Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So yeah. ive got a fight with my friend. best friend. gah i hate it.
I so cant handle angry people or arguments, i just completely shut myself down
so i just say nothing. but then its like i dont care at all and just ignore her,
while im very upset and just don't know what to say.
tho she knows this, but stilll we got into an even more huge fight because i did talk.
see thats why i really love to just shut myself down. i cant fuck it up even more.
We're supposed to go to a concert (HIM) tomorrow with another friend (who's also involved in the fight but she was already sleeping, tho she's on my side) but gah i already wasn't in the mood to go to the concert, but this made me already hate this day (it's 1;50 AM, thursday)
and yes the fight was about the concert, but its to complicated so i wont go into more details.

Oh and I am also a sucker for falling in love with the wrong guys.
i alrays fall for the -bad- guys, guys who have no interest in me, or just want to use me or something. that that i've been used or anything, luckily i alrays know beforehand, but still.
Its so hard for me to fall in love. and then when i do, its the wrong guy, who's a player or something >.<
mweep. ill stop ranting now and talk about the fun things.
Me and another friend went shopping today, with no money XD still it was fun and all
then we bought loads of chocolate chip cookies, oreo's and other things,
sat on this stairs with loads of skaters and looked for a cute guy to watch at XD
but we didnt find one. only scary or old guys O_O
ROFL. anyrays, i guess i need to watch 1 naruto-episode and then go to sleep,
since tomorrow is gonna be a long day, probably.
i hope to enjoy HIM, even tho i never listened to their new album and never listened to their old songs in the last year, rofl. it sure will be nostalgic tho.

Ily guys ^__^


Miri said...

Aww, I hate having fights with friends :c
I hope it all works out.

Tine said...

i dont know what happened when i was asleep
but.. miraculously the fight is over?
w/e im not gonna say anything about it to ruin the mood tho XD
its really weird tho
its like she has multiple personalities, rofl

Maximus said...

I hope the concert was fun/is fun. (LMAO. Timezones! O_O)
And I hope your stupid angry friend gets over herself.

Tine said...

it was really fun yesterday, thanks :D
it was all good.
i still dont know how that happened but yeah XD
HIM was good too, altho Ville could drop the sigarets O_O he had like 8 or something on stage >.<
anyrays we also went for shopping in amsterdam before the concert
cuz we hardly ever come in amsterdam except for concerts XD and i bought some cool tops. green and pink and it looks really rad together XD