Monday, February 25, 2008

Long Time, No Post...?

No, I haven't died. I've just been busy with band and all that good stuff.
So what's new in my life? Well I have a new crush. On a gay boy. Yay.
So, I first saw him last week at breakfast in school. He's so adorable and cute!

So he was sandwiched between two girls at a table when I saw him. He has snakebites and a monroe piercing, short brown curly hair and he's Venezuelan. And according to my friend who's his old spanish class, [he got taken out cause it was too easy for him] he can't speak english.

As soon as I thought he was cute I simultaneously knew he was gay. Which is weird because my gaydar fails at life. But I guess my human instincts kicked in and I just knew. This isn't the first time this has happened to me either. More like the 3rd.

This one guy I liked was bisexual and I liked him for 3 years straight and this senior that graduated last year was definitely gay. So apparently I've got a subconscious thing for gay dudes. Watch my husband be gay and leave me for some other dude....

Damn my horrible taste in guys.

Next topic, last week while riding my bike back from Publix, I crossed through some heavy duty traffic. I was screaming my head off the whole way across the street and I nearly got myself killed. Then some dumb bastard honked his horn at me and called me a N*gger.

I wouldn't have cared had he called me a stupid bitch cause I did something stupid and I should have looked both ways before crossing the street. But the idiot had to bring race into it for reasons unknown to me. I a little pissed off but annoyed at the fact that ignorant people like him still exist. There are just some people that will never amount to anything in life and that asshole is one of them. Goddamn rednecks.

To hell with them.

To end this on a happier note today is Bert McCracken[The Used's lead singer] birthday! Yay! He's 26 as of today. =]


Miri said...

Omfg @ that racist jerk D: It's horrible how people think they can get away with anything 'cause they're in a car.
Once this dude yelled out "Whore!" at me while I was crossing a busy road, so I stuck my middle finger up and walked slower :D. I was kinda scared that he'd run me over, but I think he was a bit too shocked to, lmfao.

Maximus said...

Urrkkkkkk. I'll come and visit you one day, and hunt that dickhead down and kick his face in for you. :D What an arsehole.

I know how you feel. I had a huuuuge crush on this friend on mine last year (got over it, thankfully!). He might not be gay, but he's so not interested in girls. Just skinny jeans, his Sidekick and Paris Hilton. *rolls eyes* Fucking metrosexual.

Miri said...

^I'm interested in skinny jeans and my Sidekick! Not Paris Hilton. But I like Paris, France? :D rofl.

Butyeah. All the hot guys are gay, taken, or insane.
Like that internet-famous dude. On Buzznet. Who's way "emo"/"scene" but I have this huge unexplicable crush on him.
I can't remember his name.
..It's not Jeffree Star, ROFL.


Tine said...

rofl. or the other hot guys have no interest in you.
thats what happens here. rofl
and i hate people in the traffic
they're all so moody >.< and its like theyre like: well i can ran over anybody with my car, and when they die, its not my fault but the car's :o
stupid mofo;s O_O

Maximus said...

LMAO. Awww, I'm so NEVER learning to drive.


All the hot boys here MISTAKE me for a boy. Or hate that I know mrore about games then them, which shames them utterly, so they never speak to me again. It's pretty awesome.