Thursday, February 7, 2008

I am sympathy sickness' bitch.

I have this theory, where I get sick because I know someone else is. Even if they're on the other side of the world.
So, Pete Wentz is ill.
Gabe Saporta is ill.
Guess who else is ill?
Ragghhh. I feel like I'm dying right now, tbh.

Anyhow! Enough of my whining.
A funny thing happened at school today, teehee.
My school's computer tech dude is leaving to go to some other job and what not, so my friend went to see him today at lunch.
And the whole time she was there (20 minutes or something) he kept asking about another one of my friends who left my school to go to a boarding school last year. The whole time! So we are now convinced that he likes her, teehee. She's like 15 or 16 and he's something like 23, though, so it's illegal :D! Scandalous!
I have to call her and tell her now, rotfl.
But wait!
The best part is...
Extreeeemee creepy Fall Out Boy fans (like myself ._.) might know that Pete Wentz once went out with a girl who was 15 (her name was Jeanae, or so I've read in magazines). Pete was 23 at the time.


Yeah. I know!


The computer tech dude doesn't wear guyliner, though 8D.

Anyway, I found that amusing.
-runs away-

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Maximus said...


Maybe you're ill because I'm ill. Or was ill. I'm better now. :D
Get bettttterrr soon. You're not allowed to feel icky on weekends, it's like, a RULE. :)