Sunday, March 2, 2008

i hate homework.

it kinda sucks :/
sooo i went to a dance on friday,
and like, NOBODY was there.
so i hung out with my guy friend the ENTIRE TIME. and we've never really hung out 1on1 before, so we were like, whoa, we have a lot in common. we should talk more.
so now we're having this LONGGGG conversation on facebook and everyone thinks we're, like, flirting and whatever.
but 1: he has a girlfriend
2: he's my best friends ex

and people wont leave me alone about it.
seriously, why do i have to have a "thing" for a guy if im talking to him?
its stupid.

besides that stupidity,
i realized that i still cant scream from the linkin park concert. like, 3 weeks ago. o___o

i wanna see the movie across the universe. idk why i havent seen it yet.
OH OH OH my basketball team is having one last team dinner, and it's gonna be fun i'm excited.

and now im posting a dane cook video, cause i was watching it last night at around 3AM, and it made my night/morning/whatever.


Tine said...

that made my day XD
and about the guys thing.
it's just stupid O_O
my mum is like: oh you talked to a guy? do you like him?
and im like: NO dude i talk to lots of guys O_O
it's just something they like to see or something

Ana said...

Dane Cook is the god of Comedians!