Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Weekend! Finally!

YAY. It's finally weekend :]
I've been really busy with school the past week, i had this examweek with only 3 exams, but I had like 4 projects due to yesterday too, so it has been very stressfull, as i also had to work in between.
Also, lots of people I know had their Bday the last week. Today it's my sis her bday, she turned 14 ^___^
So it's gonna be cake and sweet things all day. Me and my friend dont even have to go on the bicycle to the bar we alrays go to (which takes almost an hour to get there) Cuz the best friend of my friends bf (confusing, eh?) he can drive and he's gonna pick us up and bring us back :D how luxurous xD
Also, i dont have to work untill next friday, so thats nice! :D
We have this subjectweek next week, it's about poetry, philosophy and culture. those subjects rock, although im sure next week will suck, cuz my school is stupid and organises the stupidiest things you can do among those subjects >.<

Yay, yesterday i had to do this presentation and I could choose about whatever i wanted
so i did it about gymnastics trainings in china. (dont ask how I came onto this subject xD)
Also i showed a short video about it:
My teacher was very positive, because i was the only one who showed a vid and I was also the only one who didnt read it from a paper :]
squee. Altho my exams went pretty bad, I am happy. so YAY. xD

I'm sure thats gonna change tonight, but gah, we'll see. I'll try to make the best out of it, and get the guy i like to like me, because I pwn. :]
(not really XD)

xoxoxoo Tine :]

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