Thursday, January 31, 2008


whoa. I HAVE MY LAPTOP! :D *excited*
i just bought it 2 days ago, and it's good & it was pretty cheap too ^__^
I LOVE IT! :] Im now putting all my anime and pics and everything on it, from my computer.
Its so adorable *is in love with laptops* Ive also started to watch naruto over again :]
Im now at episode 4, ROFL! Also, Im drawing again.. i havent drawn something in half a year or so!
And I got a letter from Milly today, thanks Milly! :D it's Kawaiiii(japanese for cute!)
Yes, i am obsessed with anime, kthnx :]
We've got an assignment for english class which is actually pretty cool!
(its not my mainlanguage..) We have to make a magazine with reviews. we''re ion groups with 3 or 4 people and we have to make 2 reviews each.
Ill be making one about the coheed and cambria concert on the 21th of january, about Death Note! :D and about Skeleton Crew! I like it xD squee! I know i know, thats not 2. I like English >.< Kay?! xD If i have time ill even do more! O_O *geek much*

Today i had school from 8 till 10 so it was very short xD that's pretty cool. :]

WHOA! it's almost february already, time goes so fast! D= yet it goes very slow at the same time... Like, i caaaaaant wait till saturday (cuz the boy i like is gonna be there) and it looks like aaaaages, but when i look back at a few weeks ago, it looks like it was 2 days ago or something.
Time's a weird thing, don't ya think?
LOL when i reread this i read it like: Tine's a weird thing.... WHAHAHA it's true tho
I'm weeeeeeird.
Anyrays, I Loveee writing Letters, it's soo cool to get stuff for someone else, write some things,
make a few drawings too and then send it, and get something bacck, it's so kawaiiiiii :D

I'm still pissed of because of the fake dates thing. I hate the person who gave us false happiness. Stupid hackers >.<

But I'll stop writing non-interesting things now xD Imma watch Naruto :]


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