Friday, May 23, 2008

Band geeks have all the fun.

So I haven't posted in forever....Oh well, what a shame.

So yesterday was graduation and cuz I'm in band I had to go. I stayed after school with my buddies and several girls brought their straighteners. Resulting in this:

steve & johnSteve & John

Photobucket Steve & John & Teddy aka Zack.

Cause all the cool kids join band and straighten guys' hair. Yepp.

Of course it was really fricking humid outside and it rained so all the guys' hair reverted right back to normal which sucked.

So next topic, I might possibly like somebody but I'm not 100% percent sure. His name is Tyler and he rides my bus and we walk home together cuz our houses are in the direction. Lucky for me this one is actually straight! [Everybody I've liked since I've entered high school was either not straight or had alot of gayboy tendencies] But unfortunately for me he's definitely taken. Oh, what a shame...


Dyllan said...

yay for straightening guys hair!!

boo for taken crushes.
that sucks.
i know all too well. >_<

Maximus said...

Weeeee! Cute bandboys with straightened hair.
O_O My bf made me straighten his hair last week.

Ana said...


Maybe he won't be taken very long?