Thursday, January 10, 2008

im writing an essay about panda...

and how they suck as a band and stole lyrics and riffs.
so in my post yesterday i forgot to mention something.
it was the end of the game and there was like 10seconds left and we had the ball, and the really wide girl [i call her hummer girl now] started running towards my friend, so she got scared and slipped and lost the ball. while running after it the hummer girl knocked her over and landed on her.
my friend is really tiny, so she was like, CRUSHED. but time ran out and we were celebrating, then we were like, OMG WHERE'S PAIGE?!?!?!
she was still under the hummer girl, cause the girl was like, pounding the ground in anger and hadn't gotten off my friend yet xD
so we filmed the game and today we watched that part like, 500000000 times, and most of it was in slow motion, and everytime we did, we died laughing. hahaha it was so much fun.
we have a game tomorrow.
i have guitar tomorrow and i havent practiced in two weeks.
im hungry,
but im lazyy.
im basically doing this to procrastinate.
one of my best friends is obsessed with cobra starship now, so everytime i sing her i just break out into a cobra starship song.
i took part of my french exam today, even though exams arent for another 2 weeks xD we took the listening part and the oral part is on monday and im kinda scared.
imma finish my essay and hopefully practice guitarrr.


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