Thursday, May 29, 2008

So I got a blog of my own.

I now have a blog too.

I am a copycat.

Linkage to blogage

If you were wondering about the URL well there's a funny story behind that.

Once a upon a time ago, before the homecoming parade my band buddies and I were chilling in a parking lot waiting for the parade to start [we were in the parade]. We were enjoying the hilarious stories of Chris [who is most definitely gay], when John [who is most definitely straight] came out of nowhere and began to feel up on him. Nobody cared cuz that is what we band kids do when we're bored. No joke.

Well after feeling Chris up, John began to do the PartyBoy dance and he's all "uh tsk uh tsk uh tsk" behind Chris's head. While this going on me and this chick Nina are all o_O cuz his male appendage was like WHOOSH back and forth giving birth to the word swinging weiner action.

It was probably one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen. Plus it happens all the time cause John likes to dance. Yes this is the same John from the pictures.

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