Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Lives are spent counting pennies and petty doubts.
Eyes so quick to see flaws fail to see the hope in my smile.

I can see things now.
Will I pluck an eyelash and prick my thumb to sign my soul away in blood?

Plots made. Sketches drawn.
Plans executed.
You're next.

Adapt. Exchange. Renew.

Swiftly tilting, slowly sinking.
A paradox of motion.
Don't you know?

Telescopes, aimed at breaking hearts for a closer inspection, a better dissection.

Different sneakers for each day of the week, hiding mismatched socks like she hides her crooked smile.

I'm falling into the real world like Alice through the rabbit hole.


miri said...

When I read the first line, I thought it said "penises" instead of "pennies" ._.
I need to learn to read, maybe.
But anyray..

Did you write that?!
If so, you are super super talented!
-Glomps- :]

I'd post some of my writings and what not buuut...they're not very good ._.

Maximus said...

MIRI. Penis on the mind, much? LOL. It's the WENTZ curse!

Yeah, I wrote that. But not like it is now. Those are just random lines from my journal/diary/notebook ramblings that I just chucked together.

Post! Post! I'll bet your writings are goooood. Besides, we're the Rmy, we'll love you anyway. ;)