Saturday, January 19, 2008

Next Week = Alabama!!

Yeah, I'm going to Hamilton, Alabama next week. Why? To go visit The RAMP! (Runs Away Most People) Most people that are from there know about it, but if you guys don't, allow me to explain. It's basically a Christian organization, specifically for teenagers. I've went there once in November, and it was incredible. The music is so awesome. Don't worry, it's not like those Southern Gospel songs that most of us unfortunate have to sit through. It's more of a head banging type of rhythm, which gets people interested. And the sanctuary is HUGE. Main reason: thousands of people go there every month, and second you can't help but dance. Seriously. But it's a lot of fun! =] (Oh, and the main dress code is punk/emo/goth. If you show up prep. . . well just see what happens XD) If you ever have the time, check it out!! You'll absolutely love it there.

~** Peace from Arraya! **~

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