Friday, January 25, 2008

Australia Day, School, and Pete Wentz!

Hello, kitten! (I've always wanted to say that >_<).
Well, right now I'm watching Australia Day Live (a concert with Aussie bands) on TV, because tomorrow is Australia Day. A day where we celebrate all things Aussie, and try to forget the horrible reason why it's on that particular day of the year!
I'll be eating vegan sausages at a family BBQ, because those are YUM, and I don't care if vegetarianism is unAustralian, motherfuckers!
The Veronicas are about to go on at the moment. I love them :>. Not their actually their music, but them, LMFAO. I like their style, okay -_-. They're Aussie and they're twins with tattoos and stuff, come on!
So, without further delay...
(I'll expect an "Oi Oi Oi" in the comments, heheheh!).
And now here's a question I'll ask all you Americans:
What is the capital of Australia?
I bet you'll get it wrong ;].

So the official Days-Until-Teh-Dreaded-Return-of-School count is 6. Eeeeep. Year 11 is pretty scary. I hate to think what'll happen when I get to year 12.
I got my school shoes today, haha. My sneakers are BRIGHT GREEN~. Yes, I'm a weirdo.

And lastly, Pete Wentz has posted new pictures on his Buzznet, a new FOBr journal, and also has a new "random stuff" blog.
That is all!


Maximus said...

Hottest 100 Countdown tomorrow. :D

Tine said...

Well im not american but imma answer your question anyrays:
Isnt it Canberra? or melbourne.. or sydney.. O_O
Ill put my bet on Canberra =D
am i righttttt?
I torotally respect vegetarians.
I want to be one too, but i hate fish and my mother doesnt want to buy meatreplacing stuff for me, cause thats to much trouble
and without any meat i'd eat even less vegetables then i do now so im scared it really isnt healthy for me at all, because i already have a really low blood pressure :(

Miri said...

Tine - Yay! You got it right! ^_^
Everyone always says Sydney, but it = Canberra :D. *Gives you a medal*

& when I became Vegetarian (almost a year ago), I thought it'd be super hard and I wouldn't last a month. But it's actually quite easy. I barely ever feel like eating meat. And if I do, there's these vegan sausages and burgers that are tofu but taste nearly the same ^_^. Yummeh.

astROZombie said...


I've been one since July. n.n
And it's easy. :]