Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

I have a friend named Steph. You may remember her from the picspam sorta post from me earlier....? Anyways. Steph is pretty awesome. Back when we were still at school, she wrote me a silly song in class one day.
It goes like this. Ahem

Oh Feeny (A nickname she gave me....long story)
Let's go to Bulgaria
Oh Feeny
Let's catch malaria

Oh Feen
My only wish
Is for youuuuu
To have my fish
Oh Feeny

Oh Feeny
Let's go to Malaysia
Oh Feeny
You know how I love Asians

I'm gonna slice off Brett's hands
And Zac's
Just 'cause I caaaaaan

Oh Feeny

Oh Feeeeeeeeny

So, for Christmas, she bought me a goldfish. Her only wish was fulfilled and I now have her fish. Which I christened Cahill, out of respect for our soccer fangirling.
I cleaned out Cahill's tank today. He's happy.

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Miri said...

That be one awesome song, dude. O_O.