Thursday, February 28, 2008

An Update From Miri~!

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So hey.
Here is a rant about mah dayy.

I'm so hungry right now that I think my stomach is trying to eat itself. Seriously. If my stomach could talk, it would be like "RAGGGHH, HUNGER: I HAS IT! OH HEY, I CAN EAT MYSELF! NOM NOM NOM!".
But anyway.

Today I had Legal Studies. Units 3/4! Which means I'm in with the scary year 12s :c Who aren't really that scary. But anyway! It wasn't that interesting, and then, after recess, I had English which is DULLDULLDULL and I dislike it greatly. I usually adore English, but we do nothing during class. Rawr, die. Luckily I do Literature too, and that's pretty hard (we're a combined 11/12 class :/). Anyway, after that I had Sport (they force us to do sport so we don't get fat, hmph), and we did pilates with our fatty instructor lady. She was only a fatty because she's pregnant, though. And if you ever get the chance to watch a pregnant lady do pilates, DO IT, because it is HILARIOUS.
So then we had lunch and me and my friend went through sheet music books to find some songs for OUR BAND to play. Yes. We have a band. But not really, because it's just me playing piano and her singing, and mainly because it's a requirement that I take part in an ensemble for my VCE Music class (VCE = HSC = year 11 and 12.). So after lunch I had Literature, and it was good.
Then I went and wrote this.

So the radio lied to me last night and told me Pete Wentz was Trashlee Simpson's babydaddy.
I died a little inside, because that would mean that Fall Out Boy would be all like "Oh, Pete is taking a break so we can't play shows or write" and I would cry.
But anyway, it was only because of the "You can't download a baby!" video, so it was LIES, ALL LIES.

In other news, today is Gender Swap Day*, so go pee standing up or something.


*May just be a day my friend and I made up. Conditions apply. If symptoms persist, see your doctor.


Maximus said...

Miri is pwnsome.
I'll bet Miri could download a baby. She'd just look at the interwebz and they'd bow before her.

Miri said...

Yes, but all the downloaded babies would die after about a week D:
"STFU, DOWNLOADABLE BABY #6! I'm watching TV!"