Sunday, August 31, 2008

So I'm gonna state the obvious...

With a capital D-E-A-D.

Where did everyone go? Like seriously guys, did you all develop lives or something? Lol.

Good news is that there's been 3 posts in August which is 2 more than July.
And I'm the first for September so yeah.
Btw, my birthday is September 24. Going to be 16 finally, yay!

And for people who might be in Lousiana, good luck & God bless.

Hopefully you won't need it.

xoxox, Jenn♥

P.S. Does anyone here like The Dear Hunter? I love the song The Pimp and The Priest; good stuff right there.

Monday, August 25, 2008



hai guysssssssss..

Or whoever still goes on this >_<

I kind of forgot about my blogger account...sorryyy...

I start School tomorrow and I'm Uber Excited!

Cause my summer was pathetic and boring :/.

>_> restarted. November 21st, 2008.

xD Twilight is out today.
I'm not watching it yet :]
Waiting for like 2 weeks after enough of the screaming little girls have screamed their silly heads of.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This incessant raining needs to stop.

Tropical storm Fay sucks.

Monday was the first day of school.

I had no school today & I have no school tomorrow.

Florida sucks...


EDIT: I have no school for the rest of this week too. No school till Monday. >_<

Monday, August 18, 2008


Guess what happens on Wednesday?
Go on, guess!



Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I miss this blog. D:

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So, hey, guess what!



that is all.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


So I haven't been posting a lot D:
I'll start again once I don't have exams and other horrible happenings.
But I doooo blog every day over at my ~LiveJournal, simply because it is easy to do so :D.


Thursday, May 29, 2008

So I got a blog of my own.

I now have a blog too.

I am a copycat.

Linkage to blogage

If you were wondering about the URL well there's a funny story behind that.

Once a upon a time ago, before the homecoming parade my band buddies and I were chilling in a parking lot waiting for the parade to start [we were in the parade]. We were enjoying the hilarious stories of Chris [who is most definitely gay], when John [who is most definitely straight] came out of nowhere and began to feel up on him. Nobody cared cuz that is what we band kids do when we're bored. No joke.

Well after feeling Chris up, John began to do the PartyBoy dance and he's all "uh tsk uh tsk uh tsk" behind Chris's head. While this going on me and this chick Nina are all o_O cuz his male appendage was like WHOOSH back and forth giving birth to the word swinging weiner action.

It was probably one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen. Plus it happens all the time cause John likes to dance. Yes this is the same John from the pictures.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Band geeks have all the fun.

So I haven't posted in forever....Oh well, what a shame.

So yesterday was graduation and cuz I'm in band I had to go. I stayed after school with my buddies and several girls brought their straighteners. Resulting in this:

steve &amp; johnSteve & John

Photobucket Steve & John & Teddy aka Zack.

Cause all the cool kids join band and straighten guys' hair. Yepp.

Of course it was really fricking humid outside and it rained so all the guys' hair reverted right back to normal which sucked.

So next topic, I might possibly like somebody but I'm not 100% percent sure. His name is Tyler and he rides my bus and we walk home together cuz our houses are in the direction. Lucky for me this one is actually straight! [Everybody I've liked since I've entered high school was either not straight or had alot of gayboy tendencies] But unfortunately for me he's definitely taken. Oh, what a shame...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Plushies, FTW.

Oh. And I've branched out in the world of blogging. Check me out here.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Big Brother: A Rant.

I haven't posted in a while and I just finished watching Big Brother, so I thought I'd rant about it.

You might like to go to and read about it so you know what the hell I'm on about.

Firstly, WTF. I never watch Big Brother! I have expressed my distaste for Big Brother previously. I vomited at Gretel Kileen's face. I rolled my eyes at the turkey slapping incident.
But for some reason I decided to watch it this year.

This year, for some ungodly reason, they decided to have Corey Worthington in the house as a guest.
You probably have no idea who he is, so I will tell you.
Basically, he is a seventeen year old (lolol like me, except I'm cooler, obvi.) who threw a massive party while his parents were away, got in loads of trouble from the police, and somehow got semi-famous out of it because of all the news coverage and also because he is an asshole.

So this is Corey:

1. Yes, yes he does come across as a prick, even in photographs. Hahahaha. I know.
2. I actually can't find a photo of him without his yellow sunglasses on. Which is a good thing, because he has GIGANTIC EYEBROWS OF DOOOOM!!1!1

Anyhoo, aside from the obvious reasons why it's a badbadbad idea, such as HE IS SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD WHY ARE THEY LETTING HIM INTO A HOUSE WITH PEOPLE AVERAGING TEN YEARS OLDER THAN HIM FOR THE LOVE OF JEBUS, as well as the fact that if they show him naked it's child pornography x_x and they could get in so much trouble; I also think that he is boring.

Yes, that's right: boring.

In fact, all he does is hide behind his hoodie and THOSE GOD DAMN YELLOW SUNGLASSES. That's it.

I swear, I'd be more interesting.
At least I'd try to piss people off.
And I also wouldn't have peroxide blonde hair with dark brown GIGANTIC EYEBROWS OF DOOOOOOOM!!1!1



Also, I hate Terri.
Terri is old and racist and hasn't yet discovered makeup. Or, y'know, facelifts.
Why they let a 50-something year old into Big Brother, I shall never know.
I like Travis, even if his voice is about ten billion octaves above mine, wtf, did you not go through puberty or something, mate?!
Bianca is the devil. We shall not speak of her.
The other ones are boring.
But probably not.

No Miris were drunk in the making of this blog.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Oh, The Happiness Of Max

Weeee. I haven't posted in a while and I've just had the random week to end all random weeks. I swear to blog.
It started on Monday night. Grand Theft Auto IV launched here in Australia. It was a pretty big deal, so we (EB Games) had a midnight launch. My friend Gavin, who goes to uni with me and works with me, ate with my family and then we headed to work at 10.00 pm. It was kinda eery, being the only two people wandering around the mall, waiting for security to let us in to access the store.
We got to dress up. I was a hardcore awesome pimp. Joman, Trudi, Justin and Gavin were all gangsta in big hoodies and bandannas and blinnnngggg. We looked awesome. If I can get a photo from Joman, I'll post it here.
Anywaaaays, so we looked neat and the night ran smoothly and I totally kicked everyone else's arse at making sales. Go Team Max!
So, Gavin and I grabbed our shit when we closed and were about to dice the scene, when Justin stopped us and asked for a lift. So we ended up road-tripping six million kilometres out of our way to drop him home. And then had to stop at a 24 hour McDonald's, because all the road-tripping induced a desperate need for ice-cream.
So that was Monday.

Tuesday was spent frantically doing an assignment. Wednesday was much the same, except it was spent in one of the labs at university with pretty much everyone else in the class running around arguing about databases and ER diagrams and data dictionaries. It was fun. Aside from the panicking part. We had to submit it electronically by 5pm. At 4.30pm, I'm trying to think of one final justification, and Gavin and Tom are singing Backstreet Boys. Loudly. And they had less done than me! T_T Boys.

Thursday, my friend Steph, who moved to another city for university, came up to visit! So we hit the city and ate a lot of ice-cream and bought crazy makeup and stupid shirts and it was fun. And theennnnn, another of my friends, Lolly, got her license! And she has a yellow VW beetle. It's so freaking awesome. Except she won't let me paint it like a pikachu. D:
Anywaaaays, she came and picked Steph and I up after dinner and we went back into the city and got more ice-cream.
I messaged Justin and Gavin, and Justin came to meet us. Gavin was at a movie, so we decided to go meet him. Lolly dropped us off, and we tried to get tickets. The movie had only started 10 minutes ago, but the bitches at the counter were all, "We're CLOSED." T____T
Sooo, we went BACK into the city, except we walked this time. And we sat outside another maccas for aaaaages. Then Gavin met up with us, and we ended up sitting there talking til 2.30 am. LOL. We went out for ice-cream and didn't get home til 3 in the morning.....

And Friday was spent in Lolly's bedroom playing Twister and watching/singing along with a squillion Disney movies. We made brownies. Steph and I got home and collapsed into bed.
OMFG. And theennnnnn, fucking hell, at 3 A-FUCKING-M, Gavin and his awesome mate Clint turned up drunk on my doorstep. Sigh. We put them in a cab and sent them home. And he was randomly angry at me for some reason. So I was sad, because I really like this guy.
BUT. The next day, there was mucho grovelling, so he was forgiven. Saturday was worrrrkkk all day for me, and a wedding for Steph, so it was pretty boring. Saturday night, I turned off my phone, to avoid a million 2am messages from Gavin.

Sunday morning, I turned my phone on before heading to work. And sure enough, there was a message from Gavin at 4.30am. BUT GUESS WHAT IT SAID! :D He asked me out. Weeeeeee. Except, I had to work with him all day, and I wanted to talk to him, rather than just text him back, and work is sososososososo not the place to do that.
Sunday night, Steph and I went to a barbeque with all my neighbours, it was good fun.

Monday, we studied. Steph was leaving Monday night and had an exam this morning, and I have a Maths exam tomorrow afternoon, so we were both freaking a little. Steph got picked up, I went emo. I won't see her again til August. But when I do see her, it's for the Panic at the Disco + The Academy Is... + Cobra Starship show, so.
Gavin messaged me again, freaking about maths. So he came over to study. And my mum fed him, because she worries that he doesn't eat properly. Which is a totally justified concern. He doesn't eat properly. And we blatantly did not do maths. We threw pillows at each other and he teased me about my socks and there was more grovelling about Friday night and this is the worst blog I've ever written. And then we ended up talking about the message from Sunday. And then there was cuddling. And more pillow fights. So. I'm pretty smiley right now. Even though I have a huge Maths exam tomorrow afternoon, my period and another horrid assignment due on Thursday afternoon.


Monday, April 28, 2008

longgg time nooo postie.


so i didnt have school today...not sure why.
im really tired so...yeah. i just wanted to say hi.

oh and i watched a marilyn monroe movie today, it made me happy :D

oh, and the other day, debra AKA yayforsugar got me obsessed with a show called the mighty boosh. WATCH THE VIDEOS BELOW AND LOOK AT THE MIGHTY BOOSH.
i need sleep.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Um. Oops.

We have a slight situation here, people.
It appears our admin lady (ahem, that would be me) has lost the password to the admin account. And also the password for the email for the admin account.
So I can't add the new people.
Or make any changes.
Or do anything, really.
If I told any of you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email it to me at and I will love you forever and ever and ever.
Thanks, dears.
And I'm so so sorry!

Here is a video as a plea for forgiveness!
(Yeah, I know it's super old, and you've probably all seen it, but I still find it hilarious).

..Yeah, I probably just scarred you all for life. Sorry about that, too.
That chick deserves a medal for being able to fangirl over someone whose name she doesn't know, though.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Numbers Are Fun!

Post count on the main TSN boards right now: 126.

Number of songs I have written thus far this year: 83.

Amount of cupcakes I made yesterday: 15.

Number of times I have said "WTF?!" over the engagement of AshWentzDay: 306.

How long I laughed today at the fact that my conservative Serbian grandfather was a huge Alice Cooper fan: Too long.

Number of times my mother has yelled at me over trivial things today: 928139.

Days till the Panic! At the Disco show: 4 months and 3 days. ohyes.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hey guess what!

It's Max's birthday soon.
-is awesome.-

I thought I'd post a short story as well.

Except I fail at everything!
So here is a short story written in the 1920s by New Zealand writer Katherine Mansfield.
She was this super rebellious friend of Virginia Woolf who had a husband and a girlfriend at the same time.
Yeah. Pwn'd.

Anyway, this is possibly the cutest thing ever, it is called:

"Sun and Moon".
(please to be ignoring the [page something] things. I can't be bothered deleting them all, rofl.)

IN the afternoon the chairs came, a whole big cart full of little gold ones with their legs in the air. And then the flowers came. When you stared down from the balcony at the people carrying them the flower pots looked like funny awfully nice hats nodding up the path.

Moon thought they were hats. She said: "Look. There's a man wearing a palm on his head." But she never knew the difference between real things and not real ones.

There was nobody to look after Sun and Moon. Nurse was helping Annie alter Mother's dress which was much-too-long-and-tight-under-the-arms and Mother was running all over the house and telephoning Father to be sure not to forget things. She only had time to say: "Out of my way, children!"

They kept out of her way–at any rate Sun did. He did so hate being sent stumping back to the nursery. It didn't matter about Moon. If she got tangled in people's legs they only threw her up and shook her till she squeaked. But Sun was too heavy for that. He was so heavy that the fat man [Page 209] who came to dinner on Sundays used to say: "Now, young man, let's try to lift you." And then he'd put his thumbs under Sun's arms and groan and try and give it up at last saying: "He's a perfect little ton of bricks!

Nearly all the furniture was taken out of the dining-room. The big piano was put in a corner and then there came a row of flower pots and then there came the goldy chairs. That was for the concert. When Sun looked in a white faced man sat at the piano–not playing, but banging at it and then looking inside. He had a bag of tools on the piano and he had stuck his hat on a statue against the wall. Sometimes he just started to play and then he jumped up again and looked inside. Sun hoped he wasn't the concert.

But of course the place to be in was the kitchen. There was a man helping in a cap like a blancmange, and their real cook, Minnie, was all red in the face and laughing. Not cross at all. She gave them each an almond finger and lifted them up on to the flour bin so that they could watch the wonderful things she and the man were making for supper. Cook brought in the things and he put them on dishes and trimmed them. Whole fishes, with their heads and eyes and tails still on, he sprinkled with red and green and yellow bits; he made squiggles all over the jellies, he stuck a collar on a ham and put a very thin sort of a fork in it; he dotted almonds and tiny round biscuits on [Page 210] the creams. And more and more things kept coming.

"Ah, but you haven't seen the ice pudding," said Cook. "Come along." Why was she being so nice, thought Sun as she gave them each a hand. And they looked into the refrigerator.

Oh! Oh! Oh! It was a little house. It was a little pink house with white snow on the roof and green windows and a brown door and stuck in the door there was a nut for a handle.

When Sun saw the nut he felt quite tired and had to lean against Cook.

"Let me touch it. Just let me put my finger on the roof," said Moon, dancing. She always wanted to touch all the food. Sun didn't.

"Now, my girl, look sharp with the table," said Cook as the housemaid came in.

"It's a picture, Min," said Nellie. "Come along and have a look." So they all went into the dining-room. Sun and Moon were almost frightened. They wouldn't go up to the table at first; they just stood at the door and made eyes at it. It wasn't real night yet but the blinds were down in the dining-room and the lights turned on–and all the lights were red roses. Red ribbons and bunches of roses tied up the table at the corners. In the middle was a lake with rose petals floating on it.

"That's where the ice pudding is to be," said Cook. [Page 211]

Two silver lions with wings had fruit on their backs, and the salt cellars were tiny birds drinking out of basins.

And all the winking glasses and shining plates and sparkling knives and forks–and all the food. And the little red table napkins made into roses. . . .

"Are people going to eat the food?" asked Sun.

"I should just think they were," laughed Cook, laughing with Nellie. Moon laughed, too; she always did the same as other people. But Sun didn't want to laugh. Round and round he walked with his hands behind his back. Perhaps he never would have stopped if Nurse hadn't called suddenly: "Now then, children. It's high time you were washed and dressed." And they were marched off to the nursery.

While they were being unbuttoned Mother looked in with a white thing over her shoulders; she was rubbing stuff on her face.

"I'll ring for them when I want them, Nurse, and then they can just come down and be seen and go back again," said she.

Sun was undressed first, nearly to his skin, and dressed again in a white shirt with red and white daisies speckled on it, breeches with strings at the sides and braces that came over, white socks and red shoes.

"Now you're in your Russian costume," said Nurse, flattening down his fringe.

"Am I?" said Sun. [Page 212]

"Yes. Sit quiet in that chair and watch your little sister."

Moon took ages. When she had her socks put on she pretended to fall back on the bed and waved her legs at Nurse as she always did, and every time Nurse tried to make her curls with a finger and a wet brush she turned round and asked Nurse to show her the photo of her brooch or something like that. But at last she was finished too. Her dress stuck out, with fur on it, all white; there was even fluffy stuff on the legs of her drawers. Her shoes were white with big blobs on them.

"There you are, my lamb," said Nurse. "And you look like a sweet little cherub of a picture of a powder-puff!" Nurse rushed to the door. "Ma'am, one moment."

Mother came in again with half her hair down.

"Oh," she cried. "What a picture!"

"Isn't she," said Nurse.

And Moon held out her skirts by the tips and dragged one of her feet. Sun didn't mind people not noticing him–much. . . .

After that they played clean tidy games up at the table while Nurse stood at the door, and when the carriages began to come and the sound of laughter and voices and soft rustlings came from down below she whispered: "Now then, children, stay where you are." Moon kept jerking the table cloth so that it all hung down her side and Sun hadn't any–and then she pretended she didn't do it on purpose. [Page 213]

At last the bell rang. Nurse pounced at them with the hair brush, flattened his fringe, made her bow stand on end, and joined their hands together.

"Down you go!" she whispered.

And down they went. Sun did feel silly holding Moon's hand like that but Moon seemed to like it. She swung her arm and the bell on her coral bracelet jingled.

At the drawing-room door stood Mother fanning herself with a black fan. The drawing-room was full of sweet smelling, silky, rustling ladies and men in black with funny tails on their coats–like beetles. Father was among them, talking very loud, and rattling something in his pocket.

"What a picture!" cried the ladies. "Oh, the ducks! Oh, the lambs! Oh, the sweets! Oh, the pets!"

All the people who couldn't get at Moon kissed Sun, and a skinny old lady with teeth that clicked said: "Such a serious little poppet," and rapped him on the head with something hard.

Sun looked to see if the same concert was there, but he was gone. Instead, a fat man with a pink head leaned over the piano talking to a girl who held a violin at her ear.

There was only one man that Sun really liked. He was a little grey man, with long grey whiskers, who walked about by himself. He came up to Sun and rolled his eyes in a very nice way and said: "Hullo, my lad." Then he went away. But soon [Page 214] he came back again and said: "Fond of dogs?" Sun said: "Yes." But then he went away again and though Sun looked for him everywhere he couldn't find him. He thought perhaps he'd gone outside to fetch in a puppy.

"Good night, my precious babies," said Mother, folding them up in her bare arms. "Fly up to your little nest."

Then Moon went and made a silly of herself again. She put up her arms in front of everybody and said: "My Daddy must carry me."

But they seemed to like it, and Daddy swooped down and picked her up as he always did.

Nurse was in such a hurry to get them to bed that she even interrupted Sun over his prayers and said: "Get on with them, child, do." And the moment after they were in bed and in the dark except for the nightlight in its little saucer.

"Are you asleep?" asked Moon.

"No," said Sun. "Are you?"

"No," said Moon.

A long while after Sun woke up again. There was a loud, loud noise of clapping from downstairs, like when it rains. He heard Moon turn over.

"Moon, are you awake?"

"Yes, are you?"

"Yes. Well, let's go and look over the stairs."

They had just got settled on the top step when the drawing-room door opened and they heard the party cross over the hall into the dining-room. [Page 215] Then that door was shut; there was a noise of "pops" and laughing. Then that stopped and Sun saw them all walking round and round the lovely table with their hands behind their backs like he had done. Round and round they walked, looking and staring. The man with the grey whiskers liked the little house best. When he saw the nut for a handle he rolled his eyes like he did before and said to Sun: "Seen the nut?"

"Don't nod your head like that, Moon."

"I'm not nodding. It's you."

"It is not. I never nod my head."

"O–oh, you do. You're nodding it now."

"I'm not. I'm only showing you how not to do it."

When they woke up again they could only hear Father's voice very loud, and Mother, laughing away. Father came out of the dining-room, bounded up the stairs, and nearly fell over them.

"Hullo!" he said. "By Jove, Kitty, come and look at this."

Mother came out. "Oh, you naughty children," said she from the hall.

"Let's have 'em down and give 'em a bone," said Father. Sun had never seen him so jolly.

"No, certainly not," said Mother.

"Oh, my Daddy, do! Do have us down," said Moon.

"I'm hanged if I won't," cried Father. "I won't [Page 216] be bullied. Kitty–way there." And he caught them up, one under each arm.

Sun thought Mother would have been dreadfully cross. But she wasn't. She kept on laughing at Father.

"Oh, you dreadful boy!" said she. But she didn't mean Sun.

"Come on, kiddies. Come and have some pickings," said this jolly Father. But Moon stopped a minute.

"Mother–your dress is right off one side."

"Is it?" said Mother. And Father said "Yes" and pretended to bite her white shoulder, but she pushed him away.

And so they went back to the beautiful dining-room. But–oh! oh! what had happened. The ribbons and the roses were all pulled untied. The little red table napkins lay on the floor, all the shining plates were dirty and all the winking glasses. The lovely food that the man had trimmed was all thrown about, and there were bones and bits and fruit peels and shells everywhere. There was even a bottle lying down with stuff coming out of it on to the cloth and nobody stood it up again.

And the little pink house with the snow roof and the green windows was broken–broken–half melted away in the centre of the table.

"Come on, Sun," said Father, pretending not to notice. [Page 217]

Moon lifted up her pyjama legs and shuffled up to the table and stood on a chair, squeaking away.

"Have a bit of this ice," said Father, smashing in some more of the roof.

Mother took a little plate and held it for him; she put her other arm round his neck.

"Daddy. Daddy," shrieked Moon. "The little handle's left. The little nut. Kin I eat it?" And she reached across and picked it out of the door and scrunched it up, biting hard and blinking.

"Here, my lad," said Father.

But Sun did not move from the door. Suddenly he put up his head and gave a loud wail.

"I think it's horrid–horrid–horrid! " he sobbed.

"There, you see! "said Mother. "You see!"

"Off with you," said Father, no longer jolly. "This moment. Off you go!"

And wailing loudly, Sun stumped off to the nursery.

First Mate Feathersword

No the concert wasn't actually yesterday, I just didn't think of posting it here 'til now. =]

Monday, April 14, 2008


[IN A STAGE WHISPER] I think I killed our blog.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rain - A short story

It is raining.
She smiles at the rain on the window and rolls over to wake him up. She starts as she rolls into emptiness. What a big bed. He doesn’t sleep here anymore. He doesn’t live here, doesn’t sleep next to her, doesn’t make the flat echo. She curls into a ball. The morning doesn’t seem quite so appealing anymore. She flops over to the couch, sighs and grabs the television remote. Saturday morning television. She turns it off.

As she lies on the couch, she wonders what he is doing. Is he asleep? Or eating breakfast? Or maybe, whispers a husky little voice in her mind, maybe he’s still curled up next to….No. She won’t think of that. She mopes into the kitchen. She looks around and can’t see anything to do in here. She isn’t hungry. She hardly eats anymore. She knows that he used to think that she was fat. She’s thinner now. Maybe she should send him a picture message? Maybe not. It’d be quicker to call. She glances at the phone. And looks away. She walks back into the bedroom. She tells herself she’s going back to make the bed, not running away. She is not afraid.

It is her flat, a small flat, but there’s nothing to hide from anymore. She enters her room and sees the cordless phone. She drops onto the bed, sighing. She pulls the covers over her head, curls into a ball again and tries not to think of him. She rolls onto her side, lowers the doona and peeks at the phone. She shuts her eyes quickly.

She should call him. She wants to call him.

She thinks some more. She knows she really shouldn’t call him. He left her; he should be the one to call. A sigh escapes. She pulls the doona over her head again, so she can’t see the phone. She shuts her eyes and tries to sleep.

Her mind drifts.

She remembers other days spent under doonas. Under this doona, in this bed. She was hiding then too. She can never remember what she did to make him so angry. She knows it must have been hard for him to live with her. She was always doing something wrong. She sighs. She wishes, under her breath, that she had tried harder to please him. Maybe if she called him again, if she told him she’d be better? This thought merits another sigh.

She rolls over, firmly putting her back to the phone. She tells herself to ignore him, to think about her family, her friends, anything else. Anything but him. Her friends then. She can see them in her mind. Laughing with her, laughing at her. She hasn’t seen them for so long. He didn’t get along with her friends. She scowls. She was thinking about him again. Why? What about her parents? He never liked them. To be fair, they didn’t like him either. She remembers the fights they’d had when she wanted to go home for Christmas.


She kicks out, then lays flat, her arms and legs stretched out. This morning is bad. She’d managed the last two weeks without moping much. All those memories, all the good days, all the bad days. Her breath escapes slowly. She remembers a lot of bad days.

Arguments, tantrums.

She feels that she can’t have been as bad as he made out. She’d lived with other people before him. She hadn’t annoyed anyone else so much. She frowns, she’s still thinking of him. She wonders if he ever thinks about her any more. She reaches down to scratch her foot. She should just check, one more time, that he won’t change his mind. How could he not think of her? Maybe he really does miss her; maybe he’s just shy about calling her. Not that he was ever shy about anything. She remembers how people used to tell her she was shy around him. She supposes they just didn’t understand the relationship. The little voice whispers, traitorously, neither did you. Her frown deepens. She tells herself that she’s just being bitter, and that the relationship was just too complex to try to explain. Oh, yes, very complex. More subtle murmurs. You spoke and then he … No. The voice had no idea about it. The voice had no right to sneer at her. The voice had no right to judge. Everyone was always passing judgement about her.

Everyone. Him. The voice.

Well, she’d show the voice. She’d call him up and make the voice see how wrong it was. Oh God, she thinks, she was arguing with a figment of her imagination. She sighs and wriggles the doona down. She reaches for the phone. As she picks it up, something odd happens. Her throat tingles with remembered screams. She drops it.


Shaking her head as if to clear it, she places her hand on its cool plastic again. Her palm aches with not-quite-forgotten blows. She doesn’t understand. She wants to call him. She slowly removes her hand from the phone.

The voice. Could it be that the voice was making her think these things? No. She knows it is just her mind, seeing what she wants to. Or hearing, in this case. She knows the truth. She was worth nothing to him. He was all she had had, all she had lived for. And now he is gone. She knows what she should do. She collects her little friends from their hiding place. She walks into the kitchen, this time completely ignoring the phone. Arriving at the sink, she pours a cool glass of water. She moves the glass to her mouth like a woman drugged. Why had it taken her so long to understand that this is what he had wanted of her? He had begun the task, by hurting her so, and she would finish it. Now.


She would never see it, but hours later, he would stand in the kitchen; looking over the wreck of the woman he had loved. He would explain to the detectives, show them the little glass bottles, give them the doctor’s contact details. He would describe her instability, her insanity, the wounds sustained from her. He would remember how he had loved her, how he had been so afraid of her, how she had refused his offers of help. He would blame himself. He would cry.

But for now, she lies alone, and the rain continues.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


We should make a new thread on the Rmy, to recruit new bloggers. y/y?

Come on!

PS: I wrote a review of Panic! At the Disco's new album. Checkit, bb.

PPS: llama.

Sunday, March 30, 2008



Mean, fangirly, and impatient are already taken. Don't ask :c.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Smile Today

myup! smile today, please :D
It's like written with graffiti on 2 places in my town, and everytime i see it i'm like smiling
and i dunno why.. Well, because it says smile today, doh XD
But it's actually pretty cewl, as I just found out, that the guy i like is probably the one who did it,
ROFL isn't that like, random? It sure is awesome tho :]

Me loves art. me loves DeviantART, who loves it too? please check out my page :D
I made it a few days ago :] and since i made it i've started to draw more again, so yay! I hadn't been drawing in AAAAAGES. :o
I've got some MCR and Naruto related drawings on there, as well as pretty colored drawings :D
mweep. I'm torotally feeling creative today, dont mind my art-obsession :p

also, it's the weekend again! :D:D Tine is in love with the weekends -nod-
And i know I'm not the only one, raise your hand when you're in love with it too! =D

Random lesson of the day: Wateshi nan namai [insert name] des, is Japanese for: My name is [insert the same name] :D

Sunday, March 23, 2008

my plane had too much turbulence. and pretty font colors.

so, I went to florida for a week for spring break. it was really warm and stuff and i loved it. but there is a lot of lizards where we stay and one really really HUGE one got into the house last year. so when we got there we found a lot of dead lizard babies.
o____O it was yuckie.
anywho, it was great.
i didnt get dressed until 12pm everyday.
we ate out.
and watched movies. we rented I Am Legend. and holy mother, it was sad. :[
but yeah we had fun and on both our flights there were little kids and they were really cute and funny.
our house is really cold.
where i live is really cold. i wanna go back to florida.
and i dont want school on tuesday.

my dad just started a fire in the fire place :D




So, pretty much, I'm supposed to be working on a maths assignment for university. Buuttttt, I'm tired and cranky because I'm tired and cranky. Lol.
I go to uni 4 days a week (my Fridays suck so much. 9 am til 7 pm NO BREAKS) and then work for the remaining 3. I love my job. And I love going to uni. But I also love having free time, which I now have NONE OF.

But that's okay, see. I have these two awesome new friends. Gavin and Thomas. Gavin, who I may or may not be developing a small ~thing~ for, is pretty much the awesomest thing ever. He has a framed poster of the original 150 Pokemon above his bed. Thomas is the cooooooooooolest cat in town. He sings to me and I share my cupcakes with him. ^_^

So I spend a sqillion dollars in phone credit a day on these boys, because apparently they miss me so much during the three days that I don't spend in classes/mucking around in the cafeteria/playing randoms sports with them that they feel the need to message me. All the time. Even at 2.30 IN THE MORNING when they've been drinking. T__________________________T


Friday, March 21, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


..for two weeks.
But still! Yay!
Today we only had to go till 1:15pm, so we basically did nothing in the classes we did have.

In Politics, because our teacher was away, we had the Chinese teacher as a sub.
She's about half the height of everyone in my class, and she started doing some yoga-style thing in the middle of class, rotfl.
And then people were throwing paper at each other and one hit the teacher accidentally O_O.
And she started yelling in Chinese D:
But then she was all like "HAHAHA, I JOKE." And it was scary.
So then she starts talking about how she is too old so she's going to retire soon, because she lives almost an hour away.
And one girl asks "Where do you live?"

Then I had English, and for some reason we watched the movie Thirteen. And my English teacher was sitting there going "OMG I'M GONNA GET FIRED FOR LETTING YOU WATCH THIS."
But it's a shitty movie anyway, tbh. -_-.

That was my day.
And now I have to go shopping for a new piano :/
Because my parents' knowledge of pianos/music in general consists of: It sounds pretty!
So how are you?
I have a headache. D:

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I haven't posted in a whiiiiile...
since I have, two people I knew died unexpectedly (one was 80-ish, basically my third grandma, in a fire. The second was a boy I was in band with--sweetest kid I've ever met--and he died on Friday, of flu/pneumonia/MRSA staph infection.), and I am now failing Math.
not to be depressing or anything. :/ It just kind of had to be said.

uhhhhhhhhhhhh on a lighter note!
I'm taking painting classes every Saturday, and they are fucking awesome. It's at the museum in Boston, and we have a studio on the third floor, separate from all the galleries, so we play music (we can bring in mix cds when we want to), and paint acrylics for two hours. Sometimes I even talk to people! :o Pretty amazing, seeing how I kind of hate people.
I also have been conquering my internet addiction \o/. Not that I don't still spend ages online, I just have more control. And I do more homework. (I'm still trying to work out how all this has led to failing Math. Maybe the internet has a positive effect on the left side of my brain??)
I'm listening to the Beatles. wooo.
And I've recently fallen back in love with The Black Parade. For a while I wasn't listening to it because I had played it so much for so long, but now it's awesome again. And the artwork, and everything...

Anyway, I hope you guys have been having a better time than I have.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

In case you didn't already know, failing a math test sucks.

I actually don't know for certain that I failed, but I know I didn't do too well.
But afterwards, my math teacher gave us all Easter eggs, so that fully makes up for the fact that my average score will now also suck.

Also Bring Me the Hairspray Horizon are coming to Melbourne and I can't go. -sulks-.

It's proving to be a fucking awful week, too.
Today was school photos, ew, death, etc.
Tomorrow I have a Religion test, which will be easy but boring, and then an English test on Wednesday.

Today my friend, who went to boarding school last year, visited us at school :D. I was like "MOOOOOOONDAAAAAAAYYY" because that is what I call her. Long story.
She could only stay for a little while, but 'twas fun.

My sister is going away on camp tomorrow and I am so happy, I might just die. AHH YAY. >_> I'm horrible.

It's about 40 degrees here and I'm fucking melting D:
40 degrees is 104 degrees to Americans, I think o_o. Anyway. I'm sleepy.

Question of the Day/Week/Month/Etc:
If I had twelve apples, and took away two apples, how awesome is Miri?

Saturday, March 15, 2008


last night me and 2 of my friends gave a party at my house
I was so scared for it to fail horribly but it ended up amazing =D
except for a few things tho..

one of our friends felt down and she didnt want to come downstairs again so she went to bed :[
she lives like on the other side of the country and she left really soon today
so we've hardly seen her :(
This other friend of ours, likes another friend, so he asked her out, but she rejected him (for the second time.. so he shouldve known she'd say no) And the rrest of the night he felt shitty and drank a lot.. :o

But! one positive thing. The guy i like was there too. and we kissed. Again
Just like in my first blog on here. Same guy. ROFL! i hope we dont need another 2 months to kiss again. roflmao
So anyrays my mission is completed (my friend had a mission for me: To kiss him this night, no matter if he likes me or not. XD)

Also, one of my friends gave me this keychain of Sasuke from Naruto :D:D
i was so happy, rofl. Im so obsessed with Naruto XD

Actually, after posting this blog, imma watch some naruto xD *is seeing the whole series for the third time... but without the fillers, so its about 220 episodes of 20 minutes*
*its the third time since the end of the summer holidays last year.* ROFL
And between then and now I've seen about 10 other animes too, and ive read 16 manga's XD

I seriously have no life. But i like this no-life of mine :]

*naruto suit colors*

Thursday, March 13, 2008

O_O Friends?

Apparently I have friends at uni now.
It's pretty awesome.

Gavin (pink hair), Thomas (up front), Sanatsu and Maaaaaxxx. ^_^

Thomas and Max, pop art.

We were playing with Photo Booth on my new shinyshiny MacBook in the refectory between classes this afternoon.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Who remembers Sabrina the Teenage Witch?!
It was awesome
Yeah. I got cable TV last week >_>.


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Stupid Freshmen....and Rainbow Colors!!!

Yes I do know it's bad the entire freshmen class on a whole because not all of them are stupid and immature but this week I experienced the epitome of freshman stupidity.

So in my friend's AP Human Geography class, a class only offered to freshmen, this chick Monica was giving her boyfriend Tim a hand job in the middle of class WITH EVERYONE WATCHING!!!

Everyone was like WTF?!? but the substitute teacher was completely and utterly unaware of the situation leaving the rest of the class to be scarred for life. Of course for the rest of the day the witnesses told the story to anyone who would listen including one Biology teacher and one Geometry teacher.

By the next day, the entire school seemed to know and everyone in that class got called down by one of the assistant
principals to write a report on the incident.

At the end of the week both Tim and Monica [the culprits] were expelled.

And I bet my band director was pissed off cause Tim was in band and we have State FBA[band assessment] next month.

The Lesson: Don't give hand jobs to your boyfriend in class. You'll get caught and expelled.

my computer broke again :[[

this girl in my class made me drop it cause she tried to snatch it from me.
but i have to reinstall everything and find all my bookmarks again.
its a pain :[

im excited.
and somewhat nervous.

in french class at school, we watched this movie called la boum, and it was really good. but it was weird.
The film tells the story of a 13-year-old girl, Vic, who falls in love with a boy from the same school. She and her friends are anxious to explore relationships at "boums", or parties, without the watchful eyes of their parents. At the same time, Vic's parents have extramarital relationships before reuniting towards the end of the film.

its weird, and very scandalous.
most french classes had to fast forward through the sexual stuff, but my class didnt. i think its cause our teacher is really french, and she really doesnt care.

see ya!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Today I went in and no one was talking to me!
Well people were but not like Rebecca & Aedin and stuff!
So then I went and had lunch with Robyn & Elisha (people I hung out with yesterday) and Elisha is kinda brazen but not in a bad w-y so she went up to Jessica and said that what Rebecca did yesterday was lousy and stuff and then Jessica said this shit that Rebecca said she never wanted to go to town and she wanted to go to Douglas all along and I was making her do all this stuff and ...argh!
But Elisha just told her that was shit because Jessica started this rumour that Elisha had slept with this guy when she was thirteen and all this bs.
And earlier in the day (2nd period out of 7...usually 9 but half day today) we had art and thats a mixed class so theres only like 3 people from my base class there and me and Rebecca usually sit next to each other so I went and sat where we usually sit but she went and sat next to others from our class and completely ingored me!
Im so fucking pissed off because when Ive been wrong in a fight I admit it and dont go telling other people that the other person did all this stuff wrong when it was actually me!
So for the last three classes I went and sat next to Jennifer cause I was fucking fed up with all of them.
And remember ages ago when I wasnt getting on with Aedin etc...well I used to be able to go and hang with Katie & Fiona but recently Jessica,Rebecca and Aedin have been licking their asses so theyve taken their side!And Rebecca used alw-ys be the agreeeable one and....argh!
But then in English we went on to this new poem called ' Miracle on Saint David's Day' cause weve finished The Merchant Of Venice and my teacher,even though hes a bit of a perv todl me I did well in class but I was kinda glad cause the others were by the lockers so they overheard.Aaah petty little things can help sometimes.

Big long rambling rant thing that most probably makes no sense and has about 10000000 'and's in it butttt....what can you say for the playstation generation ehh?

Sinéad xoxo

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Y'know what's weird?

When you see people you've always thought were scary or intimidating or something, and they're crying.
This girl burst into tears in class today O_O. D:
It was just a bit strange.
I hope her friends are worrying about her and trying to help her.

Also, today I drove down this street where I had this, um, breakdown or something in, last year (it was actually in the car on the way to school, and mum told me to get out of the car and walk home, so I walked, crying, for about an hour and it was not fun). It was also strange, because I was a bit hyper on Coke (THE SODA. NOT THE DRUG! -dies-), and laughing, and then I realised where I was and how bad I felt then. But so much has changed. It never occured to me, until today, how much happier I am now. "Things have changed for me, but that's okay", etc etc.

In other less depressing news, I moved into my new house a few days ago ^_^! It's lovely, I heart it muchly. I shall take pictures of it and post them so you can all share in the lovelyness!

My new obsession is Emilie Autumn. She is a classically trained violinist, but her band (Emilie Autumn and the Bloody Crumpets, yes I know, best band name ever) plays this kind of dark-cabaret-gothic-industrial-electronic-type music. It's good, if you're weird like meeee. My favourite song of her's is currently Opheliac :DD.
Note the Shakespeare reference! Yesyes!
And she recites Hamlet's letter to Ophelia in it, /death.
NOBODY OUT-CRAZIES OPHELIA! Twitchtwitch! (Except Miri, possibly).

I've got four SACs next week O_O! SACs are School Assessed Courseworks, by the way, and are pretty much mini exams. I have one for Legal Studies, one for Literature, one for Religion (ew), and one for English.
Luckily, I don't have to study much for Literature and English, as they're just essays and we won't know the topic until the day of the SAC.
I'm freaking out about Legal Studies though, because it's a year 12 subject (I'm in year 11), so it counts towards my final mark next year and therefore what university courses I'll get into. Ahh, freak out, etc. But my last Legal Studies SAC wasn't too bad, so I think I'll be okay. Also, I love Legal Studies, because I am a massive nerd, gah.

My dear friend, Laura, turns 17 tomorrow! Yaaaayyy! She likes The Simpsons and Futurama, Operator Please, Dale Thomas (he's an Australian football player in the worst team ever, aka: Collingwood), and saying to me "YOU SUCK! ...Pete Wentz!" (T_T Jeez, thanks). I will try and force her to look at this, so wish her a happy birthday :D!

^ Funniest. Rhymes. Ever.
Let's make some up!
My one at the moment is...



Well Today.

Well, first off sorry I haven't posted much recently but whatever!

Remember I was fighting with a few of my friends and I didn't even know why they were bummed at me?Well I was back friends with them and everything was going grand but then today we were off at 11.30am cause 1st years had parent-teacher meetings!
So I was meant to go to town with Rebecca & Aedin.And I came in this morning and Rebecca was like "YOURE STILL COMING TO TOWN RIGHT?" so I said yeah.
But then during our four periods she decided she didn't want to go to town she wanted to go to Douglas (just this little shopping village thing nearby that is full of chavs with knives and nothing fun to do) with others.And I had no house key and nothing to do so I was seriously on the verge of tears when they all left and I rang my mom and said that I had to get the bus into town to get the house key off her and then the bus back out again!
But then when I was waiting for the bus these other girls from my class who Ive alw-ys been friendly with but not friends friends if you get me invited me to go with them so then I was happy and everything was cool.
But I dunno whether to continue being pissed with Rebecca or is it even worth the hassle?
But I dont wanna cause trouble between my other friends cause they will most definetly take her side!but last week I said lets do something next tuesday and she said yeah!So I know Im not in the wrong cause she knows I hate douglas cause before I nearly got beaten up by annoying chavs!
But in town me & Robyn & Jennifer got really hyper in the cinema bathrooms rofl!
And we saw the accidental husband which was okay but I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan acuse he was in Grey's Anatomy and Im sorta obsessed!

Aaah the joys of being a teenager!

Sinéad xoxo

Monday, March 3, 2008

Ah crap.

Sooooo everythings back to normal for me. or something just like normal.
My friend feels depressed and i couldnt sleep tonight, i had only slept an hour before i needed to go to school, so i couldnt support my friend at school, cuz i stayed home.
Gah. Saturdaynight was fun tho :]
I flirted with the guy i like and i stole his ID after he'd stolen mine. XD
Then he bit me, like playfully, cuz he wanted to get his ID back XD
So ofcourse i bit him back, bwhaha. anyrays i got a bruise from him biting me O_O
i never heard of getting a bruise because of biting? well, it was fun anyrays. XD
gah. So he said sorry about the bruise. yay xD
anyrays. imma comfort my other friend now, cuz she and her bf broke up.
and we're gonna eat lots of chocolate and ben&jerry's.

Short blogs FTW. rofl

Sunday, March 2, 2008

i hate homework.

it kinda sucks :/
sooo i went to a dance on friday,
and like, NOBODY was there.
so i hung out with my guy friend the ENTIRE TIME. and we've never really hung out 1on1 before, so we were like, whoa, we have a lot in common. we should talk more.
so now we're having this LONGGGG conversation on facebook and everyone thinks we're, like, flirting and whatever.
but 1: he has a girlfriend
2: he's my best friends ex

and people wont leave me alone about it.
seriously, why do i have to have a "thing" for a guy if im talking to him?
its stupid.

besides that stupidity,
i realized that i still cant scream from the linkin park concert. like, 3 weeks ago. o___o

i wanna see the movie across the universe. idk why i havent seen it yet.
OH OH OH my basketball team is having one last team dinner, and it's gonna be fun i'm excited.

and now im posting a dane cook video, cause i was watching it last night at around 3AM, and it made my night/morning/whatever.

I heart YouTube.

Jimmy Kimmel insanity. Spot Mr Wentz.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

An Update From Miri~!

Humorous Pictures

So hey.
Here is a rant about mah dayy.

I'm so hungry right now that I think my stomach is trying to eat itself. Seriously. If my stomach could talk, it would be like "RAGGGHH, HUNGER: I HAS IT! OH HEY, I CAN EAT MYSELF! NOM NOM NOM!".
But anyway.

Today I had Legal Studies. Units 3/4! Which means I'm in with the scary year 12s :c Who aren't really that scary. But anyway! It wasn't that interesting, and then, after recess, I had English which is DULLDULLDULL and I dislike it greatly. I usually adore English, but we do nothing during class. Rawr, die. Luckily I do Literature too, and that's pretty hard (we're a combined 11/12 class :/). Anyway, after that I had Sport (they force us to do sport so we don't get fat, hmph), and we did pilates with our fatty instructor lady. She was only a fatty because she's pregnant, though. And if you ever get the chance to watch a pregnant lady do pilates, DO IT, because it is HILARIOUS.
So then we had lunch and me and my friend went through sheet music books to find some songs for OUR BAND to play. Yes. We have a band. But not really, because it's just me playing piano and her singing, and mainly because it's a requirement that I take part in an ensemble for my VCE Music class (VCE = HSC = year 11 and 12.). So after lunch I had Literature, and it was good.
Then I went and wrote this.

So the radio lied to me last night and told me Pete Wentz was Trashlee Simpson's babydaddy.
I died a little inside, because that would mean that Fall Out Boy would be all like "Oh, Pete is taking a break so we can't play shows or write" and I would cry.
But anyway, it was only because of the "You can't download a baby!" video, so it was LIES, ALL LIES.

In other news, today is Gender Swap Day*, so go pee standing up or something.


*May just be a day my friend and I made up. Conditions apply. If symptoms persist, see your doctor.


I start next week.
At the shittiest school in Australia, I swear to fucking god. *rolls eyes* There were just 2 places that offered precisely what I (think I) want to study. James Cook University in Cairns, which is where I live now, or Monash, in Melbourne. Both offered me places. And being the stupid fucking sensible loser that I am, I chose James Cook, because, 'If I decide that I don't like my course half way through the semester, I won't have wasted an exorbitant amount of money on moving and accomodation.' I can't believe that I actually voiced that stuupidstupidstupid thought aloud. Because OF COURSE, my parents agreed.

I hate being sensible.

Ohhh, I'm studying Information Technology, with a major in Games Development, in case anyone was wondering. But I threw a tantrum until they let me take visual art as an elective. ^_^

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So yeah. ive got a fight with my friend. best friend. gah i hate it.
I so cant handle angry people or arguments, i just completely shut myself down
so i just say nothing. but then its like i dont care at all and just ignore her,
while im very upset and just don't know what to say.
tho she knows this, but stilll we got into an even more huge fight because i did talk.
see thats why i really love to just shut myself down. i cant fuck it up even more.
We're supposed to go to a concert (HIM) tomorrow with another friend (who's also involved in the fight but she was already sleeping, tho she's on my side) but gah i already wasn't in the mood to go to the concert, but this made me already hate this day (it's 1;50 AM, thursday)
and yes the fight was about the concert, but its to complicated so i wont go into more details.

Oh and I am also a sucker for falling in love with the wrong guys.
i alrays fall for the -bad- guys, guys who have no interest in me, or just want to use me or something. that that i've been used or anything, luckily i alrays know beforehand, but still.
Its so hard for me to fall in love. and then when i do, its the wrong guy, who's a player or something >.<
mweep. ill stop ranting now and talk about the fun things.
Me and another friend went shopping today, with no money XD still it was fun and all
then we bought loads of chocolate chip cookies, oreo's and other things,
sat on this stairs with loads of skaters and looked for a cute guy to watch at XD
but we didnt find one. only scary or old guys O_O
ROFL. anyrays, i guess i need to watch 1 naruto-episode and then go to sleep,
since tomorrow is gonna be a long day, probably.
i hope to enjoy HIM, even tho i never listened to their new album and never listened to their old songs in the last year, rofl. it sure will be nostalgic tho.

Ily guys ^__^

Monday, February 25, 2008

Long Time, No Post...?

No, I haven't died. I've just been busy with band and all that good stuff.
So what's new in my life? Well I have a new crush. On a gay boy. Yay.
So, I first saw him last week at breakfast in school. He's so adorable and cute!

So he was sandwiched between two girls at a table when I saw him. He has snakebites and a monroe piercing, short brown curly hair and he's Venezuelan. And according to my friend who's his old spanish class, [he got taken out cause it was too easy for him] he can't speak english.

As soon as I thought he was cute I simultaneously knew he was gay. Which is weird because my gaydar fails at life. But I guess my human instincts kicked in and I just knew. This isn't the first time this has happened to me either. More like the 3rd.

This one guy I liked was bisexual and I liked him for 3 years straight and this senior that graduated last year was definitely gay. So apparently I've got a subconscious thing for gay dudes. Watch my husband be gay and leave me for some other dude....

Damn my horrible taste in guys.

Next topic, last week while riding my bike back from Publix, I crossed through some heavy duty traffic. I was screaming my head off the whole way across the street and I nearly got myself killed. Then some dumb bastard honked his horn at me and called me a N*gger.

I wouldn't have cared had he called me a stupid bitch cause I did something stupid and I should have looked both ways before crossing the street. But the idiot had to bring race into it for reasons unknown to me. I a little pissed off but annoyed at the fact that ignorant people like him still exist. There are just some people that will never amount to anything in life and that asshole is one of them. Goddamn rednecks.

To hell with them.

To end this on a happier note today is Bert McCracken[The Used's lead singer] birthday! Yay! He's 26 as of today. =]

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Soundwave, Baby.

Woaaahhh. Saturday, as I mentioned in my last post, was the Soundwave music festival, in Brisbane, Australia. And it was pretty much the awesomest day of my life. *nods* Yup.
We rocked up to the venue to see a line that was at least 2 kilometres long, but somehow, thanks to my ninja skillz, we managed to cut in right up the front. We still had to wait for at least half an hour in the midday sun (40 fucking degrees Celsius), but so did all the kids in front of us.
So we got in, and got drinks (because the fuckers at the gates made everyone throw away their water bottles so we all had to spend a zillion dollars to buy more), and then headed straight to Stage 3, where Madina Lake were going to play. Some random (crappy) local band was playing, so we sat under a tree and waited. They finished and the crowd disappeared completely, so we abandoned our tree and went straight to the barrier. Where we waited. And waited. More sun. More sunburn. But still! Madina! Lake!

They played, and it was awesome, and the pit was INSANE, and we got beaten up and crushed, but we got to pet Nathan.
And thennnnnn, we decided to bail on seeing Motion City Soundtrack, and waited around by the side of the stage, because they'd promised to come out. Mae were playing, but there weren't many people around, and only like 10 of us waiting to meet the boys.
They came out and were as excited as we were to meet them. They jumped around and hugged everyone and smelt baaaaaaaad and pretty much fangirled about Australia. I had to draw them a map to show them where they were on the east coast, and we gave them Vegemite and it was awesome. They all signed my copy of the album, and the twins signed my hat. We got photos with them all, which I'm about to post, but they're on my friend's camera, and she hasn't emailed them to me yet (>_> bisssshh) but I stole some of the ones from her myspace.

Max, Matthew and my friend Sophie.

Max, Nathan and Sophie.

Max, Dan and Sophie.

Not sure why the first two are so tiny and the last is so huge..... T_T

So, now I'm pretty much in love with all four of these boys, who spent ages talking to us. And when we saw them again later that day, they remembered my name, and insisted on hugging me goodbye.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Do you know what I mean?

So I was sitting at my loverrrly piano (which I actually hate because it never stays in tune and sounds awful, but I'm getting a white grand piano and electric guitar soon, so I'm dealing with it), playing the Simpsons theme song (ftw), when all of a sudden I hear, coming from the television, those beautiful chords that make up the start of Panic(!) At the Disco's song, Nine in the Afternoon.
I hadn't actually seen it yet, because the only internet I have at the moment is on my Sidekick (which is named Patkick, because Patrick Stump is Pete Wentz's "sidekick" and I am clever).

So I run to the TV.

Um, WOW.
I kinda like it! I needa watch it a few more times though..

The bit where Brendon's in his pyjamas singing reminds me of the Paris Hilton sex tape (well, at least from what I've seen on the "get it on your mobile!" ads..) crossed with ADD, Lmfao.

And Ryan is sooooooo pretty ._.
I was like "Whoa, Ryan, you really out-gayed yourself this time! /swoon."
I said to my sister "Ohmahgosh, Ryan looks like a sweet wittle bebe!" and she rolled her eyes and walked off :D.

I might've liked the video to be a bit calmer though ._.
Also it interupted the best bit in the Simpsons theme, bastards.
That's what the world needs: more tea parties. And possibly MCR albums.

What did you think of it? ^_^.

I need more Dresden Dolls-ish music :c.
Apparantly there's a compilation CD called "A Dark Cabaret" or something, containing Coin-Operated Boy and other songs by different artists. Must. Have. Now.

That is all, really!

PS: So far this year I have written 32 songs. Who's proud of me? I'm proud of me!

PPS: Nobody's eyes/ears but mine will ever see them, Mwahahahahahaaarr!

PPPS: I'm taking a break from the Rmy because of the intruders :c. It all put me in a sour mood. So that might be why you haven't seen me around lately.

PPPPS: Go to me and my friend's blog. We're awesome, kthx.
PPPPPS: Post-Scripts FTW, foo'!


more like ice day cause like, theres a centimeter of snow on the ground but its really icey.
So i'm watching rob and big and the avatar.
and im really hungry...o_o
rob and big is really funny. :]

i went to the linkin park concert, and it was amazinggg.
but i lost my voice.
and it hasnt come back yet. lol
but but but...i had a point to make...i forgot it o_o

i wish i could skateboard.

im really happy i dont have school today.

thats all.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Snack Attack

Today is Thursday. Today is one of my days off. Today is also too fucking hot, and very boring. So I baked biscuits. They have chocolate chips. I don't know what they taste like yet, because they're as yet, too warm to eat. 

Tomorrow is Friday. Tomorrow, I have to go to work. Tomorrow is also my father's fiftieth birthday. My sisters and I bought him a big model ship. He has to build it. It was fucking expensive.

The day after tomorrow is Saturday. The day after tomorrow is the day of the Soundwave music festival in Brisbane. The day after tomorrow is also the day that I have to get on a flight at 6.00 am. But I get to see Madina Lake. 

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dear MCRmy,

Stick together.
We're an army, not a war.
I love you guys.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Seeing as I've only posted like 3 times. Now I shall!

Hello Ladies,

It is Saturday February 16th.
Officially 2 days after Valentines day.
Happy Belated V-Day to you all.

And Miri, that poem was the snizzle mizzle wizzzle!
What ever that means >_<

Well, Tomorrow I have to go watch my friends band play at this club.
For an Exposure event. Lots of local DC greater area bands! Yay

Have any of you heard of the fiveawesomegirls or fiveawesomeguys on YouTube?
Their videos are pretty awesome!

I'm currently loving the Color Fred! :D
Watch it!


The Weekend! Finally!

YAY. It's finally weekend :]
I've been really busy with school the past week, i had this examweek with only 3 exams, but I had like 4 projects due to yesterday too, so it has been very stressfull, as i also had to work in between.
Also, lots of people I know had their Bday the last week. Today it's my sis her bday, she turned 14 ^___^
So it's gonna be cake and sweet things all day. Me and my friend dont even have to go on the bicycle to the bar we alrays go to (which takes almost an hour to get there) Cuz the best friend of my friends bf (confusing, eh?) he can drive and he's gonna pick us up and bring us back :D how luxurous xD
Also, i dont have to work untill next friday, so thats nice! :D
We have this subjectweek next week, it's about poetry, philosophy and culture. those subjects rock, although im sure next week will suck, cuz my school is stupid and organises the stupidiest things you can do among those subjects >.<

Yay, yesterday i had to do this presentation and I could choose about whatever i wanted
so i did it about gymnastics trainings in china. (dont ask how I came onto this subject xD)
Also i showed a short video about it:
My teacher was very positive, because i was the only one who showed a vid and I was also the only one who didnt read it from a paper :]
squee. Altho my exams went pretty bad, I am happy. so YAY. xD

I'm sure thats gonna change tonight, but gah, we'll see. I'll try to make the best out of it, and get the guy i like to like me, because I pwn. :]
(not really XD)

xoxoxoo Tine :]

Thursday, February 14, 2008

*Insert Nifty Title Here*

Happy Valentine's Day, I hope you all had a nice one, mine was rather boring. Though I did receive another card in the mail from an Rmy member today, so that was nice. =]

I actually have a busy weekend coming up, which is quite exciting for me because 90% of my weekends consist of sitting at home all day in front of the computer. Tomorrow I'm going to the mall and meeting a few Rmy members for the first time ever, which is awesome. And on Saturday I'm going to be seeing Linkin Park. :D Then I'll be going on a mini-vacation on Sunday and Monday.

Has anyone taken this "freak test" before? It takes an insanely long time to do but it's rather amusing. Apparently I'm 33% freak.

And then of course there's the Impossible Quiz:

I've only managed to get to number 43 or so on that one.

happy vday!!

well, i was gonna make a long post,
but i wrote it about 4 times,
and my computer kept shutting off randomly right when i was about to post.
so i give up.

my vday sucked for the most part.
i hope yours was better.
if my computer works tomorrow i might post what i was gonna.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ah, Valentine's Day.
A day for cheap chocolates, half-dead flowers, and tacky cards.
Uh, yeah..
Oh how I loathe Valentine's Day.
But I figured, 'cause I love you guys, I'd write you a typical sixteen-year-old-dude-trying-to-get-laid-but-failing-at-writing-anything poem! Yay!

-Clears throat.-
May I present...A poem for the MCRmy. By Miri.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
My dear MCRmy,
I really love you!

More than ice cream,
More than good beer (rotfl),
More than Brendon Urie's butt (hehee!),
Insert witty line here!

You're all super smart,
And real funny too,
If I, like, totally had to choose between partying with Britney Spears, Pete Wentz, or you guys,
I'd so choose you!

Flowers are great,
Chocolates are too,
But you all rock so much,
So this poem's for you!

Thank you!

ily, MCRmy! This heart it beats, beats for only youuuuuu! ^_^.
Fact: Out of about 500 songs, My Heart - Paramore and Your Guardian Angel - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus are the only two songs on my iPod that are remotely love-y. Baha!

boredeeey boredeeyyy bordom XD

Half term = boring.

Short post causa naffin to say.
atm im incapable of speaking propa english.

I tried the Coke plus vitamins today.
But then again Ima bita Coke whore.

Nuffin to do....nuffin to say.


Monday, February 11, 2008

To the people who posted once and never again,

Please be postings more!
There may be cookies involved


Oh, hell. You all know I'm Miri, rofl >_>.

PS: I'd be ever so grateful if y'all could tell people to read this blog 'n stuff!

PPS: New thread on the Rmy!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Le sigh -_-.

You know how in every family there's one that...doesn't quite fit in? Who is, I suppose, the "rebel"?
Well, in my family it's my cousin.
He doesn't really mean to do what he does, I guess - he's got a mild behavioural disorder. Well, he does, and he knows the difference between right and wrong, but he can't really control himself sometimes.
Also he likes to skip school and throw things at people.
Anyway, today he got super pissed off while he was at our house because my little sister was ignoring him (she had her friends over). So he decided to run away.
Because, although his parents try, I'm the only one he sort-of listens to, I was left to look around the streets for him.
And then I got this mental image of me around 27 and him about 18, and me having to bail him out of jail for some stupid vandalism crime. T_T.
In case you're wondering, he's fine, he managed to get back to my house while I was looking for him.
And you know what he did when I got home?
The Nelson-from-The-Simpsons laugh.

-goes to listen to BMTH :].-

Saturday, February 9, 2008

blabla.. rant..

it's 3;45am and i feel like shite.
Well, I'll start at the beginning. Today was my best friends bday and we set up a surprise party what didnt really go like the plans were but it was really good anyrays, we made her cry because she was in shock that we did all that for her, so cute xD
and well after dinner and all, we decided to go whit most of them to the bar we alrays go to..
therewas the dude i like, really like... and well he said like 2 weeks ago that he liked me, but well theres a whole story behind it. anyrays we lookedat eachother pretty much, like when we both looked we both looked aray, you know? anyrays, when the evening went on and he started to look more at my friend who had never been there. and it really looked like he liked her >.<>.<>.<>
O_O I was on the bike when i went home and i was like: I need to write a blog, i feel like letting my frustrations go. like WHOAAAAAAAA )= it's not cool.
I hate boys. :D

I need to start studying for matho tomorrow cuz monday i have a test and i already got 2 times a 3 (out of 10) and thats the only 2 grades i have for math right now so i neeeeeeed something higher
so imma sleep and hope i can concentrate tomorrow, or else imma call myself in sick or something, i hope my mother will understand and I believe she will, because sometimes she can be really awesome.
Also, my period started, im a bit drunk (not to much but i guess you can see it in my writing anyrays) AND im really tired but i cant sleep. >=(

Thaanks for reading.:] LOVE YOU ALL.

Im on half term ;DDDD


I'm mega bored today but screw it cause ive a whole week to do something interesting.


Thursday, February 7, 2008

I am sympathy sickness' bitch.

I have this theory, where I get sick because I know someone else is. Even if they're on the other side of the world.
So, Pete Wentz is ill.
Gabe Saporta is ill.
Guess who else is ill?
Ragghhh. I feel like I'm dying right now, tbh.

Anyhow! Enough of my whining.
A funny thing happened at school today, teehee.
My school's computer tech dude is leaving to go to some other job and what not, so my friend went to see him today at lunch.
And the whole time she was there (20 minutes or something) he kept asking about another one of my friends who left my school to go to a boarding school last year. The whole time! So we are now convinced that he likes her, teehee. She's like 15 or 16 and he's something like 23, though, so it's illegal :D! Scandalous!
I have to call her and tell her now, rotfl.
But wait!
The best part is...
Extreeeemee creepy Fall Out Boy fans (like myself ._.) might know that Pete Wentz once went out with a girl who was 15 (her name was Jeanae, or so I've read in magazines). Pete was 23 at the time.


Yeah. I know!


The computer tech dude doesn't wear guyliner, though 8D.

Anyway, I found that amusing.
-runs away-

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Lives are spent counting pennies and petty doubts.
Eyes so quick to see flaws fail to see the hope in my smile.

I can see things now.
Will I pluck an eyelash and prick my thumb to sign my soul away in blood?

Plots made. Sketches drawn.
Plans executed.
You're next.

Adapt. Exchange. Renew.

Swiftly tilting, slowly sinking.
A paradox of motion.
Don't you know?

Telescopes, aimed at breaking hearts for a closer inspection, a better dissection.

Different sneakers for each day of the week, hiding mismatched socks like she hides her crooked smile.

I'm falling into the real world like Alice through the rabbit hole.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Guess who's also an MCRmy Medic now?!

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :D

Haha laughter.


Ive had a pretty good week!
A few tests so I never got online.
Its not as if I studied either but whatever lulz!

Me and the girl who sits infront of me (Aideen)(Yes,another one) had actually SUCH A LAUGH!!
We were in computers and she just randomly started laughing and I asked her what was up and she said that she was imagining if the floor started caving in there and then and then we were both rofling and we got in trouble.

And then we were playing stop the bus in a free period and she couldnt think of a place beginning with 'R' so she said Russell Brand's House!!
I get such amusement out of primary school games.

Well Im going to town tomorrow and also I have to get up early cause my aunt is coming over to book Shayne Ward tix.
Oh yeah Im going to him at Live At The Marquee in June.
I dont even like him alot but my aunts paying so I said I'd go.

Sinéad xoxo

Guess who is an MCRmy Medic now 8D


Thursday, January 31, 2008


whoa. I HAVE MY LAPTOP! :D *excited*
i just bought it 2 days ago, and it's good & it was pretty cheap too ^__^
I LOVE IT! :] Im now putting all my anime and pics and everything on it, from my computer.
Its so adorable *is in love with laptops* Ive also started to watch naruto over again :]
Im now at episode 4, ROFL! Also, Im drawing again.. i havent drawn something in half a year or so!
And I got a letter from Milly today, thanks Milly! :D it's Kawaiiii(japanese for cute!)
Yes, i am obsessed with anime, kthnx :]
We've got an assignment for english class which is actually pretty cool!
(its not my mainlanguage..) We have to make a magazine with reviews. we''re ion groups with 3 or 4 people and we have to make 2 reviews each.
Ill be making one about the coheed and cambria concert on the 21th of january, about Death Note! :D and about Skeleton Crew! I like it xD squee! I know i know, thats not 2. I like English >.< Kay?! xD If i have time ill even do more! O_O *geek much*

Today i had school from 8 till 10 so it was very short xD that's pretty cool. :]

WHOA! it's almost february already, time goes so fast! D= yet it goes very slow at the same time... Like, i caaaaaant wait till saturday (cuz the boy i like is gonna be there) and it looks like aaaaages, but when i look back at a few weeks ago, it looks like it was 2 days ago or something.
Time's a weird thing, don't ya think?
LOL when i reread this i read it like: Tine's a weird thing.... WHAHAHA it's true tho
I'm weeeeeeird.
Anyrays, I Loveee writing Letters, it's soo cool to get stuff for someone else, write some things,
make a few drawings too and then send it, and get something bacck, it's so kawaiiiiii :D

I'm still pissed of because of the fake dates thing. I hate the person who gave us false happiness. Stupid hackers >.<

But I'll stop writing non-interesting things now xD Imma watch Naruto :]


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Family Tree School

I posted this on the boards too!

Okay, In my French class we are doing a project where we have to make a Family Tree, Either a Real one or a make believe one! so, I'm thinking of doing an MCR/Rmy one or a Harry Potter One. Or Both! I'm inclining to make an MCR/Rmy one!!!!

But I only have until the night of the 5th of Feb to make it so yeah. :/

Well, anyways. Now here's where you come in. If you wanna be awesome and be in it, just like say so...cause I need cousins, siblings, Grandparents, wives/husbands, Aunts and Uncle's, pets.
So format:
Family Relation:
One fact about you:
And a Photo!

Obviously I'm gonna include Bob, Frank, Gerard, Mikey, Ray and Cortez and James and WORM!!!

Oh yeah, I also need like Headshots of the boyzz, So if you can please help! >_<

Monday, January 28, 2008

A List. Written by Max.

I haven't blogged in a while. So, seeing as you've all probably missed me, I'm going to write some lists.

A list of odd moments at work.
1. After dropping a pile of dusty (thankfully empty) Wii boxes onto myself, two of the boys automatically went to brush the dust off my blouse, before realising a second later that their hands were hovering over my breasts.

2. Kyle, after turning 21, and having a wild weekend, unbuttoning his shirt to show me his first tattoo. In the middle of the store. Which was filled with customers.

3. Moments after event number 2, I pulled my shirt up to show off the bruises on my ribs, from a go-kart incident.

4. Trying to count Pokemon cards while discussing the assistant manager's sexuality. With the assistant manager. And Keira Knightley's breasts.

5. The assistant manager offering me a rice ball while saying, "Here, munch on one of my balls.", then laughing and saying, 'Oh god, I'll be up for sexual harrassment charges with these jokes!' as he walked out the door from the back room. Two seconds later, when I walked out, a male customer looked me up and down, looked at the assistant manager and said, "Niiiiiiiiice!"

6. Spending New Years Day drinking Boost juice and having pizza delivered to the store. And being paid a lot for it.

7. Being hit on by a transvestite. 'Nuff said.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

There's a family with the last named FERRARD.

okay so my sister plays basketball in college and my family and i went to go watch her and stuff.
and this girl on the other team had the last name FERRARD.
but its with two r's. but still, when i asked my dad what her shirt said and he said it, i laughed so hard i almost pissed myself. he and my mom were like O_o and i didnt really wanna explain it to i just shook my head.
but that would suck if she was like, a MCR fan and knew what that meant....

ANYWHO. my sister and her friends are gonna buy/rent/whatever they're doing a house near their college so they dont have to live in the dorms next year or the really crappy house that the upperclassmen basketball girls have. and its really nice, and their doing a lot of work on it and its gonna be awesome. but the best part is the attic, but they have to seal it off for some legal reason on another, BUT THESE HIPPIES USED TO LIVE THERE. and they wrote on the walls in paint omg it was so cool.

one of my sisters friends said that if the last picture was in red, she probably would've thought it was blood and cried xD
and one of the girls thinks its haunted now so she doesnt want the room that leads up there.
but yeah, it was cool.
mehhh there is another one but i had to take it on my moms camera cause mine died and she to bed cause she has work tomorrow.
i wanna go to the mall, cause who the hell is at the mall on moday?

im hyper.

*posts in prettiful color*