too (because she eez smart!). /rant.

Consequence of Sounds, Happy Hooker, and Fidelity, On the Radio ('tis an ode to November Rain, oh yes it is!) are also amaaazing.

Here you can read some of zee lyrics! If you are too lazy to find the songs, my loves.

So anyw_y, it's not reeeally the kind of music you or I would probably listen to normally, but give it a go, okay? :D.

Boys are O_______________O

Yes, Boys.
they're hard to understand, and they say that WE are hard to understand O_O
Well a few blogs ago i told you about the guys i liked. like 4 of them xD ive made my decission. a few days ago already tho XD Its gonna be the player O_O ROFL! he's not much of a player tho, but yeh, He's just so darn adorable XD tonight i was out to this place we all go to, every saturday
like a bar with cewl music :] they play mcr too ^__^ Well that guy was there too. first it was a little awkward, cuz i guess we both didnt know how to act. we have kissed before tho XD but yeah later on we talked more and hugged :p We didnt kiss tho, and ive got no idea why not, I guess he doesnt know either. anyrays my friend says he looks jealous when i talk with another boy. so thats a good thing, right? XD Well I hope he likes me; idk maybe ive got a lowself esteem or whatever, but i just still dont believe he really likes me. He asked me if i came next week tho :] so thats a good too thing right? Gah im sorry if this all doesnt make any sense.
Im not good at explaining these things XD

*does happy dance*
It was at that bar, with all my hope i asked if they had found a phone
and guess what they did XD and it was mineeeeeeeee <3

oh yeah.
I love this blog XD

I love you all :]


so last night i was soo tired, i fell asleep on my laptop on the wrong w*y in my bed. then i woke up and threw everything on the ground and slept the right w*y on my bed, then i woke up again cause my laptop was flashing, and i took the hoodie i was wearing and threw it on my laptop. then i woke up like 30min ago, and i was confused cause i was still fully dressed in my bball uniform. O_o
and i couldnt remember why i was in my uniform in the first place....then i did :]
anywho, we lost our game by one, im really pissed at my coaches...i dislike them stronglyy. and my friend who was on the team couldnt play cause she had a concussion last week and lost all her memory for a while. she didnt know who anyone was and when they asked if she knew where she lived she said Zimbabwe xD so we laughed at her. but shes okay now.
hjdgkjsf im still tired and can barley typeee.

*posts in more pretty colors*

Friday, January 4, 2008


PoisonAndFire here to start some rabid giggling. Ready?


On my WAY to subWAY today, I saw this WAY big billboard that said, "You're going WAY far aWAY from the right WAY!" So, I turned back the WAY I was supposed to be going, and discovered that I was on a one-WAY street going the wrong WAY!! FUCCCKKKK!!!!
So, I turned WAY the hell around; yunno, the ol' donut WAY, and ended up on a WAY high-speed police chase!!

That was definately the WAY biggest WAY lie WAY I have WAY ever told WAY... yesterday.


PS: Way. :] I love you guys.


*makes post pretty color :]*

So today after school I went to film club with my friend, Valentina, after going to the photography room so she could get a camera for her project. Anyway, in film club we were supposed to watch "The Big Lebowski." I don't know how it was, because the DVD was screwed up, because the film club guy got the disc from a friend who burned a pirated copy she had on her computer. What did happen, however, was we'd hear a deep "booom, booom" and then, a couple seconds later, an extremely loud, extremely high-pitched sound that made everyone cry out in pain. It was kind of like feedback from mics, just much worse. So then later we left. But the film club guy thanked us from bringing candy to his table on club day again, lmao. (club day is this thing in September where after school all the clubs set up a table and bribe people with candy to join.) We decided that he'd remember that for the rest of his life, and started imitating him as an old dude talking to us about it. We got weird looks. :]

Anyway, I got home and went on LJ and there was a post about the best mcr things in 2007, and on the list was this Bob and GWay thing where they took over the station, and it was hilarious, and I couldn't get over how much it sounded like me and Valentina xDD And then that just made it funnier and I started crying xDDD And then I told another friend about it on IM and kept repeating myself over and over and OVER, until I realized that that was probably somewhat annoying. Sorry, Brie. xD

so ya. that was my day. there's probably other stuff but I forget. and thanks for the compliments of my drawing on my other post :]

~Roz :D

My Little Brother is TOROLLY AWESOME!


My Little brother he's 3, Bryan.

Okay, Okay HE CAN ACTUALLY SING/sound out words that are like the real words of WttBP!!!
He just did it now!!! Aww. I'm so proud!!
He also does Gee crazy arm movements from the vid. And he can like sing I'm not Okay with the "Go!" and "Yeeaaah!" live parts. :D And He can do the Helena dance kinda. And when Gee is on his knees singing. IDLY too, Famous, venom, and GoY

He head bands to the I'm not okay part you where Gee, Frankie, and Toro are headbanging!!
and screams "TRUST ME!"

Also in the Not okay vid. THe beginning where Gerard is uncool he can say all of that!!!

He prances and dances around to MAMA, and He also headbangs to Honey, Our Lady of Sorrows.

And when Mikey Dies in GoY he say's "Uh Oh! Oh No Mikey!"

He can't even speak properly yet!! But he knows these!!
And he can recognize all of the boys plus Matt in photo's or video's!!

Gahh. I love him to death!
This is him.

There is an evil monkey in my closet.

i decided, since everytime i open it everything falls out o_o
anywho my grandma took me out to breakfast and it was weird, then i just got home and im all alone and stuffs and it sounds like people are walking around upstairs. its only the creaky pipes but its scary anyw*ys.
yesterday i covered my walls with posters and magazines rip outs, so now you can barely see my walls and im gonna move on to my ceiling tomorrow.
i have to clean the kitchen...i dont wanna....i'll do it later ^_^
and my friend IMed me to tell me shes in deep shit o_O oh..she cant find the bottoms to her uniform. AHHH the mail man just scared me...he like creeps up and opens the screen door so slowly it creaks. as you can tell, im just rambling cause im quite bored. Someone tell my house to stop creaking and scaring me. its not funny xD i have a basketball game today for school, but school hasnt even started again yet...did that make sense? we're still on winter break, and i have a gameeee. it sucks. but my team went to panera yesterday and we had fun.
oh, and i found out my drama teacher lives around the corner from me o_o
thats it for my rambles i guess.
bwahahaha imma post with a pretty color :]

PRETTINESS!!!! *twitchspazz*


Ohhh all these colours are pwnsome! imma try them out, oh and its a long story xD
Yesterday I was ice skating with friends, which was very scary for me. I guess I've still got some trauma or whatever from when I broke my leg with skiing last March. I had a cast from my enkles till up my ass O_O It was beautifull red tho. Red like blood. LOL! Well I'll tell you about that SHORT trip. We went with school to Austria (I live in the Netherlands) And it was a 10 hour drive. We went driving in the night so we could ski when we arrived. I'm very bad with sleeping in cars & busses so I didn't get lots of sleep. When we arrived around 7am, we went unpacking in our rooms and then we got our ski's.
In the first 15 minutes, I went down and couldnt stop. So I crashed against this pole or w/e and smacked my head to this fence. I looked pretty darn awefull with blood all over my face (i didnt feel my head hurting, all that i felt was my leg.) My hand was as thick as 3 times my normal hand. (I didn't feel that either, but when I saw it I was like: I need to put it in the snow so it doesn't swell more!) I had help very quick but I couldn't see anything anymore, everything was black but I forbid myself to pass out. So I saw black for 5 minutes, then the heli (YES A FUCKING HELI) came and they gave me morphine. They dragged me into the heli :]
I still didn't pass out so I could see the mountains from above and all XD very cool.
I arrived in the hospital and there was a very cute doctor LOL! but anyrays they talked in german O_O so I asked them to please talk in english, which they could pretty good, luckily XD cuz I'm very bad with german :p anyrays I needed surgery quick so that happened. I needed 3 screws, which are still in my leg (it's just above the knee)
When later my friends came to visit I was crying and laughing at the same time(I was high from the morphine) and yeah I had to stay in the hospital for almost a week (my friends went home the next day already so my mum came over to help me with everything and keep my from boredness. She even went to the mcdonalds to get something better than that papertasting macaroni, rofl! When on my ray to the plane to bring me home (cuz I had a cast till my ass i couldnt bend my knee) my friend called me with the news MCR was playing. IN MY COUNTRY
She even said she was gonna buy me a ticket for my bday, how sweet (she doesnt even really like them) So that made my whole month or even year xD I hoped I could walk normal by then again.
At home I first got a wheelchair, then crutches and a physiotherapist for my leg
So I lost my crutches the day before the concert (lucky!) she said I couldnt run, and needed to bring a crutch. I was like; fuck that, obviously i ran to the front without a crutch XD Stupid I know, but I didnt care about my leg then haha:p
I wasnt really planning on typing this whole story, but there it is xD I alrays talk LOADS about nothing really interesting :p
OH and My phone is lost/stolen since saturday so I have to pay for a new one
Also I THOUGHT my calculator (of 100 euro's) was stolen so I needed to buy a second hand one for 45 euro's. but I was hoping for a miracle (it was already gone for 2 months) and TODAY! the mother of my friend said my friend had it.. her brother went upstairs and there it was. my calculator with my fucking name on it! my friend is such a disaster. LOL you can't even see her floor cuz its filled with clean/dirty clothes and food and everything O_O so my calculator was hidden somewhere underneath there too. LOOL!
Oh here's a pic of me in the hospital, Notice how small my other leg is O_O LOL, I didnt move/eat for days D=

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hi! ^v^

Hello. I guess I'll give myself a short introduction. (Warning: I suck at intros XD)

Well, my name is Sarah. I'm trapped in Tennessee at the moment, and is a huge fan of MCR. I'm even proud to say MCR saved my life! ^_^ But that's a loooong story, and I know you don't have the attention span to read it all.

So, to make this intro short, I love to write, draw, design, paint, sing, dance, and of course, MCRmying. ;D

Yup, that's me. If you wanna find out more just IM me.

~** Peace from Arraya! **~

I'm bored, I can't sleep, I'm going to teach you all about fairy tales.

Warning: It's a long post, baha!

Lately I've been thinking about the pre-Disney versions of fairy tales. The original fairy tales were pretty awful (interesting, but awful). Sometimes even before the Brothers Grimm's versions, you trace any fairy tale back to it's roots, and you get a pretty scary story.
Examples? I have plenty (due to the fact that I have: a twisted mind that needs twisted facts, as well as friends with equally twisted minds, eheh). Note that there are many different versions, but these ones seem to be consistant.
In the modern Sleeping Beauty, she is awoken by a kiss from a prince, and they live happily ever after! Aww, how sweet! But that's not how it's meant to be. In the original, Sleeping Beauty (named "Talia") isn't simply kissed, oh no. She is RAPED by said prince (yes, that's right, while she was technically dead). Several times. And because, y'know, there wasn't any good contraception back then, she got pregnant and woke up with a couple of kids. And in some versions, there's also child-eating involved. Lovely.
Even the scarier movie version of Snow White (the one with the girl who plays Lana from Smallville) fails to mention that the evil queen is forced, as punishment, to wear burning irons on her feet, and dance until she dies.
The original Hansel & Gretel is either not much different or VERY different. I've heard two things about the original: that it is the same as the modern, except the witch died when her throat was slit by H&G; OR the children end up being killed by the witch. Why? Because THEY led their STEPMOTHER out into the woods to die - not the other way around!
Cinderella? Her stepsisters were so desperate for the prince to marry them, that they cut off their own toes to try to fit into the glass slipper. And it worked. Crazyyy!
In Rapunzel, the prince often climbs up her hair, not because he is so desperate to see his love, but so he can get laid. Typical.
The Little Mermaid (which is one of the Disney movies I actually do like) doesn't involve true love, either. The non-sea dwelling man she is obsessed with ends up going with an evil sea witch, resulting in (depending on what you read) the Little Mermaid's suicide, or her murder of the man. Oh, and, for her legs, she gives up her voice (via cutting off her tongue), and she must feel like she is walking on knives all the time.
Little Red Riding Hood is probably the worst. Originally, Lil' Red is a bit (actually, a lot) of a whore. That red riding hood she wears? Old French symbol of prostitution. But wait, there's more! The Wolf (who actually is a werewolf) tries to rape Little Red Riding Hood (but she escapes), or, in some versions, Lil' Red tries to seduce Wolfy. Uh, creepy!

So there you have it. Fairy tales were meant as either warnings - mainly "Don't have sex! You'll dieee!" haha; or as stories meant as entertainment for ADULTS, not children!
There's probably a lot more out there; I just wrote down some stuff I remember.
You've probably been scarred for life by this long, disturbing blog post, hahaha!
But think twice when watching the Disney animations, mmkay?

So I'm babysitting an old man today.

Basically. Hes almost 50 years old. Very eccentric. His two au pairs are out of town this week and he needs someone to help him do EVERYTHING. Including yoga. I dont know how I feel about yoga but I dont mind the cooking/cleaning/paperwork bit. Hes pretty well off and lives in a gigantor house and even almost sort of told me I could live with him if I needed to (my moms moving to another state and leaving me to either live with friends or live in Winchester where I go to school...). I found that sort of creepy but I hope he wont like hit on me or anything while I'm sorting his bills. Nice guy though really, I've met him. Haha

Did I mention $10/hour?

God I hope he doesnt turn out to be a pedophile. :o

This blog post is NOT about Panic! At the Disco.

Just so you know! Heheheh.
Although I can't promise I won't make the occasional remark about a FBR band or MCR...


Anyw*y. I have a piano lesson tonight. I did my 2nd grade piano exam a few months ago (I got an A! Party!) and now I'm doing 4th grade piano. Meaning I skipped 3rd grade. SCARY. My piano teacher's all like "YOU CAN DO IT!" and I'm like "Yeah! I hope :c..". The main reason why I'm skipping a year is because I'm doing VCE music at school this year (Australia's school year starts in late Janurary/early Feburary). Fun fact: there are 3 other people in my music class. VCE is HSC in some other states, and is pretty much 11th and 12th grades. I plan to go from 2nd grade to 6th grade piano in 2 years. Again, SCARY.
Other subjects I'm doing this year are Religion (THEY FORCE US! I'm an atheist being forced to take Religion!), English, International Politics, Literature, General Maths, and 12th grade Legal Studies. Eeeee. I have about 7 novels or books of poetry to read in a month. Oh shit. The Rose Notes (lameeee!), John Donne Selected Poems (kind of awesome. Nerd.), Two Centuries of Australian Poetry (boo!), Hotel Sorrento (eh..), Montana 1948 (yay!), and Animal Farm (yay for George Orwell? y/y?).

Random: Last night I had a dream that I saved a hamster from a science experiment which involved throwing it around. Poor thing.

My teeth hurt! I'm tired! I'm hungry!
Okay there's my whinging done for today.
Sorry if I bored you, hehehe.

Oh, and my dog, Tara, says HI. She just walked in and looked at me, before rolling over. I also have another dog called Monty. He's a little bit camp (not joking).

Tara is love. - Photo Hosted at FriendsOrEnemies
Anyhoo, I'm off to find something to eat.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It's Raining, It's Pouring.

Well, it's not, actually. But I'm waiting for it to rain. It shouldn't take long. It's always raining here. Which is awesome, if you're a frog. Or if you're Max.

And how awesome was Symonds yesterday? Hell yeah. Go Roy!
I'll assume that last statement means nothing to anyone who isn't either Australian or Indian. But Miri will get it. Teehee. Or something.

So. Wow. The blog has grown. I'm just going to take another moment to lord over the rest of you. I WAS THE FIRST TO POST. I feel a small victory dance is appropriate at this point. For those of you reading this, feel free to join me. It's just a jump to the left........

Hola! Yo no hablo espanol bueno...

Yes that above it pretty much the extent of my spanish speaking skills.

So my name is Jenn[ifer] just like 5 thousand other peoples in the world. I'm 15 and a sophomore. My MCRmy thinger is YouNeedALife because I use the same screen name for all the websites I go on. I wish I came up with something more creative though.

So today was my first day by in school which I found extremely gay and tomorrow we start the oh-so-wonderful benchmark testing and finals next week. [Yay] I'm pretty sure I'm failing chemistry at this moment and photography [don't ask]. I also now hate my new Spanish class and teacher with intensity of a thousand suns. That teacher is really quite diabolical by the way. [hah, I said way] She pretends to be all nice and sweet but then all of a sudden she'll just pile tests on us one after the other. [Evil beeyotch!] So yeah.

In other news, a couple weeks ago my marching band [I'm a total band geek] voted on our show for next year. It's going to be 007. As in James Bond. We already have like a movie trailer for our show and everything. Oh we also put in suggestions on stand tunes we might play and I wrote down BYOB by System of a Down, I think Welcome to the Black Parade, and the Mario Theme song.

So that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed my incessant [SAT word, yes!] ramblings....

hello... :3

Hi everyone! I'm Roz, 16PaperLanterns (Green Day, anyone?) on the MCRmy. I'm 15, and female. I like MCR, GD, Kill Hannah, the Bouncing Souls and a bunch of other bands... I'm really into art, I play flute in band, I can play guitar, I'm a veggie, and I hate homework. Ummm... yeahhh.
So today was the first day of school after break. A couple of my friends and I sat by the corner near my locker on Main Street (the main 2nd floor hallway), and were sitting there, half-asleep, until we realized that nobody else was in the hallway anymore, and we were all late for class. I got bored because I had study, and drew a picture. :] I basically drew it for the rest of the day. I have no idea what happened in any of my classes, lmao.
The only really bad thing about school was that I had to walk around school with this giant weight of books on my back, and I bruised my ribs falling down the stairs at church last week. And then my foot started randomly hurting, and then my elbow, and then my calves... I'm falling apart. D:

I hope that wasn't too boring...

edit: oh, and I have no idea what's up with Mikey's hair, either. :|


I wrote this poem about toast and I wanted to share it with you guys.

Toast is good,
Toast is nice.
Toast can go with anything,
Toast can go with rice.
However theres one thing I dont like on my toast.
I do not like roast on my toast,
because I'm a vegetarian.
But not really.

lol. Someone mentioned toast. So I wrote about it. Because I love you guys and I knew you'd love my beautiful poetry. I just made friends with Liz from New York. And I am happy. I'll stop for the day though. Hahah. Goodnite MCRmy!

I wanted start this with a little subtlety "Smart" Remark, But Couldn't think of gosh I'm starting to sound like Panic!

Hello Chaps,
Well lets start with a brief introduction since I believe most you guy don't really know me. :]
My name is Analise but I go by Ana. I'm 15. I love Vitamin Water.... I'm actually really smart I just hate doing homework.. Well that's enough for now.

Sooo Most of you are probably at school. I am at home babysitting my brother, Bryan, 3. (He LOVES MCR, TBS, FOB, and P!atD, Oh yeah Cobra Starship too)
Since my school is so very old and the teachers are moving into the new building today we got 2 extra day's off, you know packing and unpacking. So they shall BLOW UP! the old skool and here comes the new skool.

I guess this is it.
Here's to a better, brighter, and happier New Year.

xoxo. Ana

Observation of the Day:
Panic! Seems to be a very interesting topic.

Tine loves Anime :]

Yes. Today i feel like writing about Anime/Manga :D
I have to wait for another week and 2 days till the new Naruto episode comes.
And I can't wait. I've seen naruto like twice.. all the 250 episodes or something.
Yes, i'm pretty lifeless and animeobsessed, kthnx.
I've also watched these: Death Note, Nightwalker, School Rumble, NANA, Strawberry Panic, Gravitation, Elfenlied and Saint Beast.
Some are pretty short, but still epic :]
For example, Nightwalker has only 12 episodes. It's about this Vampire who takes care of all the other evil night creatures, It's pretty awesome, i recommend it to all of you animefans ^__^
While anime is free, manga isn't. Well some manga's are downloadable on the internet, but i prefer to buy the books and collect them. I started a few months ago and decided to only buy 2 a month, since they're pretty expensive. The last month i bought like 4? xD It's really obsessing. For me it is anyrays, but I can be really obsessing over most things. Like MCR, the MCRmy, Anime & Manga. My friends have to hear me brabbling about it every day. Even when i TRY to not talk about it, i still end up talking about it :p Like now, I'm again talking about it ^__^
I've got like, 11 manga's right now. 4 from Ghost Hunt.
Part one was the first book i got, my friend gave it to me ^__^ so sweet.
I've also got 3 from Naruto, 2 from Death Note, 1 from Anne Freaks and one from MARS.
Mars is really epic, its like a love story and its reaaaally cute, yet very sad.
Milly gave it to me, along with her letter (she's my very epic Rmypenpal) Im very thankfull for that ^__^ I'm looking forward to the next one! And if you like cute love stories, I highly recommend to read MARS, from Fuyumi Soryo :D

Well, so long for my brabbling story, My parents are whining about that i should go to the shower NOW. they aren't patient, and i keep procrastinating. No good combination, So now I'll go ^__^
Love you all!

Ps; Panic! sure is the Topic of the day, rofl! My friend is obsessed about them, but I dont really listen to them. :p

Leighs turn to add!!

"We're more than a street team, though - we're a family. We're also kind of insane (but awesome)."

This made me laugh. Truer words could not be spoken about the awesome ladies n gents in the MCRmy. Anyways, for some reason I'm thrilled to be apart of this blog. I dont know why, I know we didnt start it for any purpose but as always a goal for the MCRmy, I hope it brings about some therapy for the people writing in it maybe. Or I hope that some jerk who hates MCR comes along and reads some of our blogging and says to him/herself "Hey these kids sound just like me! Maybe MCR isnt so bad after all." But I digress...

My names Leigh!! On blogger my name is Stargirl simply because I use my own blog on here aside from Myspace to get a little more personal and I dont necessarily want anyone to know who I am. You know how that goes... You guys can click on my name on the side though and go read my real blog if you like. Its pretty crazy...Oh yeah, on MCRmy I'm (lamest handle ever-) 'iamokay' in case anyone wanted to know. I'm in my second year of college even though I'm technically a junior now because of my credits (hooray?). I'm just trying to figure out how to spend my life doing something that makes me happy. I might be going on Warped tour this summer (to work) but I cant exactly tell you all the details right now. Dont worry, as soon as I find something out, I'll be telling the WORLD!

I'm also *thinking about* starting a small t-shirt company this summer with my best friend (Give_em_hell_Sarah on MCRmy). Its funny though because it started out as a joke (like a lot of things do) and then we both kind of looked at each other like "Wait, we should actually do this." Her mom kind of laughed at us when she said something about it. Last night I jokingly set my Facebook status to say something about how I was starting this business and that my friends all better buy t-shirts. In a matter of minutes I got a few comments from friends who actually took me seriously. Its nice to have all that support even though this all started out as a joke. So I've been doing my research and I think its highly possible to start my own little business. I've always been an artist and I love little projects like this - even if they turn out super huge and make me lots of money. So if I really do get this going I'll be looking to the MCRmy to help me with ideas and designs and of course, buying a shirt or two or whatever we end up making.

As a final note, I hate Panic! at the Disco and I hope I'm not alone in this. Just putting that out there. And I slept in til 2:00 PM today. I've NEVER done that. I dont know what happened but I guess its lunch time and I should go find something to eat. Haha :)

Cassie's First 'rmy Blog

I've been too busy posting on the MCRmy board that I have yet to write an entry for the blog, so here it is.
I don't have too much to say, beside how lucky I am that a fucking blizzard happened to come in last night and prevent my going back to school. Today was supposed to be our first day back from holiday break. LUCKY!

Oh, I also wanted to remind you guys that the medics are here should ANY of you need ANY kind of help whatsoever. Nothing is too trivial, even if you just want to rant; we're here.

"We're so sorry we've been gone,"

Well, you damn well should be, Panic! At the Disco.
No, there's no video.
But there is a rough version of a new song which they posted on MySpace (click here to hear it!).
I actually kind of like it.
I first heard it and was like "FAIL.", but after listening to it several times, it got stuck in my head. I kind of get the Beatles influence they were talking about, too (although that's totally wrong, because the Beatles influence everyone, they broke boundries in music and if you're going to be influenced by the Beatles you should be making unusual music, but I'll stop ranting).
The songs you grow to like/never stick at first and what not.
To be honest, it's not as good as, say, Build God Then We'll Talk.
But anyway.
If you go to the band's official website, the source code says "We're So Starving" (the name of the new song), and if you hover your mouse over some of the pieces it plays bits of the song. But you can listen a longer version on Panic!'s MySpace (provided with the first link).

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Yay For Days Off. Indeed.

Wow. Today is my only day off this week. And, instead of spending it with the friends I never get to see anymore, or the friends that are moving away, or even just with some freakin' friends, I spent it doing nothing.
Oh, wait, I lied. I went to the library with my Dad. And I got ice-cream, which was pretty awesome. And now, I'm watching the second test match. (It's a cricket thing, for all the non-awesome-Aussies.) I've totally got a crush on Michael Clarke now.

I mean, how could you not? :P

On a side note
Dear Panic!,
I agree with Miri. *glare*
♥ Max

Dear Panic! At the Disco,

Um, HELLO?! Where the hell are you?!
You can't decide to write songs about love, and flowers, and bunny rabbits, and then be all mysterious! It don't work that way!
Also, what is Ryan smoking? Because I'd really like to know. Someone should probably inform him that cowboys don't actually do weed.
How can that mean anything other that the 1st of Janurary, 2008??
I hardly ever use emoticons in blogs/open letters to celebrities, but I believe this calls for one: D:
So, in conclusion, please give us the damn video already, and Brendon, Ryan - stop reading slash (come on, we all know you do) and make sure the album is out on time!


Panic At The Disco - Photo Hosted at FriendsOrEnemies
Look at our little circus freaks! All grown up and trying to look like men! Aw. I wonder what Ryan's saying to's probably about cookies, judging by Brendon's face.

PS: You guys should feel really special that I'm writing an open letter to you in technically my first Rmy blog post. Oh, and say hai to Pete from me!
PPS: I saw a funny picture of your friend Gabe Saporta yesterday. A girl was biting his hat. I LOL'd.

Hey 2008!!

So, this is Dyllan, or Dee. Whatever. It's 2008 yay! I'm kinda excited for it and hoping that it won't be as bad as 2007.
Last night I went to my friends house, and she lives in the country so there were like, people hunting this morning xDD
But we went outside in the dark and you could see sooo many stars. It was really pretty :] And we were in this cemetery next to her house and we were freaking out, then went back to her backyard. And they don't have a porch light, so we had a little flash light, and i saw someone and i started to scream, and it was her sisters friend. but it scared us crapless. So then, after we counted down to new years, we chugged sparkling apple cider [it comes in a bottle and looks like wine] then ran around banging pots and pans and screaming happy new years. Then this morning we went outside and to the cemetery again, then we went on her zipline, her swing, and climbed a tree.
it was fun,
and i just came back from my 2nd three hour basketball practice and i cant move O_O
oh wellz.
im bored.