Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Today I went in and no one was talking to me!
Well people were but not like Rebecca & Aedin and stuff!
So then I went and had lunch with Robyn & Elisha (people I hung out with yesterday) and Elisha is kinda brazen but not in a bad w-y so she went up to Jessica and said that what Rebecca did yesterday was lousy and stuff and then Jessica said this shit that Rebecca said she never wanted to go to town and she wanted to go to Douglas all along and I was making her do all this stuff and ...argh!
But Elisha just told her that was shit because Jessica started this rumour that Elisha had slept with this guy when she was thirteen and all this bs.
And earlier in the day (2nd period out of 7...usually 9 but half day today) we had art and thats a mixed class so theres only like 3 people from my base class there and me and Rebecca usually sit next to each other so I went and sat where we usually sit but she went and sat next to others from our class and completely ingored me!
Im so fucking pissed off because when Ive been wrong in a fight I admit it and dont go telling other people that the other person did all this stuff wrong when it was actually me!
So for the last three classes I went and sat next to Jennifer cause I was fucking fed up with all of them.
And remember ages ago when I wasnt getting on with Aedin etc...well I used to be able to go and hang with Katie & Fiona but recently Jessica,Rebecca and Aedin have been licking their asses so theyve taken their side!And Rebecca used alw-ys be the agreeeable one and....argh!
But then in English we went on to this new poem called ' Miracle on Saint David's Day' cause weve finished The Merchant Of Venice and my teacher,even though hes a bit of a perv todl me I did well in class but I was kinda glad cause the others were by the lockers so they overheard.Aaah petty little things can help sometimes.

Big long rambling rant thing that most probably makes no sense and has about 10000000 'and's in it butttt....what can you say for the playstation generation ehh?

Sinéad xoxo

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Tine said...

Ahhhh *huggles*
That Rebecca sounds like a nasty bitch :o
And yeah sometimes just the little things are the things that cheer you up.
I hope the situation gets any better.