Saturday, February 9, 2008

blabla.. rant..

it's 3;45am and i feel like shite.
Well, I'll start at the beginning. Today was my best friends bday and we set up a surprise party what didnt really go like the plans were but it was really good anyrays, we made her cry because she was in shock that we did all that for her, so cute xD
and well after dinner and all, we decided to go whit most of them to the bar we alrays go to..
therewas the dude i like, really like... and well he said like 2 weeks ago that he liked me, but well theres a whole story behind it. anyrays we lookedat eachother pretty much, like when we both looked we both looked aray, you know? anyrays, when the evening went on and he started to look more at my friend who had never been there. and it really looked like he liked her >.<>.<>.<>
O_O I was on the bike when i went home and i was like: I need to write a blog, i feel like letting my frustrations go. like WHOAAAAAAAA )= it's not cool.
I hate boys. :D

I need to start studying for matho tomorrow cuz monday i have a test and i already got 2 times a 3 (out of 10) and thats the only 2 grades i have for math right now so i neeeeeeed something higher
so imma sleep and hope i can concentrate tomorrow, or else imma call myself in sick or something, i hope my mother will understand and I believe she will, because sometimes she can be really awesome.
Also, my period started, im a bit drunk (not to much but i guess you can see it in my writing anyrays) AND im really tired but i cant sleep. >=(

Thaanks for reading.:] LOVE YOU ALL.

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