Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Snack Attack

Today is Thursday. Today is one of my days off. Today is also too fucking hot, and very boring. So I baked biscuits. They have chocolate chips. I don't know what they taste like yet, because they're as yet, too warm to eat. 

Tomorrow is Friday. Tomorrow, I have to go to work. Tomorrow is also my father's fiftieth birthday. My sisters and I bought him a big model ship. He has to build it. It was fucking expensive.

The day after tomorrow is Saturday. The day after tomorrow is the day of the Soundwave music festival in Brisbane. The day after tomorrow is also the day that I have to get on a flight at 6.00 am. But I get to see Madina Lake. 


Miri said...

Ooh, Soundwave! Lucky! Go see Mindless Self Indulgence, srsly.
And gasp! Have you started uni yet, Max?
Scary :c!
Wait, are you even going to uni? xD

Maximus said...

Yeah, I plan to check MSI out. Never listened to any of their stuff, but everyone says they rock.

Yup, uni starts in a week. I'm doing IT, majoring in games development. :D
'Tis a bit scary...

Miri said...

MSI are loveeee! They're nearly as crazy as meeee! >_<

Games development? Oh Max, you nerd! XD
That sounds really awesome, though O_O!