Sunday, March 30, 2008



Mean, fangirly, and impatient are already taken. Don't ask :c.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Smile Today

myup! smile today, please :D
It's like written with graffiti on 2 places in my town, and everytime i see it i'm like smiling
and i dunno why.. Well, because it says smile today, doh XD
But it's actually pretty cewl, as I just found out, that the guy i like is probably the one who did it,
ROFL isn't that like, random? It sure is awesome tho :]

Me loves art. me loves DeviantART, who loves it too? please check out my page :D
I made it a few days ago :] and since i made it i've started to draw more again, so yay! I hadn't been drawing in AAAAAGES. :o
I've got some MCR and Naruto related drawings on there, as well as pretty colored drawings :D
mweep. I'm torotally feeling creative today, dont mind my art-obsession :p

also, it's the weekend again! :D:D Tine is in love with the weekends -nod-
And i know I'm not the only one, raise your hand when you're in love with it too! =D

Random lesson of the day: Wateshi nan namai [insert name] des, is Japanese for: My name is [insert the same name] :D

Sunday, March 23, 2008

my plane had too much turbulence. and pretty font colors.

so, I went to florida for a week for spring break. it was really warm and stuff and i loved it. but there is a lot of lizards where we stay and one really really HUGE one got into the house last year. so when we got there we found a lot of dead lizard babies.
o____O it was yuckie.
anywho, it was great.
i didnt get dressed until 12pm everyday.
we ate out.
and watched movies. we rented I Am Legend. and holy mother, it was sad. :[
but yeah we had fun and on both our flights there were little kids and they were really cute and funny.
our house is really cold.
where i live is really cold. i wanna go back to florida.
and i dont want school on tuesday.

my dad just started a fire in the fire place :D




So, pretty much, I'm supposed to be working on a maths assignment for university. Buuttttt, I'm tired and cranky because I'm tired and cranky. Lol.
I go to uni 4 days a week (my Fridays suck so much. 9 am til 7 pm NO BREAKS) and then work for the remaining 3. I love my job. And I love going to uni. But I also love having free time, which I now have NONE OF.

But that's okay, see. I have these two awesome new friends. Gavin and Thomas. Gavin, who I may or may not be developing a small ~thing~ for, is pretty much the awesomest thing ever. He has a framed poster of the original 150 Pokemon above his bed. Thomas is the cooooooooooolest cat in town. He sings to me and I share my cupcakes with him. ^_^

So I spend a sqillion dollars in phone credit a day on these boys, because apparently they miss me so much during the three days that I don't spend in classes/mucking around in the cafeteria/playing randoms sports with them that they feel the need to message me. All the time. Even at 2.30 IN THE MORNING when they've been drinking. T__________________________T


Friday, March 21, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


..for two weeks.
But still! Yay!
Today we only had to go till 1:15pm, so we basically did nothing in the classes we did have.

In Politics, because our teacher was away, we had the Chinese teacher as a sub.
She's about half the height of everyone in my class, and she started doing some yoga-style thing in the middle of class, rotfl.
And then people were throwing paper at each other and one hit the teacher accidentally O_O.
And she started yelling in Chinese D:
But then she was all like "HAHAHA, I JOKE." And it was scary.
So then she starts talking about how she is too old so she's going to retire soon, because she lives almost an hour away.
And one girl asks "Where do you live?"

Then I had English, and for some reason we watched the movie Thirteen. And my English teacher was sitting there going "OMG I'M GONNA GET FIRED FOR LETTING YOU WATCH THIS."
But it's a shitty movie anyway, tbh. -_-.

That was my day.
And now I have to go shopping for a new piano :/
Because my parents' knowledge of pianos/music in general consists of: It sounds pretty!
So how are you?
I have a headache. D:

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I haven't posted in a whiiiiile...
since I have, two people I knew died unexpectedly (one was 80-ish, basically my third grandma, in a fire. The second was a boy I was in band with--sweetest kid I've ever met--and he died on Friday, of flu/pneumonia/MRSA staph infection.), and I am now failing Math.
not to be depressing or anything. :/ It just kind of had to be said.

uhhhhhhhhhhhh on a lighter note!
I'm taking painting classes every Saturday, and they are fucking awesome. It's at the museum in Boston, and we have a studio on the third floor, separate from all the galleries, so we play music (we can bring in mix cds when we want to), and paint acrylics for two hours. Sometimes I even talk to people! :o Pretty amazing, seeing how I kind of hate people.
I also have been conquering my internet addiction \o/. Not that I don't still spend ages online, I just have more control. And I do more homework. (I'm still trying to work out how all this has led to failing Math. Maybe the internet has a positive effect on the left side of my brain??)
I'm listening to the Beatles. wooo.
And I've recently fallen back in love with The Black Parade. For a while I wasn't listening to it because I had played it so much for so long, but now it's awesome again. And the artwork, and everything...

Anyway, I hope you guys have been having a better time than I have.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

In case you didn't already know, failing a math test sucks.

I actually don't know for certain that I failed, but I know I didn't do too well.
But afterwards, my math teacher gave us all Easter eggs, so that fully makes up for the fact that my average score will now also suck.

Also Bring Me the Hairspray Horizon are coming to Melbourne and I can't go. -sulks-.

It's proving to be a fucking awful week, too.
Today was school photos, ew, death, etc.
Tomorrow I have a Religion test, which will be easy but boring, and then an English test on Wednesday.

Today my friend, who went to boarding school last year, visited us at school :D. I was like "MOOOOOOONDAAAAAAAYYY" because that is what I call her. Long story.
She could only stay for a little while, but 'twas fun.

My sister is going away on camp tomorrow and I am so happy, I might just die. AHH YAY. >_> I'm horrible.

It's about 40 degrees here and I'm fucking melting D:
40 degrees is 104 degrees to Americans, I think o_o. Anyway. I'm sleepy.

Question of the Day/Week/Month/Etc:
If I had twelve apples, and took away two apples, how awesome is Miri?

Saturday, March 15, 2008


last night me and 2 of my friends gave a party at my house
I was so scared for it to fail horribly but it ended up amazing =D
except for a few things tho..

one of our friends felt down and she didnt want to come downstairs again so she went to bed :[
she lives like on the other side of the country and she left really soon today
so we've hardly seen her :(
This other friend of ours, likes another friend, so he asked her out, but she rejected him (for the second time.. so he shouldve known she'd say no) And the rrest of the night he felt shitty and drank a lot.. :o

But! one positive thing. The guy i like was there too. and we kissed. Again
Just like in my first blog on here. Same guy. ROFL! i hope we dont need another 2 months to kiss again. roflmao
So anyrays my mission is completed (my friend had a mission for me: To kiss him this night, no matter if he likes me or not. XD)

Also, one of my friends gave me this keychain of Sasuke from Naruto :D:D
i was so happy, rofl. Im so obsessed with Naruto XD

Actually, after posting this blog, imma watch some naruto xD *is seeing the whole series for the third time... but without the fillers, so its about 220 episodes of 20 minutes*
*its the third time since the end of the summer holidays last year.* ROFL
And between then and now I've seen about 10 other animes too, and ive read 16 manga's XD

I seriously have no life. But i like this no-life of mine :]

*naruto suit colors*

Thursday, March 13, 2008

O_O Friends?

Apparently I have friends at uni now.
It's pretty awesome.

Gavin (pink hair), Thomas (up front), Sanatsu and Maaaaaxxx. ^_^

Thomas and Max, pop art.

We were playing with Photo Booth on my new shinyshiny MacBook in the refectory between classes this afternoon.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Who remembers Sabrina the Teenage Witch?!
It was awesome
Yeah. I got cable TV last week >_>.


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Stupid Freshmen....and Rainbow Colors!!!

Yes I do know it's bad the entire freshmen class on a whole because not all of them are stupid and immature but this week I experienced the epitome of freshman stupidity.

So in my friend's AP Human Geography class, a class only offered to freshmen, this chick Monica was giving her boyfriend Tim a hand job in the middle of class WITH EVERYONE WATCHING!!!

Everyone was like WTF?!? but the substitute teacher was completely and utterly unaware of the situation leaving the rest of the class to be scarred for life. Of course for the rest of the day the witnesses told the story to anyone who would listen including one Biology teacher and one Geometry teacher.

By the next day, the entire school seemed to know and everyone in that class got called down by one of the assistant
principals to write a report on the incident.

At the end of the week both Tim and Monica [the culprits] were expelled.

And I bet my band director was pissed off cause Tim was in band and we have State FBA[band assessment] next month.

The Lesson: Don't give hand jobs to your boyfriend in class. You'll get caught and expelled.

my computer broke again :[[

this girl in my class made me drop it cause she tried to snatch it from me.
but i have to reinstall everything and find all my bookmarks again.
its a pain :[

im excited.
and somewhat nervous.

in french class at school, we watched this movie called la boum, and it was really good. but it was weird.
The film tells the story of a 13-year-old girl, Vic, who falls in love with a boy from the same school. She and her friends are anxious to explore relationships at "boums", or parties, without the watchful eyes of their parents. At the same time, Vic's parents have extramarital relationships before reuniting towards the end of the film.

its weird, and very scandalous.
most french classes had to fast forward through the sexual stuff, but my class didnt. i think its cause our teacher is really french, and she really doesnt care.

see ya!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Today I went in and no one was talking to me!
Well people were but not like Rebecca & Aedin and stuff!
So then I went and had lunch with Robyn & Elisha (people I hung out with yesterday) and Elisha is kinda brazen but not in a bad w-y so she went up to Jessica and said that what Rebecca did yesterday was lousy and stuff and then Jessica said this shit that Rebecca said she never wanted to go to town and she wanted to go to Douglas all along and I was making her do all this stuff and ...argh!
But Elisha just told her that was shit because Jessica started this rumour that Elisha had slept with this guy when she was thirteen and all this bs.
And earlier in the day (2nd period out of 7...usually 9 but half day today) we had art and thats a mixed class so theres only like 3 people from my base class there and me and Rebecca usually sit next to each other so I went and sat where we usually sit but she went and sat next to others from our class and completely ingored me!
Im so fucking pissed off because when Ive been wrong in a fight I admit it and dont go telling other people that the other person did all this stuff wrong when it was actually me!
So for the last three classes I went and sat next to Jennifer cause I was fucking fed up with all of them.
And remember ages ago when I wasnt getting on with Aedin etc...well I used to be able to go and hang with Katie & Fiona but recently Jessica,Rebecca and Aedin have been licking their asses so theyve taken their side!And Rebecca used alw-ys be the agreeeable one and....argh!
But then in English we went on to this new poem called ' Miracle on Saint David's Day' cause weve finished The Merchant Of Venice and my teacher,even though hes a bit of a perv todl me I did well in class but I was kinda glad cause the others were by the lockers so they overheard.Aaah petty little things can help sometimes.

Big long rambling rant thing that most probably makes no sense and has about 10000000 'and's in it butttt....what can you say for the playstation generation ehh?

Sinéad xoxo

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Y'know what's weird?

When you see people you've always thought were scary or intimidating or something, and they're crying.
This girl burst into tears in class today O_O. D:
It was just a bit strange.
I hope her friends are worrying about her and trying to help her.

Also, today I drove down this street where I had this, um, breakdown or something in, last year (it was actually in the car on the way to school, and mum told me to get out of the car and walk home, so I walked, crying, for about an hour and it was not fun). It was also strange, because I was a bit hyper on Coke (THE SODA. NOT THE DRUG! -dies-), and laughing, and then I realised where I was and how bad I felt then. But so much has changed. It never occured to me, until today, how much happier I am now. "Things have changed for me, but that's okay", etc etc.

In other less depressing news, I moved into my new house a few days ago ^_^! It's lovely, I heart it muchly. I shall take pictures of it and post them so you can all share in the lovelyness!

My new obsession is Emilie Autumn. She is a classically trained violinist, but her band (Emilie Autumn and the Bloody Crumpets, yes I know, best band name ever) plays this kind of dark-cabaret-gothic-industrial-electronic-type music. It's good, if you're weird like meeee. My favourite song of her's is currently Opheliac :DD.
Note the Shakespeare reference! Yesyes!
And she recites Hamlet's letter to Ophelia in it, /death.
NOBODY OUT-CRAZIES OPHELIA! Twitchtwitch! (Except Miri, possibly).

I've got four SACs next week O_O! SACs are School Assessed Courseworks, by the way, and are pretty much mini exams. I have one for Legal Studies, one for Literature, one for Religion (ew), and one for English.
Luckily, I don't have to study much for Literature and English, as they're just essays and we won't know the topic until the day of the SAC.
I'm freaking out about Legal Studies though, because it's a year 12 subject (I'm in year 11), so it counts towards my final mark next year and therefore what university courses I'll get into. Ahh, freak out, etc. But my last Legal Studies SAC wasn't too bad, so I think I'll be okay. Also, I love Legal Studies, because I am a massive nerd, gah.

My dear friend, Laura, turns 17 tomorrow! Yaaaayyy! She likes The Simpsons and Futurama, Operator Please, Dale Thomas (he's an Australian football player in the worst team ever, aka: Collingwood), and saying to me "YOU SUCK! ...Pete Wentz!" (T_T Jeez, thanks). I will try and force her to look at this, so wish her a happy birthday :D!

^ Funniest. Rhymes. Ever.
Let's make some up!
My one at the moment is...



Well Today.

Well, first off sorry I haven't posted much recently but whatever!

Remember I was fighting with a few of my friends and I didn't even know why they were bummed at me?Well I was back friends with them and everything was going grand but then today we were off at 11.30am cause 1st years had parent-teacher meetings!
So I was meant to go to town with Rebecca & Aedin.And I came in this morning and Rebecca was like "YOURE STILL COMING TO TOWN RIGHT?" so I said yeah.
But then during our four periods she decided she didn't want to go to town she wanted to go to Douglas (just this little shopping village thing nearby that is full of chavs with knives and nothing fun to do) with others.And I had no house key and nothing to do so I was seriously on the verge of tears when they all left and I rang my mom and said that I had to get the bus into town to get the house key off her and then the bus back out again!
But then when I was waiting for the bus these other girls from my class who Ive alw-ys been friendly with but not friends friends if you get me invited me to go with them so then I was happy and everything was cool.
But I dunno whether to continue being pissed with Rebecca or is it even worth the hassle?
But I dont wanna cause trouble between my other friends cause they will most definetly take her side!but last week I said lets do something next tuesday and she said yeah!So I know Im not in the wrong cause she knows I hate douglas cause before I nearly got beaten up by annoying chavs!
But in town me & Robyn & Jennifer got really hyper in the cinema bathrooms rofl!
And we saw the accidental husband which was okay but I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan acuse he was in Grey's Anatomy and Im sorta obsessed!

Aaah the joys of being a teenager!

Sinéad xoxo

Monday, March 3, 2008

Ah crap.

Sooooo everythings back to normal for me. or something just like normal.
My friend feels depressed and i couldnt sleep tonight, i had only slept an hour before i needed to go to school, so i couldnt support my friend at school, cuz i stayed home.
Gah. Saturdaynight was fun tho :]
I flirted with the guy i like and i stole his ID after he'd stolen mine. XD
Then he bit me, like playfully, cuz he wanted to get his ID back XD
So ofcourse i bit him back, bwhaha. anyrays i got a bruise from him biting me O_O
i never heard of getting a bruise because of biting? well, it was fun anyrays. XD
gah. So he said sorry about the bruise. yay xD
anyrays. imma comfort my other friend now, cuz she and her bf broke up.
and we're gonna eat lots of chocolate and ben&jerry's.

Short blogs FTW. rofl

Sunday, March 2, 2008

i hate homework.

it kinda sucks :/
sooo i went to a dance on friday,
and like, NOBODY was there.
so i hung out with my guy friend the ENTIRE TIME. and we've never really hung out 1on1 before, so we were like, whoa, we have a lot in common. we should talk more.
so now we're having this LONGGGG conversation on facebook and everyone thinks we're, like, flirting and whatever.
but 1: he has a girlfriend
2: he's my best friends ex

and people wont leave me alone about it.
seriously, why do i have to have a "thing" for a guy if im talking to him?
its stupid.

besides that stupidity,
i realized that i still cant scream from the linkin park concert. like, 3 weeks ago. o___o

i wanna see the movie across the universe. idk why i havent seen it yet.
OH OH OH my basketball team is having one last team dinner, and it's gonna be fun i'm excited.

and now im posting a dane cook video, cause i was watching it last night at around 3AM, and it made my night/morning/whatever.

I heart YouTube.

Jimmy Kimmel insanity. Spot Mr Wentz.