Sunday, February 24, 2008

Soundwave, Baby.

Woaaahhh. Saturday, as I mentioned in my last post, was the Soundwave music festival, in Brisbane, Australia. And it was pretty much the awesomest day of my life. *nods* Yup.
We rocked up to the venue to see a line that was at least 2 kilometres long, but somehow, thanks to my ninja skillz, we managed to cut in right up the front. We still had to wait for at least half an hour in the midday sun (40 fucking degrees Celsius), but so did all the kids in front of us.
So we got in, and got drinks (because the fuckers at the gates made everyone throw away their water bottles so we all had to spend a zillion dollars to buy more), and then headed straight to Stage 3, where Madina Lake were going to play. Some random (crappy) local band was playing, so we sat under a tree and waited. They finished and the crowd disappeared completely, so we abandoned our tree and went straight to the barrier. Where we waited. And waited. More sun. More sunburn. But still! Madina! Lake!

They played, and it was awesome, and the pit was INSANE, and we got beaten up and crushed, but we got to pet Nathan.
And thennnnnn, we decided to bail on seeing Motion City Soundtrack, and waited around by the side of the stage, because they'd promised to come out. Mae were playing, but there weren't many people around, and only like 10 of us waiting to meet the boys.
They came out and were as excited as we were to meet them. They jumped around and hugged everyone and smelt baaaaaaaad and pretty much fangirled about Australia. I had to draw them a map to show them where they were on the east coast, and we gave them Vegemite and it was awesome. They all signed my copy of the album, and the twins signed my hat. We got photos with them all, which I'm about to post, but they're on my friend's camera, and she hasn't emailed them to me yet (>_> bisssshh) but I stole some of the ones from her myspace.

Max, Matthew and my friend Sophie.

Max, Nathan and Sophie.

Max, Dan and Sophie.

Not sure why the first two are so tiny and the last is so huge..... T_T

So, now I'm pretty much in love with all four of these boys, who spent ages talking to us. And when we saw them again later that day, they remembered my name, and insisted on hugging me goodbye.


Miri said...

Luckyyy, Max!
I'm glad you had a good time ^_^.

Tine said...

thats sooo cute
:D im still mad at that they played with coheed and cambria at the kerrang tour, 2 days later then my coheed and cambria show.
damn them i want to see them liveeeeee
and ive heard from loads of peeps that they're the cutest in person and your post proved that again XDD ahhh so lucky!

and! i wish the sun shined here.