Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Moving House: A Story in Pictures.

I officially moved house today, even though I've slept in the new house for two nights now.
I get extremely attached to things, and I've lived in that house for nearly 17 years (since I was born), so I was a little sad to leave.
To get un-sad, I took pictures on my Sidekick.
And, look, here they are!
Excuse the poor quality and my ugly face pls.
If you can read this, you have WAIDS. - Photo Hosted at FriendsOrEnemies

Here is me and my dogs.
The lighter coloured one is Tara - named after the street I (used :'[) to live on. The darker one is Monty. My family don't know that I named him after Romeo Montegue. Yes. My dog has a Shakespeare name. Also, Gabe's goldfish is apparantly named Monty. This news made me fall off my chair.

My face = :( - Photo Hosted at FriendsOrEnemies

Yep, we definately rock.

Blowing out wishes, blowing out dreams. - Photo Hosted at FriendsOrEnemies

Here's a photo of me, for good measure.

That skull glows in the dark. - Photo Hosted at FriendsOrEnemies

This is my model pose, I guess..

That's Monty. He tries to eat flies. - Photo Hosted at FriendsOrEnemies

Monty tries to eat flies.
Flies try to eat Monty.
Neither succeed.

Big kisses for Monty! - Photo Hosted at FriendsOrEnemies

Monty copped a big kiss on the cheek from moi!

Don't worry; he tried to pay me back later. - Photo Hosted at FriendsOrEnemies

Don't worry, he payed me back later -_-.

If you can read this, you have WAIDS. - Photo Hosted at FriendsOrEnemies

The End!

PS: Here's a picture of Pete Wentz with his dog, to prove that all people take too many photos with their dogs so I'm not a nutcase.

J'embrasse mon chien sur la bouche... - Photo Hosted at FriendsOrEnemies


Maximus said...

Awwww, Miri. Your dogs are cuuuuuute. And I refuse to ignore your face on the grounds that it was erroneously represented. Ugly? Bitch, please. :P

Miri said...

Dude, you totally reminded me of Jeffree Star with the "bitch, please" thing LMFAO.
Dyed your hair pink lately? XD.

Tine said...

Dogs ftw!
I wish my dad let us have a dog or cat X_X

Miri said...

It took me about 6 years to convince my parents to let me get a dog x[. And then they loved it so much they got another one ^_^.

Tine said...

That pwnsssssss
were already asking for about 10 years now
but my dad hates pets
well he likes animals, just not when they are his pets >.<