Friday, March 28, 2008

Smile Today

myup! smile today, please :D
It's like written with graffiti on 2 places in my town, and everytime i see it i'm like smiling
and i dunno why.. Well, because it says smile today, doh XD
But it's actually pretty cewl, as I just found out, that the guy i like is probably the one who did it,
ROFL isn't that like, random? It sure is awesome tho :]

Me loves art. me loves DeviantART, who loves it too? please check out my page :D
I made it a few days ago :] and since i made it i've started to draw more again, so yay! I hadn't been drawing in AAAAAGES. :o
I've got some MCR and Naruto related drawings on there, as well as pretty colored drawings :D
mweep. I'm torotally feeling creative today, dont mind my art-obsession :p

also, it's the weekend again! :D:D Tine is in love with the weekends -nod-
And i know I'm not the only one, raise your hand when you're in love with it too! =D

Random lesson of the day: Wateshi nan namai [insert name] des, is Japanese for: My name is [insert the same name] :D

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