Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Family Tree School

I posted this on the boards too!

Okay, In my French class we are doing a project where we have to make a Family Tree, Either a Real one or a make believe one! so, I'm thinking of doing an MCR/Rmy one or a Harry Potter One. Or Both! I'm inclining to make an MCR/Rmy one!!!!

But I only have until the night of the 5th of Feb to make it so yeah. :/

Well, anyways. Now here's where you come in. If you wanna be awesome and be in it, just like say so...cause I need cousins, siblings, Grandparents, wives/husbands, Aunts and Uncle's, pets.
So format:
Family Relation:
One fact about you:
And a Photo!

Obviously I'm gonna include Bob, Frank, Gerard, Mikey, Ray and Cortez and James and WORM!!!

Oh yeah, I also need like Headshots of the boyzz, So if you can please help! >_<


Maximus said...

Hey! Yeah, count me in.
Name: Maxine (make up a last name :])
Family Relation: A cousin?
Fact: I'm a klutz.
For the photos, I'll link you to my myspace, and you can choose. I'm the kid with the short blonde hair.

Tine said...

yeah. count me in too! :D
Name: Martine
Family Relation: A big sister? :D it doesnt really matter tho :D
One fact about you: I'm obsessed with drawing
Photo: Look at my myspace:D
Idk if you have to add me to see them, but just add me ^__^

MIRI! said...

Name: Miri! Use Jade as my last name, as Jade is my middle name and my last name is a long jumble of letters.
Family relation: Creepy uncle! Or aunt >_<.
Fact: Once when I was little, I fell out of a bucket and cut my lip open 8D I had stitches. 'Twas rad.
Photo: :D