Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Well Today.

Well, first off sorry I haven't posted much recently but whatever!

Remember I was fighting with a few of my friends and I didn't even know why they were bummed at me?Well I was back friends with them and everything was going grand but then today we were off at 11.30am cause 1st years had parent-teacher meetings!
So I was meant to go to town with Rebecca & Aedin.And I came in this morning and Rebecca was like "YOURE STILL COMING TO TOWN RIGHT?" so I said yeah.
But then during our four periods she decided she didn't want to go to town she wanted to go to Douglas (just this little shopping village thing nearby that is full of chavs with knives and nothing fun to do) with others.And I had no house key and nothing to do so I was seriously on the verge of tears when they all left and I rang my mom and said that I had to get the bus into town to get the house key off her and then the bus back out again!
But then when I was waiting for the bus these other girls from my class who Ive alw-ys been friendly with but not friends friends if you get me invited me to go with them so then I was happy and everything was cool.
But I dunno whether to continue being pissed with Rebecca or is it even worth the hassle?
But I dont wanna cause trouble between my other friends cause they will most definetly take her side!but last week I said lets do something next tuesday and she said yeah!So I know Im not in the wrong cause she knows I hate douglas cause before I nearly got beaten up by annoying chavs!
But in town me & Robyn & Jennifer got really hyper in the cinema bathrooms rofl!
And we saw the accidental husband which was okay but I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan acuse he was in Grey's Anatomy and Im sorta obsessed!

Aaah the joys of being a teenager!

Sinéad xoxo


Maximus said...

OMFG. You should totally tell this Rebecca wench to start acting like a friend or she won't have any left! Gaah, I hate people like that.

Ummm, just cause I'm a random Australian, what is the exact definition of the word 'chav'? I know it's derogatory, but that's it. :P

Miri said...

^ http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=chav&defid=635540
Ah, Urban Dictionary xD.

Anyhoo, I've had a few friends called Rebecca, and so has my sister, and ALL of them have turned out to be nasty.
No joke O_O.
There are probably some nice Rebeccas somewhere, though xD.

Also, Grey's Anatomy is LOVE!!1
-fangirls over George- >_>

xSaintSorrowsx said...