Monday, March 3, 2008

Ah crap.

Sooooo everythings back to normal for me. or something just like normal.
My friend feels depressed and i couldnt sleep tonight, i had only slept an hour before i needed to go to school, so i couldnt support my friend at school, cuz i stayed home.
Gah. Saturdaynight was fun tho :]
I flirted with the guy i like and i stole his ID after he'd stolen mine. XD
Then he bit me, like playfully, cuz he wanted to get his ID back XD
So ofcourse i bit him back, bwhaha. anyrays i got a bruise from him biting me O_O
i never heard of getting a bruise because of biting? well, it was fun anyrays. XD
gah. So he said sorry about the bruise. yay xD
anyrays. imma comfort my other friend now, cuz she and her bf broke up.
and we're gonna eat lots of chocolate and ben&jerry's.

Short blogs FTW. rofl


Dyllan said...

chocolate makes everything better.
my friend bit me so hard i got a bruise once. it hurt.

Tine said...

LOL hell yes it hurts X_X
not anymore now tho, but when he actually bit me, and after it, LOL
but the fact that He bit me, made it a bit better LOL and he didnt do it on purpose.
well, the biting part was his fault XD but he didnt know he bit me so hard O_x

Maximus said...

Mmmm. Boys with fangs.

Ana said...

Tine and her crazy Flirting!

Tine said...

notice me using anyrays a lot. O_O

ZebraNamedToto said...

a bruise from biting? that's usually called a

Tine said...

nooo not a hickey
he just really
HARD i tell ya. O_O
it was like he pinched me
i thought he was,at first
but then i looked at my arm and i saw him biting me, lol