Sunday, April 20, 2008

Numbers Are Fun!

Post count on the main TSN boards right now: 126.

Number of songs I have written thus far this year: 83.

Amount of cupcakes I made yesterday: 15.

Number of times I have said "WTF?!" over the engagement of AshWentzDay: 306.

How long I laughed today at the fact that my conservative Serbian grandfather was a huge Alice Cooper fan: Too long.

Number of times my mother has yelled at me over trivial things today: 928139.

Days till the Panic! At the Disco show: 4 months and 3 days. ohyes.


Dyllan said...


Miri said...

:D -is weird-

Ana said...


Maximus said...


I think my PATD show is in 3 months and 29 days? Not suuuure.