Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I found one of my old blogs from when I was around 13 or 14 (I'm nearly 17 now). And I was reading it.
And I realised...I was funny back then.
Shocking, I know.
But I was all happy and funny.
It was quite depressing, actually.
And Habbo. I was always on Habbo, haha. I was pretty much famous there, I was on so much! People would be like "Oh, you're Miri!". Weird! I think I was in, like...the "scene" group of Habbo. Stupid, I know. But I was happy. We'd dress in random colors and go scare "n00bs", and one of my friends on there (I can't remember his name, gahh! I will at like, 3am this morning probably, bahaha.) was totally inappropriate and used to say all these dirty things to randoms (there used to be a strict filter on the chat there).
I remember off the internet too, everyone was friends back then. We all just had fun - no drama, no fighting, just laughing together.
And it's just like...what happened?!
I grew up, that's what happened.
And people think I'm weird for saying Peter Pan is my favourite book.

...This post is too nostalgic and depressing.
Have a LOLcat! ^_^

funny pictures
moar funny pictures
Bahaha! >_>

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