Thursday, February 28, 2008

An Update From Miri~!

Humorous Pictures

So hey.
Here is a rant about mah dayy.

I'm so hungry right now that I think my stomach is trying to eat itself. Seriously. If my stomach could talk, it would be like "RAGGGHH, HUNGER: I HAS IT! OH HEY, I CAN EAT MYSELF! NOM NOM NOM!".
But anyway.

Today I had Legal Studies. Units 3/4! Which means I'm in with the scary year 12s :c Who aren't really that scary. But anyway! It wasn't that interesting, and then, after recess, I had English which is DULLDULLDULL and I dislike it greatly. I usually adore English, but we do nothing during class. Rawr, die. Luckily I do Literature too, and that's pretty hard (we're a combined 11/12 class :/). Anyway, after that I had Sport (they force us to do sport so we don't get fat, hmph), and we did pilates with our fatty instructor lady. She was only a fatty because she's pregnant, though. And if you ever get the chance to watch a pregnant lady do pilates, DO IT, because it is HILARIOUS.
So then we had lunch and me and my friend went through sheet music books to find some songs for OUR BAND to play. Yes. We have a band. But not really, because it's just me playing piano and her singing, and mainly because it's a requirement that I take part in an ensemble for my VCE Music class (VCE = HSC = year 11 and 12.). So after lunch I had Literature, and it was good.
Then I went and wrote this.

So the radio lied to me last night and told me Pete Wentz was Trashlee Simpson's babydaddy.
I died a little inside, because that would mean that Fall Out Boy would be all like "Oh, Pete is taking a break so we can't play shows or write" and I would cry.
But anyway, it was only because of the "You can't download a baby!" video, so it was LIES, ALL LIES.

In other news, today is Gender Swap Day*, so go pee standing up or something.


*May just be a day my friend and I made up. Conditions apply. If symptoms persist, see your doctor.


I start next week.
At the shittiest school in Australia, I swear to fucking god. *rolls eyes* There were just 2 places that offered precisely what I (think I) want to study. James Cook University in Cairns, which is where I live now, or Monash, in Melbourne. Both offered me places. And being the stupid fucking sensible loser that I am, I chose James Cook, because, 'If I decide that I don't like my course half way through the semester, I won't have wasted an exorbitant amount of money on moving and accomodation.' I can't believe that I actually voiced that stuupidstupidstupid thought aloud. Because OF COURSE, my parents agreed.

I hate being sensible.

Ohhh, I'm studying Information Technology, with a major in Games Development, in case anyone was wondering. But I threw a tantrum until they let me take visual art as an elective. ^_^

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So yeah. ive got a fight with my friend. best friend. gah i hate it.
I so cant handle angry people or arguments, i just completely shut myself down
so i just say nothing. but then its like i dont care at all and just ignore her,
while im very upset and just don't know what to say.
tho she knows this, but stilll we got into an even more huge fight because i did talk.
see thats why i really love to just shut myself down. i cant fuck it up even more.
We're supposed to go to a concert (HIM) tomorrow with another friend (who's also involved in the fight but she was already sleeping, tho she's on my side) but gah i already wasn't in the mood to go to the concert, but this made me already hate this day (it's 1;50 AM, thursday)
and yes the fight was about the concert, but its to complicated so i wont go into more details.

Oh and I am also a sucker for falling in love with the wrong guys.
i alrays fall for the -bad- guys, guys who have no interest in me, or just want to use me or something. that that i've been used or anything, luckily i alrays know beforehand, but still.
Its so hard for me to fall in love. and then when i do, its the wrong guy, who's a player or something >.<
mweep. ill stop ranting now and talk about the fun things.
Me and another friend went shopping today, with no money XD still it was fun and all
then we bought loads of chocolate chip cookies, oreo's and other things,
sat on this stairs with loads of skaters and looked for a cute guy to watch at XD
but we didnt find one. only scary or old guys O_O
ROFL. anyrays, i guess i need to watch 1 naruto-episode and then go to sleep,
since tomorrow is gonna be a long day, probably.
i hope to enjoy HIM, even tho i never listened to their new album and never listened to their old songs in the last year, rofl. it sure will be nostalgic tho.

Ily guys ^__^

Monday, February 25, 2008

Long Time, No Post...?

No, I haven't died. I've just been busy with band and all that good stuff.
So what's new in my life? Well I have a new crush. On a gay boy. Yay.
So, I first saw him last week at breakfast in school. He's so adorable and cute!

So he was sandwiched between two girls at a table when I saw him. He has snakebites and a monroe piercing, short brown curly hair and he's Venezuelan. And according to my friend who's his old spanish class, [he got taken out cause it was too easy for him] he can't speak english.

As soon as I thought he was cute I simultaneously knew he was gay. Which is weird because my gaydar fails at life. But I guess my human instincts kicked in and I just knew. This isn't the first time this has happened to me either. More like the 3rd.

This one guy I liked was bisexual and I liked him for 3 years straight and this senior that graduated last year was definitely gay. So apparently I've got a subconscious thing for gay dudes. Watch my husband be gay and leave me for some other dude....

Damn my horrible taste in guys.

Next topic, last week while riding my bike back from Publix, I crossed through some heavy duty traffic. I was screaming my head off the whole way across the street and I nearly got myself killed. Then some dumb bastard honked his horn at me and called me a N*gger.

I wouldn't have cared had he called me a stupid bitch cause I did something stupid and I should have looked both ways before crossing the street. But the idiot had to bring race into it for reasons unknown to me. I a little pissed off but annoyed at the fact that ignorant people like him still exist. There are just some people that will never amount to anything in life and that asshole is one of them. Goddamn rednecks.

To hell with them.

To end this on a happier note today is Bert McCracken[The Used's lead singer] birthday! Yay! He's 26 as of today. =]

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Soundwave, Baby.

Woaaahhh. Saturday, as I mentioned in my last post, was the Soundwave music festival, in Brisbane, Australia. And it was pretty much the awesomest day of my life. *nods* Yup.
We rocked up to the venue to see a line that was at least 2 kilometres long, but somehow, thanks to my ninja skillz, we managed to cut in right up the front. We still had to wait for at least half an hour in the midday sun (40 fucking degrees Celsius), but so did all the kids in front of us.
So we got in, and got drinks (because the fuckers at the gates made everyone throw away their water bottles so we all had to spend a zillion dollars to buy more), and then headed straight to Stage 3, where Madina Lake were going to play. Some random (crappy) local band was playing, so we sat under a tree and waited. They finished and the crowd disappeared completely, so we abandoned our tree and went straight to the barrier. Where we waited. And waited. More sun. More sunburn. But still! Madina! Lake!

They played, and it was awesome, and the pit was INSANE, and we got beaten up and crushed, but we got to pet Nathan.
And thennnnnn, we decided to bail on seeing Motion City Soundtrack, and waited around by the side of the stage, because they'd promised to come out. Mae were playing, but there weren't many people around, and only like 10 of us waiting to meet the boys.
They came out and were as excited as we were to meet them. They jumped around and hugged everyone and smelt baaaaaaaad and pretty much fangirled about Australia. I had to draw them a map to show them where they were on the east coast, and we gave them Vegemite and it was awesome. They all signed my copy of the album, and the twins signed my hat. We got photos with them all, which I'm about to post, but they're on my friend's camera, and she hasn't emailed them to me yet (>_> bisssshh) but I stole some of the ones from her myspace.

Max, Matthew and my friend Sophie.

Max, Nathan and Sophie.

Max, Dan and Sophie.

Not sure why the first two are so tiny and the last is so huge..... T_T

So, now I'm pretty much in love with all four of these boys, who spent ages talking to us. And when we saw them again later that day, they remembered my name, and insisted on hugging me goodbye.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Do you know what I mean?

So I was sitting at my loverrrly piano (which I actually hate because it never stays in tune and sounds awful, but I'm getting a white grand piano and electric guitar soon, so I'm dealing with it), playing the Simpsons theme song (ftw), when all of a sudden I hear, coming from the television, those beautiful chords that make up the start of Panic(!) At the Disco's song, Nine in the Afternoon.
I hadn't actually seen it yet, because the only internet I have at the moment is on my Sidekick (which is named Patkick, because Patrick Stump is Pete Wentz's "sidekick" and I am clever).

So I run to the TV.

Um, WOW.
I kinda like it! I needa watch it a few more times though..

The bit where Brendon's in his pyjamas singing reminds me of the Paris Hilton sex tape (well, at least from what I've seen on the "get it on your mobile!" ads..) crossed with ADD, Lmfao.

And Ryan is sooooooo pretty ._.
I was like "Whoa, Ryan, you really out-gayed yourself this time! /swoon."
I said to my sister "Ohmahgosh, Ryan looks like a sweet wittle bebe!" and she rolled her eyes and walked off :D.

I might've liked the video to be a bit calmer though ._.
Also it interupted the best bit in the Simpsons theme, bastards.
That's what the world needs: more tea parties. And possibly MCR albums.

What did you think of it? ^_^.

I need more Dresden Dolls-ish music :c.
Apparantly there's a compilation CD called "A Dark Cabaret" or something, containing Coin-Operated Boy and other songs by different artists. Must. Have. Now.

That is all, really!

PS: So far this year I have written 32 songs. Who's proud of me? I'm proud of me!

PPS: Nobody's eyes/ears but mine will ever see them, Mwahahahahahaaarr!

PPPS: I'm taking a break from the Rmy because of the intruders :c. It all put me in a sour mood. So that might be why you haven't seen me around lately.

PPPPS: Go to me and my friend's blog. We're awesome, kthx.
PPPPPS: Post-Scripts FTW, foo'!


more like ice day cause like, theres a centimeter of snow on the ground but its really icey.
So i'm watching rob and big and the avatar.
and im really hungry...o_o
rob and big is really funny. :]

i went to the linkin park concert, and it was amazinggg.
but i lost my voice.
and it hasnt come back yet. lol
but but but...i had a point to make...i forgot it o_o

i wish i could skateboard.

im really happy i dont have school today.

thats all.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Snack Attack

Today is Thursday. Today is one of my days off. Today is also too fucking hot, and very boring. So I baked biscuits. They have chocolate chips. I don't know what they taste like yet, because they're as yet, too warm to eat. 

Tomorrow is Friday. Tomorrow, I have to go to work. Tomorrow is also my father's fiftieth birthday. My sisters and I bought him a big model ship. He has to build it. It was fucking expensive.

The day after tomorrow is Saturday. The day after tomorrow is the day of the Soundwave music festival in Brisbane. The day after tomorrow is also the day that I have to get on a flight at 6.00 am. But I get to see Madina Lake. 

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dear MCRmy,

Stick together.
We're an army, not a war.
I love you guys.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Seeing as I've only posted like 3 times. Now I shall!

Hello Ladies,

It is Saturday February 16th.
Officially 2 days after Valentines day.
Happy Belated V-Day to you all.

And Miri, that poem was the snizzle mizzle wizzzle!
What ever that means >_<

Well, Tomorrow I have to go watch my friends band play at this club.
For an Exposure event. Lots of local DC greater area bands! Yay

Have any of you heard of the fiveawesomegirls or fiveawesomeguys on YouTube?
Their videos are pretty awesome!

I'm currently loving the Color Fred! :D
Watch it!


The Weekend! Finally!

YAY. It's finally weekend :]
I've been really busy with school the past week, i had this examweek with only 3 exams, but I had like 4 projects due to yesterday too, so it has been very stressfull, as i also had to work in between.
Also, lots of people I know had their Bday the last week. Today it's my sis her bday, she turned 14 ^___^
So it's gonna be cake and sweet things all day. Me and my friend dont even have to go on the bicycle to the bar we alrays go to (which takes almost an hour to get there) Cuz the best friend of my friends bf (confusing, eh?) he can drive and he's gonna pick us up and bring us back :D how luxurous xD
Also, i dont have to work untill next friday, so thats nice! :D
We have this subjectweek next week, it's about poetry, philosophy and culture. those subjects rock, although im sure next week will suck, cuz my school is stupid and organises the stupidiest things you can do among those subjects >.<

Yay, yesterday i had to do this presentation and I could choose about whatever i wanted
so i did it about gymnastics trainings in china. (dont ask how I came onto this subject xD)
Also i showed a short video about it:
My teacher was very positive, because i was the only one who showed a vid and I was also the only one who didnt read it from a paper :]
squee. Altho my exams went pretty bad, I am happy. so YAY. xD

I'm sure thats gonna change tonight, but gah, we'll see. I'll try to make the best out of it, and get the guy i like to like me, because I pwn. :]
(not really XD)

xoxoxoo Tine :]

Thursday, February 14, 2008

*Insert Nifty Title Here*

Happy Valentine's Day, I hope you all had a nice one, mine was rather boring. Though I did receive another card in the mail from an Rmy member today, so that was nice. =]

I actually have a busy weekend coming up, which is quite exciting for me because 90% of my weekends consist of sitting at home all day in front of the computer. Tomorrow I'm going to the mall and meeting a few Rmy members for the first time ever, which is awesome. And on Saturday I'm going to be seeing Linkin Park. :D Then I'll be going on a mini-vacation on Sunday and Monday.

Has anyone taken this "freak test" before? It takes an insanely long time to do but it's rather amusing. Apparently I'm 33% freak.

And then of course there's the Impossible Quiz:

I've only managed to get to number 43 or so on that one.

happy vday!!

well, i was gonna make a long post,
but i wrote it about 4 times,
and my computer kept shutting off randomly right when i was about to post.
so i give up.

my vday sucked for the most part.
i hope yours was better.
if my computer works tomorrow i might post what i was gonna.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ah, Valentine's Day.
A day for cheap chocolates, half-dead flowers, and tacky cards.
Uh, yeah..
Oh how I loathe Valentine's Day.
But I figured, 'cause I love you guys, I'd write you a typical sixteen-year-old-dude-trying-to-get-laid-but-failing-at-writing-anything poem! Yay!

-Clears throat.-
May I present...A poem for the MCRmy. By Miri.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
My dear MCRmy,
I really love you!

More than ice cream,
More than good beer (rotfl),
More than Brendon Urie's butt (hehee!),
Insert witty line here!

You're all super smart,
And real funny too,
If I, like, totally had to choose between partying with Britney Spears, Pete Wentz, or you guys,
I'd so choose you!

Flowers are great,
Chocolates are too,
But you all rock so much,
So this poem's for you!

Thank you!

ily, MCRmy! This heart it beats, beats for only youuuuuu! ^_^.
Fact: Out of about 500 songs, My Heart - Paramore and Your Guardian Angel - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus are the only two songs on my iPod that are remotely love-y. Baha!

boredeeey boredeeyyy bordom XD

Half term = boring.

Short post causa naffin to say.
atm im incapable of speaking propa english.

I tried the Coke plus vitamins today.
But then again Ima bita Coke whore.

Nuffin to do....nuffin to say.


Monday, February 11, 2008

To the people who posted once and never again,

Please be postings more!
There may be cookies involved


Oh, hell. You all know I'm Miri, rofl >_>.

PS: I'd be ever so grateful if y'all could tell people to read this blog 'n stuff!

PPS: New thread on the Rmy!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Le sigh -_-.

You know how in every family there's one that...doesn't quite fit in? Who is, I suppose, the "rebel"?
Well, in my family it's my cousin.
He doesn't really mean to do what he does, I guess - he's got a mild behavioural disorder. Well, he does, and he knows the difference between right and wrong, but he can't really control himself sometimes.
Also he likes to skip school and throw things at people.
Anyway, today he got super pissed off while he was at our house because my little sister was ignoring him (she had her friends over). So he decided to run away.
Because, although his parents try, I'm the only one he sort-of listens to, I was left to look around the streets for him.
And then I got this mental image of me around 27 and him about 18, and me having to bail him out of jail for some stupid vandalism crime. T_T.
In case you're wondering, he's fine, he managed to get back to my house while I was looking for him.
And you know what he did when I got home?
The Nelson-from-The-Simpsons laugh.

-goes to listen to BMTH :].-

Saturday, February 9, 2008

blabla.. rant..

it's 3;45am and i feel like shite.
Well, I'll start at the beginning. Today was my best friends bday and we set up a surprise party what didnt really go like the plans were but it was really good anyrays, we made her cry because she was in shock that we did all that for her, so cute xD
and well after dinner and all, we decided to go whit most of them to the bar we alrays go to..
therewas the dude i like, really like... and well he said like 2 weeks ago that he liked me, but well theres a whole story behind it. anyrays we lookedat eachother pretty much, like when we both looked we both looked aray, you know? anyrays, when the evening went on and he started to look more at my friend who had never been there. and it really looked like he liked her >.<>.<>.<>
O_O I was on the bike when i went home and i was like: I need to write a blog, i feel like letting my frustrations go. like WHOAAAAAAAA )= it's not cool.
I hate boys. :D

I need to start studying for matho tomorrow cuz monday i have a test and i already got 2 times a 3 (out of 10) and thats the only 2 grades i have for math right now so i neeeeeeed something higher
so imma sleep and hope i can concentrate tomorrow, or else imma call myself in sick or something, i hope my mother will understand and I believe she will, because sometimes she can be really awesome.
Also, my period started, im a bit drunk (not to much but i guess you can see it in my writing anyrays) AND im really tired but i cant sleep. >=(

Thaanks for reading.:] LOVE YOU ALL.

Im on half term ;DDDD


I'm mega bored today but screw it cause ive a whole week to do something interesting.


Thursday, February 7, 2008

I am sympathy sickness' bitch.

I have this theory, where I get sick because I know someone else is. Even if they're on the other side of the world.
So, Pete Wentz is ill.
Gabe Saporta is ill.
Guess who else is ill?
Ragghhh. I feel like I'm dying right now, tbh.

Anyhow! Enough of my whining.
A funny thing happened at school today, teehee.
My school's computer tech dude is leaving to go to some other job and what not, so my friend went to see him today at lunch.
And the whole time she was there (20 minutes or something) he kept asking about another one of my friends who left my school to go to a boarding school last year. The whole time! So we are now convinced that he likes her, teehee. She's like 15 or 16 and he's something like 23, though, so it's illegal :D! Scandalous!
I have to call her and tell her now, rotfl.
But wait!
The best part is...
Extreeeemee creepy Fall Out Boy fans (like myself ._.) might know that Pete Wentz once went out with a girl who was 15 (her name was Jeanae, or so I've read in magazines). Pete was 23 at the time.


Yeah. I know!


The computer tech dude doesn't wear guyliner, though 8D.

Anyway, I found that amusing.
-runs away-

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Lives are spent counting pennies and petty doubts.
Eyes so quick to see flaws fail to see the hope in my smile.

I can see things now.
Will I pluck an eyelash and prick my thumb to sign my soul away in blood?

Plots made. Sketches drawn.
Plans executed.
You're next.

Adapt. Exchange. Renew.

Swiftly tilting, slowly sinking.
A paradox of motion.
Don't you know?

Telescopes, aimed at breaking hearts for a closer inspection, a better dissection.

Different sneakers for each day of the week, hiding mismatched socks like she hides her crooked smile.

I'm falling into the real world like Alice through the rabbit hole.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Guess who's also an MCRmy Medic now?!

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :D

Haha laughter.


Ive had a pretty good week!
A few tests so I never got online.
Its not as if I studied either but whatever lulz!

Me and the girl who sits infront of me (Aideen)(Yes,another one) had actually SUCH A LAUGH!!
We were in computers and she just randomly started laughing and I asked her what was up and she said that she was imagining if the floor started caving in there and then and then we were both rofling and we got in trouble.

And then we were playing stop the bus in a free period and she couldnt think of a place beginning with 'R' so she said Russell Brand's House!!
I get such amusement out of primary school games.

Well Im going to town tomorrow and also I have to get up early cause my aunt is coming over to book Shayne Ward tix.
Oh yeah Im going to him at Live At The Marquee in June.
I dont even like him alot but my aunts paying so I said I'd go.

Sinéad xoxo

Guess who is an MCRmy Medic now 8D