Friday, February 1, 2008

Haha laughter.


Ive had a pretty good week!
A few tests so I never got online.
Its not as if I studied either but whatever lulz!

Me and the girl who sits infront of me (Aideen)(Yes,another one) had actually SUCH A LAUGH!!
We were in computers and she just randomly started laughing and I asked her what was up and she said that she was imagining if the floor started caving in there and then and then we were both rofling and we got in trouble.

And then we were playing stop the bus in a free period and she couldnt think of a place beginning with 'R' so she said Russell Brand's House!!
I get such amusement out of primary school games.

Well Im going to town tomorrow and also I have to get up early cause my aunt is coming over to book Shayne Ward tix.
Oh yeah Im going to him at Live At The Marquee in June.
I dont even like him alot but my aunts paying so I said I'd go.

Sinéad xoxo

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