Sunday, March 23, 2008

my plane had too much turbulence. and pretty font colors.

so, I went to florida for a week for spring break. it was really warm and stuff and i loved it. but there is a lot of lizards where we stay and one really really HUGE one got into the house last year. so when we got there we found a lot of dead lizard babies.
o____O it was yuckie.
anywho, it was great.
i didnt get dressed until 12pm everyday.
we ate out.
and watched movies. we rented I Am Legend. and holy mother, it was sad. :[
but yeah we had fun and on both our flights there were little kids and they were really cute and funny.
our house is really cold.
where i live is really cold. i wanna go back to florida.
and i dont want school on tuesday.

my dad just started a fire in the fire place :D



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Tine said...

ROFL, yuck O_O!

I love not getting dressed until like 2 pm everyday -has a weird sleeping schedule when she's having holidays-
I go to sleep at 5am, and wake up around 1pm XD but sadly when i have school again, that schedule is still in my mind XD actually, one time i couldnt sleep until 5;30AM and i had to get up for school at 6AM, so that wasnt fun XD but my mum let me stay home, so that was nice :D